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Dominion Tower Molnly10

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 Dominion Tower

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Dominion Tower Empty
PostSubject: Dominion Tower   Dominion Tower EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 11:41 pm

Re-work is needed here!

About Dominion Tower

Dominion Tower Untitl74

The Dominion Tower is the largest building on Gielinor, located in the Kharidian Desert, on the eastern bank of the River Elid. It houses a minigame which gives players the opportunity to re-fight various quest bosses. The rewards include combat experience, new consumable items, and dominion glove sets. The history of the Tower is revealed in the Dominion journal, which is acquired as one beats bosses. A strange face manages the Tower, which is said to come from ancient times. Judging by the symbols, it appears to be Zamorakian.

Dominion Tower Untitl72

Note: Spectating has no requirements.

■ Minimum of level 110 combat.
■ Completion of at least 20 of the 38 following quests are required to start the minigame. The more quests a player has completed, the more bosses are available to fight:

Dominion Tower 5210


Dominion Tower 6510

Climber : Has 15 Floors but you can always see how far you can go as it does not stop.
Endurance : Allows one inventory and see how high you can go before you die.
Special : Try your luck against one of a set of specially set up battles
Freestyle : fight one of the matches you've fought so far in the towering, setting your own rules Has No Rewards.
Spectator : Watch another player in a battle room pick from a list of active players.

■ Climber allows the player to ascend through the levels of the tower, facing a randomly chosen boss scenario on each floor. After each victory, an effect will be applied and will persist through all subsequent fights in that attempt. While a few of these will be beneficial, most of them will be handicaps. Players will be able to replenish food and change equipment between fights.
■ Endurance restricts the player's access to the bank after each fight, so whatever they take in needs to last.
■ Special presents a range of challenging, treacherous and, often, strange encounters with which to test the player's skill and ingenuity.
■ Freestyle lets players fight on their own terms. There are no rewards for using this mode, but it’s a way to practice against monsters before fighting them under handicap conditions, or just to show off fighting a boss under the player's own crazily difficult rules.
■ Spectator allows players to view the fights of another player whom they’ve tagged with their dominion medallion.

Climber Mode
Climber mode allows you to fight random bosses and lets you use a bank to help you before each round. For each round you must also select a handicap (though some handicaps are beneficial). As you progress through the levels, the handicaps are cumulative. There is a total of 22 handicaps, suffer each and every one of them to unlock the Dominion sword (it doesn't have to be in one go). The 22 handcaps are:

Handicaps can help and hurt you becareful when you spin higher you go lose handicaps tell all are marked off.

Dominion Tower 54510
Dominion Tower 212

Re-Spin : Spin again
Nudge : Spins and moves up little.
Stick : Adds the handicap to the game bar.

■ Disease - You will become diseased at the start of the match. The disease reduces stats by 14 per hit. You can cure yourself.
■ Reduced magic attack.
■ Slippery fingers - Occasionally your weapon will be unequipped. (Note: if your inventory is full, this handicap will do nothing.)
■ No prayer.
■ Monster stun - The boss will be unable to attack you for a few seconds at the beginning of the battle.
■ No familiar - Your familiar will be hidden during your battles.
■ Reduced Range Attack.
■ No body armour - You will be unable to wear anything in the body armour slot.
■ Halved hitpoints - Your starting health will be cut in half. You can heal back up to full life points.
■ Random freeze - Occasionally you will be frozen and unable to move.
■ Reduced Melee Defence.
■ No Food.
■ No shield - You will be unable to wear equipment in the shield slot (eg. shields, defenders, etc)
■ Reduced Melee Attack.
■ Life saver - When you reach low health, you will be healed to full health, and your prayer and summoning points will be replenished. (Note: it will only heal you one time per round.)
■ No Potions.
■ No powerups - You cannot use any Dominion Tower power ups (including dominion weapons) for the duration of your battles.
■ Reduced Ranged Defence.
■ Poison - You will be poisoned at the start of the match. The damage starts at 98 life points. You can cure yourself. Also, if you are weilding an Anti-Poison Totem at the beginning of the match, you will not be poisoned at all.
■ Random daze - Occasionally you will become dazed; auto-retaliate turns off and your combat will be interrupted.
■ Reduced Magic Defence.
■ No Special Attacks.

Dominion Tower Untitl80 Rewards

The rewards available vary in use. Perhaps the most significant rewards are the three Dominion gloves (Goliath gloves, Spellcaster gloves, and Swift gloves) - gloves providing decent combat bonuses available for use in all of RuneScape.

Other rewards, such as the dominion weapons, can only be used within the Dominion Tower, providing useful boosts for use in fights within the tower.

Dominion Tower 65610

Dominion Tower 2517 Dominion medallion

The Dominion medallion is an item involved with the Dominion Tower. It is obtained by talking to the Strange face within the tower and asking for the medallion. It has a number of uses in the tower.

It can be used for teleporting to the Dominion Tower (limited to 3 charges per day). This teleports the player inside the tower next to the Strange face.

It can also be used to "tag" a player fighting in the Dominion Tower, which allows one to "spectate" the other player from one of the spectator points along the edge of the arena. This requires 'accept aid' to be turned on. The medallion can be obtained from the Strange face. It can be upgraded to a Super dominion medallion after reaching level 20 of Endurance mode.

Selecting Check Status on the medallion will give information on the fight currently set up (which fight mode, floor, monster) in addition to the current Dominion factor.

When worn within the Dominion Tower, it will give +4 levels to all combat stats, Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, and Magic. It provides lesser combat bonuses outside of the tower.

Dominion Tower Untitl73 Dominion Sword

Dominion Tower Untitl82

The Dominion sword is a possible reward from the Dominion Tower activity. It requires an Attack level of 90 to wield. Despite its appearance, it is wielded in two hands. This weapon is unlocked as a random reward determined by how high a player's dominion factor is. It is rewarded through the rewards chest. It degrades over/after x attacks/time, [rough comparison, around 10 floors/will do until exact degrade time found]. The sword seems to degrade into nothing after around 5 minutes of combat.

The Dominion sword may not be wielded outside of the tower.

The Dominion sword is the most powerful non-Dungeoneering weapon in RuneScape. It has +165 slash bonus and the Chaotic Maul has +167 crush bonus, but Dominion sword has a higher strength bonus, at +165 versus the +155 of the Chaotic maul.

Dominion Tower Crossb11 Dominion Crossbow

Dominion Tower Crossb12

The Dominion crossbow is a reward from Dominion Tower. It requires level 90 Ranged to wield, and can fire up to Rune bolts. It can only be used in the tower. Upon leaving the tower, the Dominion crossbow will be unequipped or dropped if your inventory is full. It degrades similiar to chaotic weapons but does not last very long. The dominion weapons only last about 5-10 minutes or 3-4 kills in the tower. It can be fired without bolts but will hit relatively low due to the lack of Ranged strength. Currently a bolt special will not activate while using this crossbow and is probably a glitch. It is also possible to receive more than one from the Rewards Chest.

Dominion staff
The Dominion staff is a reward from Dominion Tower. It requires level 90 Attack and Magic to wield. It can only be used in the tower. Upon leaving the tower, the staff will be unequipped or dropped if your inventory is full. This weapon degrades based upon how many hits you deal with it. The Dominion staff does not require elemental runes to cast spells, only catalytic. To obtain a staff, you must use the 3 different types of bombs available through the dominion tower, as well a help horn, in a wave at the dominion tower, in order to obtain a Dominion Staff from the reward chest. As with the other Dominion weapons, the Dominion Staff will not stack in a player's bank, even if all the staves have never been used.

Dominion Tower Untitl77 Journal page
A journal page is a reward from the Dominion Tower. It can be put in the dominion journal. There are 20 of these pages.

You can obtain all the pages from one game mode (eg: climber)

TIP: To gain the pages fast, it is suggested to only complete Floor 1 repeatedly on either climber or endurance mode until all pages are obtained, however climber is recommended because you gain more dominion factor. On this forum thread, Mod Tim stated "It should take on average 400 fights to get the full set – so on your way to getting the other achievements you should find you get all of the journal pages first (if not then it shouldn’t be too far off). Hope you enjoy the story!" It is believed that he meant 400 chest loots total should give you all 20 pages, not 400 fights. This therefore gives the ratio of 1/20 chest loots. Total Dominion Factor gained during one climb/endurance run does not affect your chance of gaining a page.

Dominion Tower Untitl79 Reward box

By winning a fight players will receive Dominion Factor, the amount determined by the particular fight and the mode being played. After a game has finished, players can look in the reward box to receive item rewards based on their current Dominion Factor (only that which was received in the most recent game). The interface allows players to directly bank these items, take them into the inventory, or discard them (the effect of which is dropping them on the floor next to the box). Possible items received from the box include:
■ Scorpion meat - can be used as food in Dominion Tower games.
■ Xp book - gives experience in a combat skill of the players choosing, based on the current Dominion Factor when the book was received.
■ Dom super restore - A super restore potion for use only in Dominion Tower games.
■ Dom saradomin brew - A saradomin brew for use only in Dominion Tower games.
■ Dom super antipoison - A super antipoison for use only in Dominion Tower games.
■ Dom super prayer - A super prayer potion for use only in Dominion Tower games.
■ A journal page - Part of a journal telling the story of the tower. A requirement for three achievements (below).
■ Power-ups after they have been unlocked through achievements (such as Dominion sword and helping horn)
■ Blood runes
■ Soul runes
■ Death runes
■ Nature runes
■ Rune arrows
■ Adamant arrows
■ Rune bolts
■ Adamant bolts
■ Big bones
■ Dragon bones
■ Dagannoth bones

Endurance Mode

In Endurance Mode, players must battle successive bosses, as in Climber Mode; however, there are no handicaps. Instead, players are not allowed to access the bank throughout the entirety of their run. Players must play this mode in order to unlock the Dominion Crossbow and Super dominion medallion. In Endurance Mode, the bosses that players must face are generally easier than those faced in Climber Mode (however, all bosses still have a chance of appearing). The maximum number of rounds on endurance is 255. Playing this mode is a fast way to rack up boss kills, as there is no time spent switching gear and choosing handicaps; however this mode also earns much less Dominion Factor.

Special Mode

■ Revenge of the Evil Chickens - The player must fight 15 Evil chickens without any prayer. The chickens use magic and are in a multicombat arena. Hint: Allign the chickens, so there is only one attacking you at a time.
■ Finish Him! - The player must fight Arrav, Koschei the deathless, General Khazard, Black Knight Guardian, The Kendal, The Black Golem, The White Golem and the Grey Golem. Each of the bosses only have 20% health. The player will be in multiway combat, and will have no prayer, reduced stats, poisoned, diseased, random daze, no special attack and no powerups.
■ Just Die Already - The player must fight six Dagannoth sentinels. Hint: Use the ability to hide under one of the sentinels snouts and fight through each of the three pairs.
■ No More Nomad...No More! - The player must fight Nomad twice without using a bank or taking a breather.
■ I Eat Dagannoths for Breakfast - The player must fight the original Dagannoth mother, the second Dagannoth mother and two Dagannoth sentinels at once, the Balmung, which is supplied in the arena must be used to harm the second Dagannoth mother. Hint: Using all three styles of combat is a benefit. - Kill the strongest Dagannoth Mother first, then stand under the Sentinels and slay them, then finish off the weakest Dagannoth Mother´.
■ Indigestion - The player must fight all of the bosses from Recipe for Disaster at once. The player will have reduced defences, no shield, no body armour, no familiar, no powerups and no special attack.
■ You'll Never Defeat Me - The player must survive for five minutes with the Inadequacy, The Everlasting, The Illusive, and the Untouchable. The player will have reduced attack and defence, no shield or body armour, no potions, random daze, halved HP, no prayers, no food and no familiar. However, random food will spawn in the arena. Hint: Trap The Everlasting and The Untouchable and as many Doubts as possible behind the Inadequacy, this will allow you to stay safe.
■ Hey! Eat Power-up -The player must defeat many low-level boss monsters with only bomb power-ups. The player will not be able to use armour or weapons. Hint: Elvarg is the biggest threat with her deadly fire breath, she can torch a player without an anti-dragon shield in a second. She must be killed instantly, familiars like the Spirit Kyatt, the Iron Titan and the Steel Titan is capable of killing her fast, another and less risky solution is to drink a dose of a Super anti-fire potion, which requires 85 herblore, to reduce her firebreath damage to zero. Protect from Melee is a very essential prayer, since most of the bosses fight in close combat.

Achievement Rewards

Additional rewards are received for achievements within the Dominion Tower. (Note: after unlocking a powerup, you must still receive it as a reward from the reward box.)

Dominion Tower 2155510
1.^ a b c d e f g Once unlocked, power-ups will have a chance of appearing in the reward box.
2.^ Set 1 consists of: Nomad; Eruni, Leeuni and Ayuni; The Untouchable; Dagannoth sentinels; Balance Elemental; Ice demon
3.^ Set 2 consists of: Decaying avatar; Dagannoth Mother (II); The Everlasting and Illusive; Nezikchened; Arrav; Giant Roc
4.^ Set 3 consists of: Pest Queen; Zenevivia; Damis, Fareed, Kamil and Dessous; Karamel and Gelatinnoth Mother; Jungle demon; The


■ While in Climber, Freestyle, or Special mode, whilst having the handicap 'No special attacks' on, players may use the Enhanced excalibur special attack before the duel to restore their lifepoints after entering. This special attack can be used regardless of the no special attack handicap, even inside the arena. (It could be a bug, or done on purpose since the special attack technically isn't an attack, rather a defensive maneuver).
■ If the handicap 'No potions' is in play, players may use a Super antifire or Antifire potion before the duel to have the reduced dragonfire effect. They may also use a Prayer Renewal potion prior to the round to gain prayer regeneration; however, drinking an Overload potion will have no effect in the round, as the players stats will be reset.
■ Similarly, in "No potions" if a player drinks a dose of anti-poison they will not be poisoned next round, even with the poison handicap.
■ Having a full inventory with the "Slippery Fingers" handicap will prevent your weapon from being unequipped but by bringing in consumable items such as pies or soup to eat that will have that left over item to fill an inventory space as necessary will help by healing you and not allowing your weapon to be unequipped into your inventory. Another strategy is to bring a Coal bag or a Gem bag to fill up your inventory if you do not have pies, soup or Saradomin brews.
■ Even though the opponent screen will tell you that the Jungle demon will change its attack according to your protection prayer, but if you aren't within melee range, it will only use magic.
■ During the cutscene you can activate a single prayer/curse, or your quick prayers/curses. This is very useful because if you do it before your prayer drains through the cutscene and if you wait the enemy may get in free damage.
■ Note that if a player faces the Pest Queen, they must use the Korasi's Sword provided for the special attack. If a player brings his or her own Korasi's sword other than the one spawned in the tower, it will use 60% of the special bar instead of 15% for each special attack. The same goes for the Balmung, when fighting the second Dagannoth Mother, the Balmung in the arena is the only weapon capable of opening the fight.

Dominion Tower 12222210
Monster Information:

Photo 2?

Dominion Tower 88785411
Monster Information:
Dominion Tower Untitl75 Ancient mace on ground use special attack when he turn on his prayer it auto shuts his prayer off and your allowed to kill Sigmund off.

Dominion Tower 324
Monster Information:
White Golem - Stabbing Attacks
Black Golem - Crushing attacks
Grey Golem - Slashing Attacks

Dominion Tower 411
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 510
Monster Information:

1. Anti-Dragon Shield
2. Super Antifire (Potion)

Dominion Tower 711
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 611
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 710
Monster Information:
Stake & Hammer on the ground for killing blow.

Dominion Tower 810
Monster Information:

Blue : Water Magic
Red : Fire Magic
Brown : Earth Magic
Green : Range Attack
White : Air Magic
Orange : Melee Attack

Dominion Tower 151
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 910
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 1010
Monster Information:
Must kill Koschei 4 times in a row.

1. It seems you have some idea of combat after all, outerlander! I will not hold back so much this time!
2. Impressive start... But now we fight for real!
3. You show some skill at combat... I will hold back no longer! This time you lose your prayer however, and fight like a warrior!

Dominion Tower 1123
Monster Information:
Wear : Ice Gloves

Dominion Tower 1210
Monster Information:
sliver Light sword on ground for killing blow.

Dominion Tower 1310
Monster Information:
Ayuni : Attacks melee & Magic and will drain your prayer.
Leeuni Attacks with melee & Magic

Dominion Tower 1710
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 1810
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 1910
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 2010
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 2110
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 2232
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 2310
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 2410
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 2516
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 2611
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 2710
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 25511
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 152
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower Untitl76
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 5411
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 5513
Monster Information:

Dominion Tower 54512
Monster Information:

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Dominion Tower Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dominion Tower   Dominion Tower EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 7:58 am

Dominion Tower 2233

Swift gloves

Dominion Tower Green210

Swift gloves are a set of degradable gloves that can be aquired in the Dominion Tower. The gloves can be coloured and offer the best offensive bonuses for ranged gloves. Jagex claims that there is a random chance, if you deal over two thirds of your maximum hit, that a special shot will fire two arrows. Should one strike the enemy for a maximum hit, the enemy will be stunned. Testing, however, has shown this to be false and the true mechanics are currently unknown. The special can activate even when hitting 0 and you can still stun your foe while hitting 0. This special shot does not work with all ranged weapons and does not affect enchanted bolt effects.

Currently, the known weapons that are affected by the Swift Gloves are.
■ Dominion crossbow
■ Boogie Bow
■ Zanik's crossbow
■ Morrigan's javelins
■ Sagaie
■ Chaotic crossbow
■ Royal Crossbow
■ Armadyl crossbow
■ Gravite shortbow
■ Throwing knives
■ Chinchompas
■ Thrownaxe
■ Darts
■ Zaryte bow
■ Karil's crossbow
■ Toktz-xil-ul
■ Crystal bow
■ Rune crossbow
■ Blisterwood stake
■ Dark bow
■ Comp ogre bow
■ Holy water
■ Magic shortbow
■ Magic longbow (sighted and non-sighted).

The following bosses are required to be kill to receive the gloves:
■ Defeat a total of 500 bosses in either Climber or Endurance matches. The victories do not have to be consecutive.

Pest Queen
Damis, Fareed, Kamil and Dessous
Karamel and Gelatinnoth Mother
Jungle demon
The Inadequacy

As with all Dominion Gloves, they have 4 stages. In order they are: "The gloves are in perfect condition." "The gloves are slightly degraded. "The gloves are very degraded." And lastly, "The gloves are almost falling apart."

After your gloves have fallen apart, you'll get the following message: "Your gloves have fallen apart from use. You'll have to get some more from the Dominion Tower."

They are one of the few items to use particles.

Goliath gloves

Dominion Tower Green310

Goliath gloves are a set of degradable gloves that require 80 attack to wear and were released with the Dominion Tower on November 1 2011. These gloves are amongst the most powerful gloves in the game for melee, surpassing the barrows gloves obtained from Recipe for Disaster by two attack points in every attack style except ranged and magic, for a total of 14, as well as one more strength point for a total of 13. On top of this, they also beat the Dragon Gauntlets obtained from Fist of Guthix in defensive boost on all stats except Summoning and Ranged Defense.

Goliath Gloves are obtained from the Dominion Tower activity, which requires a minimum of 110 combat level and several quests to access. Within the Dominion Tower players will be required to accomplish several achievements in order to obtain the gloves. They are as follows
■ Defeat a total of 500 Boss Monsters (they do not have to be consecutive)
■ In addition, the following monsters must have been killed at least once in the tower: ■Nomad, from Nomad's Requiem
■ Ayuni, Leeuni, and Eruni from Do No Evil
■ Two Dagannoth Sentinels from Blood Runs Deep
■ The Untouchable from Dream Mentor
■ Balance elemental from While Guthix Sleeps
■ Ice Demon from Temple at Senntisten

After the above prerequisites have been met, players will be able to claim a pair of gloves from the Strange face. Players may only own one pair of gloves at a time, and the gloves last 5 hours of combat before they crumble to dust. Players must speak to the Strange Face in order to retrieve another pair. The Strange Face will keep extra pairs for players for every 5 bosses they kill in the Dominion Tower.

When receiving the gloves players are given the option of four different colours: Red, Yellow, Black, and White.

These gloves are especially unique in that they provide several combat bonuses when players are NOT wielding a weapon; however, the gloves do permit the use of an offhand item, such as a Dragon Defender or Dragonfire Shield and still retain the bonuses. While 'unarmed' the gloves provide a substantial boost to a player's damage equivalent to that of an Abyssal Whip (+82 stacked on top of the current strength bonus of the gloves).

Spellcaster gloves

Dominion Tower Green112

Dominion Tower Dom_mage_gloves Spellcaster gloves are a set of degradable gloves that can be acquired in the Dominion Tower. They offer the highest mage attack bonuses in the game for any gloves beating even the Infinity Gloves and Barrows Gloves; however, they offer substantially lower defenses and other attack bonuses compared to the Barrows Gloves.
The Spellcaster Gloves are obtained from Dominion Tower, which requires a combat level of 110 and several quests to be completed. In addition, players must complete the following achievements within the tower in order to obtain them. they are as follows:

■ Kill a Total of 500 Boss Monsters in the Dominion Tower. They do not need to be consecutive.
■ Players also need to kill specific boss monsters while in the tower. These are as follows: ■Decaying Avatar from Nomad's Requiem. (note, he can be safe spotted by running to the far north or southern sides of the arena, and then running quickly to either the eastern or western sides)
■ Dagannoth Mother from Blood Runs Deep. Fighting her in "I eat Dagannoths for breakfast" does count.
■ The Everlasting and The Illusive from Dream Mentor
■ Nezikchened from Legend's Quest
■ Arrav from The Curse of Arrav

These gloves are one of only three gloves with Particle effects, the other two being the Goliath gloves and the Swift Gloves. In addition to this, players have the option of changing its colours between one of four schemes.

When casting combat spells, without having a staff equipped, you deal extra damage, this damage boost is less than that of a staff of light. There is also chance to perform a special attack that reduces the stats of your enemy.

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Dominion Tower Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dominion Tower   Dominion Tower EmptyFri Nov 11, 2011 6:20 pm

Dominion Tower Ghg10

Dominion Tower 5410

Dominion Tower 54410

Dominion Tower 848411

Dominion Tower 153

Dominion Tower 325

Dominion Tower 213

Dominion Tower 54513

Dominion Tower Untitl81
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Dominion Tower
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