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Fairy Ring Molnly10

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 Fairy Ring

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PostSubject: Fairy Ring   Fairy Ring EmptyThu Nov 17, 2011 6:06 pm

Fairy ring codes

Ring CodeLocation
AIQMudskipper Point
AIRDeserted island (East of the Necromancer tower)
AJQLumbridge Slayer Dungeon
AJRFremennik Slayer Cave entrance
AJSPenguin Isle (north of Miscellania)
AKQPicsatoris Fishing Colony (south of)
AKSFeldip Hills (by pile of rocks)
ALQHaunted Woods
ALRAlternate Abyssal plane
ALSMcGrubor's Woods
BIPisland in the river Salve near the nature Spirit altar (deserted)
BIQThe Desert (Ugthanki and Desert Wolves, close to Kalphite Lair)
BISArdoungne Zoo, In a cage with unicorns
BJQAncient Caves
BJRFisher King Realm
BKPChompy hunting swamp south of castle wars
BKQEternal Forest with centaurs, rabbits, and tree spirits
BKRIsland in the Mort Myre Swamp
BLPThe Tzhaar
BLQYu'Biusk (after comletion of land of the Goblins quest).
BLRLegends Guild
CIQSouth of Tree Gnome Village
CJRSinclair Mansion
CKPStarflower Dimension
CKRKarambwanji fishing spot, Located Nothwest of Shilo Village
CKSCanifis, near the mushroom patch and the entrance to the swamp
CLPIsland northeast of the Wizards Tower (deserted)
CLSGnome Hazelmare's House (from Grand Tree Quest
DIRGorak Dimension
DISBehind Wizard Tower
DJPWest of Necromancer Tower
DJRNorthwest of Sinclair Mansion
DKPNorthwest of the nature runecraft altar, you can fish karambwan here
DKREdgeville canoe station
DKSOn the Trollweiss Mountain, near the entrance to Keldagrim
DLQDesert (desert lizards and Jackals)

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Language : English

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PostSubject: Re: Fairy Ring   Fairy Ring EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 2:59 pm

Fairy Ring 55414
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Fairy Ring
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