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Livid Farm Molnly10

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 Livid Farm

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Livid Farm
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Livid Farm 4545410

Produce Points will not be used unlocking spells only on wishes and will keep adding up.


Sowing the seeds of livid There's nothing natural about the Livid Farm. These crops have been angered, teased and magically twisted into corrupted forms that only its mother, the Jade Vine, could love. Being such extreme vegetation, they need constant care and attention for them to grow; this is where you come in, as you help Pauline Polaris to manage the farm that threatens to grow out of control at any single moment.

The Livid Farm grows at a much faster rate than any other farm patch. It grows and needs harvesting every minute or so, and although Pauline will do this herself, her hands are full and she will welcome anyone who can help. Using your lunar spells, you can help with one or all of the tasks on the farm, gaining Magic and other skill XP as you do.

* Location of Livid Farm
The Livid Farm can be found in the north of Lunar Isle, north-east of the Moon Clan settlement.

The advised method of getting to the habitat is by using the Teleport to Lunar Isle spell in the lunar spellbook. This will teleport you to the quay at the south of the island, which is only a short run north to get to the farm itself.

If you do not have the runes to cast the Teleport to Lunar Isle spell, it is advised to travel from Rellekka, calling on the services of one Lokar Searunner: the pirate who happens to have named the livid. His plan is that they will always be remembered as 'Lokar's Infernal Vine of Incredible Death', but few can take the time to call it that...


To help Pauline with the Livid Farm, you must have completed Lunar Diplomacy and have all of the following skill level requirements:

* Magic level 70
* Agility level 60
* Farming level 60
* Crafting level 60
* Construction level 50
Each task within the Livid Farm (and there are five common tasks in total) requires you to use a spell from your lunar spellbook. This means that you must have your lunar spellbook activated, but, uniquely to Livid Farm, you DO NOT have to have the Magic level required to cast each spell. Instead, you will receive NO Magic XP if you cast a spell in this way. You will, however, still gain XP in a related skill (see the descriptions of each task to find out what these XP rewards are):

* Curing the livid (Cure Plant) - Magic level 66
* Bunching the livid (String Jewellery) - Magic level 80
* Fertilising the soil (Fertile Soil) - Magic level 83
* Making fenceposts (Plank Make) - Magic level 86
* Energising Pauline (Energy Transfer) - Magic level 91

Occasionally, a distraction will occur on the farm. Like the common activities of the farm, you will need to cast a lunar spell to receive a reward from them. Read the Distractions section to find out more about these:

* Help, my ibis is sick (Monster Examine) - Magic level 66
* When a suqah attacks... (Energy Transfer) - Magic level 91
* Murky Pat's revenge (Vengeance Other) - Magic level 93

--------------- Recommended Items ---------------
It is recommended that you bring runes to cast any lunar spells required in the Livid Farm. If you plan to cast lunar spells that you do not have the Magic level to cast, you will still need to bring the required runes.

*** No other items - including farming items - are required to use the Livid Farm.
Farming at the Livid Farm

It is recommended that you talk to Pauline Polaris in the Livid Farm to get a more complete sense of what you can achieve here.

Work at the Livid Farm is prodigiously fast. From one minute to another, Pauline will plant a seed, fertilise it, cure the resulting growth, bunch the harvested shoots and put them on a wagon ready for transport. The speed takes its toll on Pauline, and she welcomes anyone who can contribute to these stages and give her a breather.

Each stage of the farming process requires a lunar spell. To rid a livid of disease, for example, it needs to be targeted with the Cure Plant spell. The reason for this is that the livid are so dangerous that manually treating or touching the plants could lead to personal injury. You can cast a spell on a suitable location by either opening your lunar spellbook and casting it conventionally, or simply left-clicking on the location.

Since farming at the Livid Farm is so fast-paced, you will find that tasks completed moments ago are soon ready to be completed again. So, if you have cured all plants in the farm, you need only wait a few moments for more diseased livid to rise up.

As mentioned previously, you do not need the Magic level to cast each spell on the Livid Farm. You will still need the required runes, however. Any spell cast without the required Magic level will earn you XP in Farming, Agility, Crafting or Construction, depending on the task, and will give you half the produce points. Produce points are received by completing any task in the farm, and can be used to buy lunar spells from Pauline Polaris.

Fertilising the livid patches:

Pauline needs you to fertilise the barren Lunar Isle soil. To find a patch that requires fertilising, look for completely empty patches; anything with a healthy or unhealthy livid will not require your aid.

Spell Name | Level required
Runes required
Fertile soil 83
Astral rune x3 | Earth rune x15 | Nature rune x2
* 87 Magic XP +91.8 Farming XP

Fertilising one patch with the Fertile Soil spell gets you 20 produce points. Casting the spell without the required Magic level gets you 10 produce points.

Curing the livid:

Some of the livid will look haggard and ill. Cast Cure Plant on these plants and you will be asked to tune your spell to a specific strain of livid. This takes the form of an interface that opens in the sidebar, showing four different strains of the livid; simply click the one that matches the plant you aim to cure, and watch as it returns to health!

Cure plant 66
Astral rune x1 | Earth rune x8
* 60 Magic XP + 91.8 Farming XP

Curing livid with the Cure Plant spell gets you 20 produce points.

Bunching the livid:

Once the livid have been harvested by Pauline, they need to be taken from their pile of produce to be bunched. Taking from the produce pile puts up to 10 livid in your inventory. Casting the String Jewellery spell will convert 5 livid into a bunch, and you can then manually place the bunched livid into the trade wagon. You will only get the XP once the livid has been placed into the wagon.

String Jewellery 80
Astral rune x2 | Earth rune x10 | Water rune x5
* 83 Magic XP + 270 Crafting XP

Bunching five livid gets you 120 produce points. Casting the spell without the required Magic level gets you 60 produce points.

Fixing fence posts:

Fences last only a few moments on the Livid Farm, as a combination of suqah attacks and the sea breeze wears them away into nothingness. To keep the suqah out (and the livid in) you are required to gather lunar lumber from a pile in the north-east of the farm and then cast Plank Make to convert them into fenceposts. These can be used on damaged sections of the fence for a reward of Construction and Magic XP.

Plank make 86
Astral rune x2 | Earth rune x15 | Nature rune x1
* 90 Magic XP + 54.6 Construction XP
Fixing fenceposts gets you 20 Produce Points. Casting the spell without the required Magic level gets you 10 produce points.

Energising Pauline:

Pauline works harder than almost anyone else on RuneScape, and that effort is bound to take its toll. If you see Pauline flagging, cast Energy Transfer on her and you will given a choice of phrases, some of which are enthusing and others are just insulting! Choose an enthusing phrase to boost Pauline and your Magic and Agility levels (with a small reduction to your run energy levels).

Energy transfer 91
Astral rune x3 | Law rune x2 | Nature rune x1
* 100 Magic XP + 169.7 Agility XP

Energising Pauline gets you 100 Produce Points. Casting the spell without the required Magic level gets you 50 produce points.

---------------------------- Distractions ----------------------------

Talk to anyone who runs a farm or ranch and they will tell you that the unexpected occurs, and does so regularly. The Livid Farm is no different, and it is prone to occasional visits from suqah, pirates and sick familiars! You should treat these in the same way as other actions on the Livid Farm, since they each require a lunar spell to be cast on them. The distractions will happen randomly and occasionally, so you cannot guarantee that they will turn up at any point, and they will always provide you with a rune reward.

Help, my ibis is sick:

There must be something in the air on Lunar Isle, as everything has a tendency to get sick or tired with alarming regularity. To help this ibis to recover, you will need to examine it with the Monster Examine spell, and then talk to Meteora to tell her what is wrong with it.

Monster examine 66
Astral rune x1 | Cosmic rune x1 | Mind rune x1
61 Magic XP
Reward: Gives 1 astral rune, 10 water runes, 16 earth runes, 1 cosmic rune and 1 mind rune.

When a suqah attacks...

The suqah and the Moon Clan have an uneasy acceptance of each other, thanks largely to the suqah's fear of the magical clanspeople and the Moon Clan's determination to stay peaceful. The suqah, however, still get hungry, and this leads them to raids on food stores and even the Livid Farm! To deter any suqah, use the Energy Transfer spell on Pauline, who will magic the suqah away. This costs half of your special attack bar.

Energy transfer 91
Astral rune x3 | Law rune x2 | Nature rune x1
* 100 Magic XP

Reward: Gives 3 astral runes, 10 water runes, 16 earth runes, 2 law runes and 1 nature rune.

Murky Pat's Revenge

Murky Pat's feeling unloved for various reasons, and is looking to improve matters in a truly pirate manner: by getting revenge! Use Vengeance Other to target the person who is giving Pat grief, but make sure you pick the correct dialogue option from the ones he gives you.

Vengeance other 93
Runes: Astral rune x 3 | Earth rune x 10 | Death rune x 2
* 108 Magic XP

Reward: Gives 3 astral runes, 15 water runes, 20 earth runes and 2 death runes.


Magic and skill XP are not the only rewards you can receive from the farm. With every completed action (not including the distractions), you will receive produce points that are tracked by Pauline (talk to her and you will be able to view your produce points at any time). These points can unlock new lunar spells in your lunar spellbook, to be used outside of the Livid Farm. Your produce points are not lost or spent when you unlock a spell.

Once you have unlocked the last spell, Vengeance Group, the cost of that spell is deducted from your produce points and you are free to spend the rest on wishes. These are skill abilities that last for a short period of time.

You will also gain a one-off bonus reward if you talk to Pauline having earned clothing from the Herblore Habitat...
Spell ---- Level Required ---- Produce Points ---- Use

Teleport to South Falador | 72 | 69,840
Teleports you close to the farming patch in south Falador

Repair Rune Pouch | 75 | 139,760
Repairs a rune pouch. That pouch will take longer to degrade.

Teleport to North Ardougne | 76 | 227,120
Teleports you close to the farming patch in north Ardougne

Remote Farming | 78 | 314,480
Allows you to check the status of any farming patch and cure diseases remotely

Spiritualise Food | 80 | 401,840
'Spiritualise' a piece of food in your inventory. Food can be fed to familiar to heal it, boost its combat stats and replenish its timer.

Make Leather | 83 | 489,200
Tans 5 hides in your inventory

Disruption Shield | 90 | 576,560
When you are next hit by a player, Disruption Shield nullifies the damage you received from that hit. Has a cooldown period of 60 seconds

Vengeance Group | 95 | 663,290
Deals Vengeance to any player close to you


If you have unlocked all of the spells in the Livid Farm, you can activate Pauline's 'wishes'. These are effects that last for a period after they are activated, and they give you a boost to your abilities outside of the farm.

Unlike the spells, wishes cost you produce points

Livid Farm 545411
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Livid Farm
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