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 Ganodermic beast (level 280)

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PostSubject: Ganodermic beast (level 280)   Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:28 pm

Ganodermic Beast (level 280)
Slayer level 95
Magic based Attack spells if you get to close Ganodermic you will face muiti 15 poison attacks

Use Prayer protection against magical attacks

High Detail

When sprinkled on enemys leaves herb ingredients & Other Misc item on ground.

Polypore stick Add 3,000 Polypore Spore to make Polypore Staff.

Neem drupe ( 0 - 1 )

Polypore Stick

Starved ancient effigy

Gold : 1
Green : 1
Crimson : 1
Blue : 1

(Farm) & (Tree) Seeds

Grimy ranarr ( 0 - 2 )
Lantadyme Seed : 1
Torstol Seed : 1
Watermelon seed : ( - )
Fellstalk : 1
Yew : 1
Papaya : 1
Palm : 1
Spirit : 1

Flax : 40 Noted
Ganodermic flake ( - )

Weapons Items
Rune 2h Sword
Rune Kiteshield


Loop half of a key
Tooth half of a key

Recent Game Update FAQ

”Are flakes dropped by all of the monsters in the dungeon?”

Mod Ash: Yes, according to their tier. Creatures with no Slayer requirement, such as fungal rodents and fungal magi, drop fungal flakes. The grifolic creatures with Slayer requirements in the 80s drop grifolic flakes. The ganodermic creatures drop ganodermic flakes.

You can get a few flakes by splashing the monsters with neem oil too, but if you wouldn’t have had the Slayer level to fight the monster, it will give you fungal flakes rather than grifolic or ganodermic.

“Is there a particular type of spell the monsters are weak to?”

Mod Ash: No, there isn't.

”How come you have allowed the ability to block all 4 poly monsters in the dungeon? I thought that your stance was that you didn’t like to cater to groups of players? "

Mod Ash: It was a new idea, based on the monsters all being pretty similar, and I see people have asked for us to add more categories like that, such as dragons. We could; I made the code quite expandable.

”Is the Polypore Stick dropped exclusively by the ganodermic beast?”

Mod Ash: Yes. No other creature drops the stick. Even the ganodermic runts don't drop it.

”How does the Polypore staff work?”

Mod Ash: Collect 3000 polypore spores and use them on a polypore stick to imbue it with their power. You'll need 15k fire runes for this. The process requires level 80 Farming; use the Assist system if necessary. The stick becomes a polypore staff.

When you wield the polypore staff in combat, it autocasts a unique spell that is not found on any spellbook; the spell is coming from the spores that were imbued into the staff. You don't need to carry any runes either, since those were imbued into the staff too.

The spell is a single-target missile with no special stat-modifying or binding effects. Its max hit is calculated from your current Magic level; it can therefore be increased by potions and decreased by stat-draining effects.

The staff offers Accurate and Long-ranged modes, like a bow. If you use Long-ranged, you should get some Defence XP. If you use Accurate, and your spellbook interface doesn't have the "give me Defence XP" button activated, you should not get Defence XP.

”What is the reasoning behind giving the staff an attack requirement?”

Mod Ash: Firstly, the polypore STICK has melee stats, so it has an Attack requirement; when the stick is upgraded to the staff, it didn't seem right to have a lower requirement on the upgraded weapon. The "difficulty" of wielding the item shouldn't decrease. Secondly, when the staff reverts to the dead stick, you'll still be equipping it. Forcibly unequipping an item can get extremely messy since we might have to teleport it to your bank if your inventory's full, and it'd fall to the floor - while you're in combat, possibly in a hectic area - if your bank happened to be full. People don't always spot this happening, and it'd be a bit harsh for us to penalise them for missing it. Fortunately, if you've got 80 Magic, 80 Attack doesn't increase your combat level at all (unless you've also got high Strength) so it doesn't completely mess up a pure mage to have that Attack level.

That said, we don't particularly like having an Attack requirement on a battlestaff that - uniquely - cannot be used to bash people, so I'm going to nerf the melee stats of the polypore stick and staff so that we can take the Attack requirement off. That change should come out in next week's update. I don't think it likely that many people seriously wished to use the polypore stick as a melee weapon, since it isn't a particularly good one.

”Do the ganodermics drop clues?”

Mod Ash: None of the new monsters drop clues.

”Why did you add the crafting level to repair the gear? This really puts a strain on low level crafters, could you make the skinweaver able to repair them?”

Mod Ash: It gives high-level crafters an additional value for their skill. You can use the Assist system if it's a problem for you. We could certainly let the skinweaver repair them, but she would be likely to charge for this service.

”Why does the new armour have such enormous magic defences/soaking and no melee negatives?”

Mod Ash: We would like people to be able to wear this armour for boss-hunting, even if the boss is not suitable for fighting with magic.

”Why does the new armour degrade so fast?"

Mod Ash: We were keen for people to need quite a lot of flakes, so that there'd be more opportunity for high-level Slayers to sell flakes for profit. That said, since people are using the armour for grinding in the Polypore Dungeon itself (I hadn't expected this to be economical!) it'd be better if they could gather flakes at least fast enough to repair their own armour. So I'll slow down the degradation of all the armour by a factor of about 3-4. This would make the defensive stats of the ganodermic kit even more overpowered than they already are, so I'll take the slash defence down at the same time. The change should come out in next week's update.

”Why is there such a large jump between defensive bonuses for grifolic armour and ganodermic armour? It jumps from +80 to +180.”

Mod Ash: Grifolic armour has significantly lower wield requirements, and it comes from significantly lower-level monsters.
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Ganodermic beast (level 280)
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