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 Barbarian Assault

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PostSubject: Barbarian Assault   Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:06 am

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Barbarian Assault

Games nicklace teleport to Barbarian Outpost and be right at the door.

To Start:

How to start:
Head down the ladder and you will notice 1 out of 10 rooms and a quick start room that in total is 11 rooms in the area, you will need to head to the quick start room and wait for five players or you can do a manual match group heading to the room with number one on the ground floor and take from the scroll table and invite five players to join you to start a game. There is a limit on the number of roles a team can have up to. There is two spot open on all roles. Once a person picks the sconed role spot you've now maxed out all the other roles from being picked by other players. (The Penance Queen is on the 10th wave)

The 'Qucik-Start' room!

If you don't feel like picking a particular role or wave then this is the room for you! Upon entering this room you will be asked to select a role you can pick from one of the main roles (Attacker, Defender, Collector or Healer), or you can opt not ot select any of these roles. Once in the room you will be picked to start a game with other players within the room (so long as there are enough players of sutiable roles). It will start you on the lowest wave of the group of people you are selected to join with and you can progress though the waves then as normal.

Starting a manual match with fello players

Inviting players into a group party.
Take a recruitment scroll off the table.

Horn of glory
Horn of glory is to help call out each attack sytle of the whole team. A team could have a hard time getting done with the wave if a player is not using there own horn inside their own inventory box to call out a job for the other person. The calls that the team make is like a chain reaction for everyone job.

It helps kill off the monsters inside the wave room this mini game is based on full team support. If a players does not help or the waves are longer or don't get done a player can leave the area by going up a ladder by the pool.

Resource potential

Attacker Job : Attacker has a blue circal around the bottom of the feet this helps understand who is doing what the attacker needs to keep a eye out on what style id used or changed to the collector is the one that calls out changes for attacker if the collector fails to call out the right style the attacker will lose role points when hitting wrong style on the monster and will count ageist the attacker at end of wave.

Defender job :

Collector Job : Collector has two jobs to collect egg's off ground and call out the attackers, attack styles when other team mates kill their monsters off and attacker calls out egg color collector is able to know what egg is safe to pick up when the collector feels like enough eggs are picked up inside the inventory they add to the the picked up eggs into the egg loader any player can shoot off egg's once the collector has added egg's into the egg loader But anytime a egg is shoot their is a negative for whole team and will loses rule points for everyone at end of wave.

Healer Job :

Penance Queen.
The Penance queen is the last wave 10th you will need to pass to buy some rewards out of reward shop if you have enough points. This also allows you to start all the waves over again from wave 1, once your team has won the penance battle you will gain a boosted amount of role points in your played game-role at the end of the battle with extra points given to all the other roles just not as mush as you would of made by playing another role on the end battle ground.

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Barbarian Assault
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