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Lava flow mine  Molnly10

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 Lava flow mine

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Lava flow mine  Empty
PostSubject: Lava flow mine    Lava flow mine  EmptySat Jun 02, 2012 12:26 am

Lava Flow mine

Memeber subscribe feature?

Lava flow mine  55425

The Lava Flow Mine.
Lava flow mine  55413

Golden armour set can be stored inside a player own house armour case.
· Please Note : Everyones Nymph appears randomly not based on mining experience.

Steam Gauge: The flow blockage has moved to a new segment.
Speak to Foreman jaak to know locations of Channel blockages from A ,B ,C , D (It can saves time)

Prefect flow rate 50%.
Lava flow mine  55424

Steam Gauges go from 100% down to 50% count by 10s and lower the Gauges more experience.

Random Event (s)

Boiler: A Boiler has broken.
1. Allowed to fix one boiler every 60 minutes.
2. Various smiting level's on boilers from 72 to 99.
Lava flow mine  55423
Begin of fixing broken boiler.

Possessed Pickaxes
[Image Photo Here]

Possessed Pickaxe ghost when not wearing a ghost speak amulet :
Lava flow mine  55422

Dwarf Miner
Lava flow mine  55421

Dwarf Miner : Will Walk off randomly and lose pickaxe than look for it.
Pickaxe: once a Pickaxe is killed talk to ancestor Ghost to receive a 10% boost to your mining experience.

Please note: Pickaxes can only be Gilded up to bronze through Lava flow mine  55420 dragon no special pickaxes are allowed as in (MiniQuests or Sacred Clay!!!)

Lava monsters - Must Taunt fully gives increased gem rate.
[Image Photo Here]

Liquid Gold Nymph Goddess
[Image Photo Here]

When appears nymph may give one piece of Golden amour out each piece has a order. Nymph may guild one pickaxe. A full Set of five pieces with a opitonal sixth piece and adds no extra reward other than a gold pickaxe so when nymph come out again hand over a pickaxe to guild.

Order of rewards for mining experience boost's.
Lava flow mine  55419

Boots 0.2% / Gloves 0.2% / Helmet 0.4% / Trousers 0.6% / Top 0.8%.
Ability receive a gilded pickaxe and remove by talking with Foreman Jaak (instructor)

Golden Mining Set Information.

Boost is cumulative for each piece of outfit when wearen (though the complete outfit actually gets 2.5% boost.

Golden mining helmet can also be worn to enter the Arzinian gold mine
(when being fired out of Dondakan's cannon).

* Players who own some Varrock Armour (from completing Varrock Tasks) AND a complete golden mining outfit can wear either platebody, and get both full 2.5% Mining XP boost (so long as they're wearing rest of the golden mining outfit) as well as have a chance of receiving extra ores (up to whatever ore your Varrock armour would normally allow you)

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Lava flow mine
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