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 Deadliest Catch

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PostSubject: Deadliest Catch   Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:41 pm

Starting out

Jones, a seasoned fisherman, seeks to obtain glory by capturing Thalassus, a legendary sea monster. Jones is located outside of the bank in the Fishing Guild, hoping to find an experienced fisherman willing to aid him. After speaking with Jones, he will reveal that he needs your help to enlist a rower, obtain a sea chart of the area, and forge a giant harpoon that is capable of bringing Thalassus down. He will give you some harpoon plans.

Sea chart

Jones recommends pickpocketing the master fisher to procure the sea chart as he may not be willing to part with the chart. Successfully pickpocketing the master fisher may take a few attempts.

Giant harpoon

After successfully pickpocketing the master fisher, speak to him about finding a master smith. He mentions that Linza, a nearby smith who is working on a few projects for local fisherman, might be able to help.

Linza may be found in the small town of Hemenster, located north and slightly east of the Fishing Guild. Speak to her about making a harpoon, and her interest will be piqued when you mention Thalassus. She will agree to make a giant harpoon for you if you are able to secure one of Thalassus's teeth for her.

Making the Harpoon


To recruit a rower for the endeavour, head to the Tower of Life, located southeast of Ardougne. Use of the Ardougne cloak to teleport to the monastery south of Ardougne is recommended.

Speak to 'The Guns', Jones's cousin who may be found lifting a log just outside of the tower. He claims that he would be more than willing to assist with the endeavour, but his seasickness prevents him from travelling out to sea. However, he mentions that his cousin usually made him a sea legs potion whenever they went fishing.

To make a sea legs potion, lowland heather must be combined with builder's tea, which is obtained from Bonafido, another builder who is located in the vicinity. There are patches of lowland heather surrounding the Tower of Life. Searching the patch that is not infected will add some heather to your inventory; trying to search any other patch will tell you that the patch is infested with aphids. After picking out an uninfected patch, ask Bonafido for some of his builder's tea. Use the tea he hands you with the lowland heather to concoct the sea legs potion for 'The Guns'.

Return to 'The Guns' and hand him the newly-brewed potion. Satisfied, he will offer to return you back to the Fishing Guild to meet with Jones.

At sea

After returning to the Fishing Guild and speaking with Jones, he will take the party out to sea. The small vessel will arrive at the wreckage, and certain wrecks must be investigated to reveal parts of Thalassus's trail. This process is identical to the method of tracking various animals in Hunter.

5 mistakes are allowed when investigating the trail. Should you investigate the wrong wreck 5 times, the trail will reset, but the correct solution will remain the same. In addition to the option to investigate the ship wrecks, various items may be looted from the wreckages.

After completing the trail to uncover Thalassus, the monster will surface, knock you and Jones overboard, and swallow Jones. After washing up onto the shore of a small island, three mermaids will mock the expedition and reveal their loyalty to Thalassus. The mermaids are rather confident and must be convinced that Jones, with his giant harpoon, poses a great danger to Thalassus now that he rests in the belly of the monster.

A Player Speaking to Tentacle.

To diminish the confidence of the mermaids, the following dialogue options must be chosen:
1. The Thalassus has eaten Jones the mighty fisherman.
2. It should, he's been hunting for decades.
3. Very horrid! After he's killed the Thalassus, he'll probably come after you.
4. Trust me, I'm a great adventurer, I should know.
5. Did I mention Jones has a harpoon with him?
6. It's no ordinary harpoon.

Choosing a different option from the ones listed above will reset the mermaids' confidence and require you to start the dialog over.

Return to sea

After instilling fear into the mermaids, they will insist on tracking Thalassus down once more in order to force Jones from the beast's bowels. Upon arriving on the boat, it is necessary to track the creature a second time.

When tracking Thalassus the second time, the track uncovered is different from before, but the concept is identical. At the end of the trail, Thalassus will once again surface from the depths, and 'The Guns' will throw karambwan at the monster. Upon eating the karambwan, Thalassus will sick up and expel Jones back onto the boat. On instruction, 'The Guns' will make a break for land.

Directions for hunting it the 2nd time are as follows.

4 o'clock
1 o'clock
top of 2 o'clock
6 o'clock
11 o'clock
9 o'clock
3 o'clock cut scene

Note: There is a chance of looting an additional 3 items while hunting Thalassus for the second time.

Finishing up

Back at the Fishing Guild, Jones will reveal that he managed to snag a tooth from the beast. Head back to Hemenster and deliver the tooth to Linza. Return to the Fishing Guild one last time and talk to Jones. Quest complete.

■ 1 Quest Point
■ 70,000 Fishing experience
■ 26,000 Hunter experience
■ 8,000 Thieving experience
■ Wieldable fishing nets (a small cast net and a big cast net)
■ The option to hunt the Thalassus 10 more times for a total of 46,660 extra hunter experience.
■ New bank deposit boxes in the following locations
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Deadliest Catch
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