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Godwars dungeon Information Molnly10

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 Godwars dungeon Information

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PostSubject: Godwars dungeon Information   Godwars dungeon Information EmptySat Jun 02, 2012 1:56 am

GOD-Wars Information.

Godwars dungeon Information Alien910

How to Access the God Wars Dungeon
Traverse Trollheim and locate the entrance to the dungeon, just to the north.

• Each god's section has a separate entry requirement:

• Saradomin: 70 Agility
• Armadyl: 70 Ranged
• Bandos: 70 Strength
• Zamorak: 700 life points

Godwars dungeon Information Jagex11

•This is extremely dangerous high-level content, featuring multi-way combat against some of the deadliest monsters in RuneScape. A high combat level is a must, and you should bring the most powerful equipment that you can afford to lose.

The God Wars Dungeon (also known as GWD) is a Multicombat area where armies of various gods left over from the God Wars fight one another to the death. Jagex has classified the God Wars Dungeon as the most dangerous place in all of RuneScape. Therefore, it is recommended that players who wish to explore the God Wars Dungeon only bring items which they are willing to lose. Note that players need high Slayer levels in order to kill many of the creatures found within the dungeon.

Players must either have 60 Strength (temporary boosts work) or 60 Agility in order to gain entry, and they must have defeated Dad in the Troll Stronghold quest.

Godwars dungeon Information Alien924

If players are new to the God Wars Dungeon, bringing one item of each god to stay safe (Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin and Bandos) is advised.

The God Wars Dungeon contains four different armies. The minions of each army are dedicated to a god involved in the God Wars: Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, and Zamorak. A god's minions will attack anyone who does not wear an item dedicated/blessed by that god.

Zero God: More Information comming Soon on this God.

The gods' chambers in the dungeon can attract many players because of the exclusive items that can only be obtained there. Bandos' Stronghold, which contains General Graardor and his captains, is often the place most crowded with players.

Godwars dungeon Information Untitl46
Going to Godwars for the first time let me help you with information onit. !!!

GOD-Wars Has five Boss's the names are Bando, Zamorakian. Saradomin. Armadyl. Zero.

• Must have 60 strength or agility 60 to enter God-War area!

Items needed for mini-sub-GOD Wars quest:
• 1 Rope (one time only) , 10 Sharks , 2 Prayer potions , Teleport runes to Ardougne market , Game amulet

Before entering God-Wars cavern you need to finish a Mini-Sub-Quest with a man laying in snow. He will allow you to enter God-wars cavern after speakin' to him. upon completeing sub-quest the man die's and then your allowed to enter cavern unlimited amount of times.

Many ways to die going into God-Wars for the first time one of the best way is to have a friend along with you with high enough prayer to bless your grave upon death or even have someone that knows the area other than getting lost or losing items by going down into God-Wars by yourself. Have a person help you understand more about God-Wars. rather then having something happen.

• You must have defeated Dad in the Troll Stronghold quest.
• 60 Strength or 60 Agility
Quests needed.

: Death plate
: Troll Stronghold (Completing Edgar's Ruse is highly recommended)

This Quest is not needed but really helps 61 Magic Trollheim teleport.
: Eadgars Ruse Quest

This will allow you to go over to the GOD-War area, the big hole in the ice this where the GOD-Wars entries will be you will need to place a rope on the large Stone rock, you never have to do this again to enter GOD-Wars cavern.

Godwars dungeon Information Untitl64

- Requirements for each individual God-Ware Boss! -
you must have 40 kill count to enter main boss room!

: 1 Hammer (Everytime)
: 70 Strength

: 70 Constitution
: 700+ life-points when crossing ice water.

: 70 Agility
: 2 ropes (Only once)

: 70 Ranged

- Ancient ceremonial set to go into Nex boss waiting room.

Godwars dungeon Information Alien933
Frozen key Information

- Can have up to five times used before it destroys it self.
- You can stop this by doling the following (Fixed at Lumbridge or on house armour stand).
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Godwars dungeon Information
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