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Black King Dragon  Molnly10

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 Black King Dragon

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Black King Dragon  Empty
PostSubject: Black King Dragon    Black King Dragon  EmptySat Jun 02, 2012 2:02 am

Black King Dragon is Deep inside level 45 wilderness.

Black King Dragon  Cat_312

Spears Weapons:
* Zamorakian Spear while using super anti-fire potion.

* Whip + Anti-FireSheild

Rune Cross-Bow + Ruby (E) an Diamond (E) Bolts.

Special attack Items only:
* Dragon Dagger
* Dragon Mace
----------------- Only use with super anti-fire potion -----------------
* Dragon Claws
* Dragon Halberd

* Anti-FireSheild
* Dragonfire shield

* Super Anti-Poison potions (2) in inventory.
* Prayer Potions (4)

Healing Food
* Monksfish , Shark , Rocktail

Summoning Scrolls
* Heal from Unicorn stallion
* Winter Storage for Pack yak

Summoning pouches
* Curry Pets ~ Spirit Terrorbird ----- War tortoise ----- Pack yak
* Heal Pets ~ Bunyip ----- Unicorn Stallion

Melee might be the best way to solo the king dragon.
if you have 90+ range bring ruby bolts (E) along with diamond (E) bolts for faster dragon killing

Black King Dragon
level: 276
Life-points: 2400

Must people bring Broad-Tipped bolts to king Dragon in team groups of 5+ people. if your in a group of 3 or lower you need ruby (E) an diamond (E) Bolts.

- Anti Poison Totem: By wielding this shield, you couldn't be poisoned. Although existing poison in effect will not be removed. (60 Dungeoneering and 70 Herblore required to wield this item.)

- Use the most populated worlds, most items spawn every 30 seconds saving you a lot of time.

-------- MORE Coming Soon --------
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Black King Dragon
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