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Champion Scrolls Molnly10

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 Champion Scrolls

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PostSubject: Champion Scrolls   Champion Scrolls EmptySat Jun 02, 2012 3:17 am

A Champion's scroll is dropped when killing certain monsters. This scroll challenges the player to a battle with the champion of the race that the player received the scroll from. By taking the scroll to the cellar of Champions' Guild, the champion may be fought in the Champion's Challenge Distraction and Diversion.

The scroll outlines the rules which govern each champion's battle. After winning the battle with the champion, players will get a small amount of experience in the Constitution and Slayer skills.

Champion's Scrolls have been confirmed to be not affected by the Ring of Wealth, giving them an unalterable drop rate of 1 in 5000.

Unlike clue scrolls, players can possess multiple champion's scrolls at once, including scrolls of the same type. However, you cannot fight the same champion twice. If you present Larxus with a duplicate champion scroll, he states, "You have already fought this champion. This challenge is void."

A list of monsters which drop certain Champion scrolls are listed in the table below:

NameLevelChallenge Scroll droppersRestrictionReward
Imp Champion
Goblin Champion
Skeleton Champion
Zombie Champion
Hobgoblin Champion
Giant Champion
Ghoul Champion
Earth Warrior Champion
Jogre Champion
Lesser Demon Champion
Leon d'Cour
Leprechaun Champion
Banshee Champion
Aberrant Specter Champion
Mummy Champion

Once you have defeated your champion, you will be told how much experience you have gained. If you try to use the scroll on Larxus to have another fight, he will take it away since it's already been used.

Once a person has defeated enough lower level champions, they will be able to fight the Champion of champions
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Champion Scrolls
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