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Elite Locations                Molnly10

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 Elite Locations

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Elite Locations                Empty
PostSubject: Elite Locations    Elite Locations                EmptyMon Jun 04, 2012 1:14 pm


Fairy Ring Codes:

There is a new puzzle wich is a celtic knot puzzle with runes you still get your maps and anagrams and you also get a free moving arrow which you have to follow untill you find an X :and a new guthix wizard im sure you will be happy to own Smile

Elite Clue information has not been added yet.

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Language : English

Elite Locations                Empty
PostSubject: Re: Elite Locations    Elite Locations                EmptySat Sep 14, 2013 9:44 pm

Free Elite Clues

Requirements for finished and completed quests:
Do No Evil , Ava's Alerter , Spade

Do not wear ANYTHING else besides the alerter. Only metal armor should interfere with it, but it's best to not wear anything else to be on the safe side.

You can only have ONE of the locations assigned to you; sadly, we can't all have four free elite clues.

Equip Ava's Alerter and start in Lletya. Run west out of Lletya, cross the tripwire, and go through the dense forest to the northwest (not over the leaves). Next, go northeast and hop over the leaves. Make sure that directly to the east is the Underground Pass. Dig where it bwuks four times in the first clearing after jumping the leaves.

1 degrees, 31 minutes north
5 degrees, 5 minutes west

If this doesn't work for you, you may want to try the one on Lunar Isle. It's on the southwest part of the island, slightly northwest of the little peninsula.

21 degrees, 50 minutes north
11 degrees, 07 minutes west

If the previous two don't work, there's one on the iceberg from the penguin quests. After getting off of the boat, run northwest to the giant ice column that you can see on the mini-map. It's on the northwestern side of the column.

26 degrees, 16 minutes north
6 degrees, 20 minutes east

The fourth spot is in Meiyerditch. Take the boat from Burgh de Rott and get caught by a vyrewatch. Choose to be sent to the mines. Ask a miner for a spare pickaxe, mine 15 daeyalt ore, deposit them in the mine cart, and then talk to one of the guards to be let out. Then run south along the eastern wall. The spot is in an indent in the wall (on the mini-map), right next to a sitting citizen.

3 degrees, 41 minutes north
37 degrees, 31 minutes east
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Elite Locations
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