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Riddle Locations           Molnly10

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 Riddle Locations

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Riddle Locations           Empty
PostSubject: Riddle Locations    Riddle Locations           EmptyMon Jun 04, 2012 1:40 pm


Fairy Ring Codes:

Riddle Locations           46_is_10
Level 46

46 is my number
My body is the colour of burnt
orange and crawls among those with
Three months I have, yet I cannot
My blinking blue eye hides my grave.
Riddle Locations           A_bag_10
Abbot Langley
'A bag belt only?',
he asked his balding brothers.
Riddle Locations           A_grea10

A great view - watch the rapidly drying hides get splashed.
Check the box you are sat on.
Riddle Locations           And_so10

Dig where the two paths meet on Etceteria.
Just North of the nearby tree.
Riddle Locations           As_you10

As you desert this town,
keep an eye out for a set of spines
that could ruin nearby rugs
dig carefully around the greenery.
Riddle Locations           Citric10
Grand tree

Heckel Funch

Citric cellar
Riddle Locations           Four_b10

Four blades I have yet I draw no blood.
But I mash and turn my victims to powder.
Search in my head, search in my fafters.
Where my blades are louder.
Riddle Locations           Genera10Goblin VillageGeneral BentnozeGenerally Speaking, his nose was very bent.
Riddle Locations           His_he10Ruins of UzerHis head may be hollow, but the crates nearby are full of surprises.
Riddle Locations           I_am_a10Varrock
West bank
I am a token of the greatest love. I have no beginning or end. My eye is red, I can fit like a glove. Go to the place where it's money they lend, and dig by the gate to be my friend.
Riddle Locations           I_lie_10Graveyard of Shadows
Wilderness level 18
I lie lonely and forgotten in mid wilderness where the dead rise from their beds. Feel free to quarrel and wind me up and dig while you shoot their heads.
Riddle Locations           Identi10
Duel Arena


Identify the back of this
over-acting brother.

(He's a long way from home.)
Riddle Locations           If_a_m10Port Sarim
Fishing shop
GerrantIf a man carried my burden, he would break his back. I am not rich, but leave silver in my track. Speak to the keep of this trail.
Riddle Locations           If_you10
Level 51

If you didn't want to be here and
in danger, you should lever things well enough alone.
Riddle Locations           If_you11
Range Guild

If you look closely enough, it seems that
the archers have lost more than their needles.
Riddle Locations           I_m_su10

I'm sure they will let you buy some things here,
as long as you are in good 'ealth.
Riddle Locations           It_see10
Dwarwen Mines
Under falador

It seems to have reached the end of the line, and its still empty
Riddle Locations           Mine_w10
Karamja Volcano.
Lesser Cave

Mine was the strangest birth under the sun.
I left the crimson sack, yet life had not begun.
Entered the world yet seen by none.
Riddle Locations           Must_b10

Must be full of railings
Riddle Locations           Must_h10

Must have lots of railings.
Must be full of railings.
Riddle Locations           My_gia10

Dig next to the cauldron with
green bubbling liquid in the
Varrock sewers by the Moss giants.
Riddle Locations           My_hom10
Lumbridge Castle

My home is gray and made of stone -
A castle with a search for a meal
Hidden in some drawers. I am Across from a wooden wheel.
Riddle Locations           My_nam10
Center Area


My name is like a tree, yet it is spelt with a "g"
come see the fur which is right near me.
Riddle Locations           Naviga10

Navigating to this crate will be a trail.
Riddle Locations           Often_10
Exam Centre


Often sought by scholars of histories past,
find me where words of wisdom speak volumes.
Riddle Locations           Probab10
Wizards Tower

Probably filed with books on magic.
Riddle Locations           Read_h10Sorcerer's towerRead 'how to breed scorpion, 'by O.W.thaturt.
Riddle Locations           Rouge_10Necromancer
Throat mage seeks companionship.
Seek answers inside my furniture if interested.
Riddle Locations           Search12Varrock Castle
Farming patch area
Search the crates near a cart in Varrock.
Riddle Locations           Small_10Tree Gnome
Gnome trainer"Small shoe.'
Often found with
rod on mushroom.
Riddle Locations           Snah_i10Lumbridge CastleSnah? I feel all confused like one of those cakes...
Riddle Locations           Surpri10Varrock CastleSir PrysinSurprising? I bet he is...
Riddle Locations           The_be10Ardougne ZooThe beasts to my east snap claws and tails the rest my west can slide and eat fish. The northern are silly and jump and wail. Dig by my fire and make a wish.
Riddle Locations           The_ch10
Riddle Locations           The_ke10


The keeper of Melzars...
Spare? Skeleton? Anar?
Riddle Locations           There_10Elf CampLord lorwerthThere is no "wothier" Lord.
Riddle Locations           This_a10
Wolf mountain

Gnome pilot

This aviator is at his peak of his profession.
Riddle Locations           This_v10
Shilo Village

This village has a problem with
cartloads of the undeed. Try
checking the bookcase to find
an answer.
Riddle Locations           Try_no10
East Ardougne

Try not to let yourself be dazzled
when you search these drawers.
Riddle Locations           When_y10
Agility Dungeon

When you get tired of fighting. Go deep deep down
until you need an antidote
Riddle Locations           You_ca11

You can cook food on me,
but don't cook any foodies -
that would just be wrong.
Riddle Locations           You_do10

You don't need to go hopping mad
or take steps -
to get to this treasure.
Just be totally shelfish.
Riddle Locations           You_ha10

You have all of the elements available to solve this clue.
Fortunately you do not have to go as far as to stand in a draft.
Riddle Locations           You_wi10

Lumbridge Castle

You will need to under-cook to solve this one.
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Riddle Locations
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