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Moderator help guide. Molnly10

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 Moderator help guide.

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Moderator help guide. Empty
PostSubject: Moderator help guide.   Moderator help guide. EmptySat Jun 09, 2012 6:59 pm

Moderator help guide.

Moderator help guide. Smiley10

General Board
Staff has the right to remove any post without notice at any time! in violates of broken rules

Forum photo & text
Rule 1. Adult oriented material or obscene material is not allowed on the forums due to our host's rules. Action taken could end you in a permanent ban on forums! This includes Signatures, Avatar, Post, and Profile Fields.

Rule 1. Don't beg other users for stuff.
Rule 2. If caught harassing for the first time you will be banned for 3 days!
Rule 3. Please try to use proper grammar and spelling.

Social rules:
Rule 1. Show respect to all players in the game.
Rule 2. Don't bash people that make mistakes, correct them instead.
Rule 3. Please don't Spam the clan chat channel.
Rule 4. Please only speak in English language only on forums and in clan chat channel.
Rule 5. No racism is allowed

Rule 1. Please try to use proper grammar and spelling when, typing to a offender.
Rule 2. Do not ban users without reason
Rule 3. Do not deleted posts without reason
Rule 4. User offence - If, you wonder what action is best & confused what action to take try making a PM to another moderator and see what action would be best too fit that users offence.

Rule 5. Actions with clan owner - Users that are making it hard on the forum moderator please PM clan owner, & we will speak what action to take from that point on.

Spam & no Advertising

Spam includes:
1. Quick chat, because it generally leads to quick chat responses and is therefore Spammy.
2. Advertising your CC, FC, GE offers and trades.
3. Text Spam like pointless symbols, numbers etc.
4. Song lyrics. - Can be considered as Spam.
5. Fake kicks [ Attempting to kick … ].
6. ASCII art which is drawing pictures with letters and symbols (Over & Over).
7. Way to large pictures covering almost full screen.
8. Moderator help guide. Untitl61 Persistent flaming – Without any seriously offensive language.

No Advertising
Rule 1. Please no other websites that are not linked off [Only mods are allowed to see this link]
Rule 2.
Rule 3.
Rule 4.
Rule 5.

Offensive Posts
Rule 1.
Rule 2.
Rule 3.
Rule 4.
Rule 5.

How To Post
Rule 1. Do not give out any personal information and includes phone numbers.
Rule 2. No Double posting - Please don't double post you will be warned.
Rule 3. Treat all other forum members with respect, especially new members!
Rule 4. Provide thoughtful or helpful suggestions and questions.
Rule 5.

Respect The Authority Of Staff
Rule 1.
Rule 2.
Rule 3.
Rule 4.
Rule 5.

Reporting Abuse
Rule 1. If you have a complaint about another member, problems with other members, etc., please try to resolve the problem in a personal message. If necessary, address an admin or moderator by reporting their post.

Rule 2. If you believe an individual is repeatedly breaking the rules, please report to one of Administrators. Repeating offenders will be banned from the forum, and further action may be taken against them.

Banned Members
Rule 1.
Rule 2.
Rule 3.
Rule 4.
Rule 5.

Avatars & Signatures

Rule 1. Adult oriented material or obscene material is not allowed on the forums due to our host's rules. Action taken could end you in a permanent ban on forums! This includes Signatures, Avatar, Post, and Profile Fields.

Content And Legal Issues, real world law breaking

Rule 1. Although we would all like to post and leech off of shareware and illegal files such as an exploit, we can't. NOBODY is allowed to post any links or upload any files that are meant to be purchased or have copyrights attached to them saying the file(s) cannot be distributed freely. If we see any posts or chat discussions pertaining to the distribution of illegal software and/or files, that content will be removed as soon as possible and the user will receive a ban. The length of the ban will be determined by Original-inc clan websites staff and will vary depending on the volume and type of content the software or file(s) contained. Legal action may be taken by the copyright holder at their discretion, though this is an issue of the End User. Original-inc holds no liability for the actions or opinions of its users.

Hacking - If you are caught hacking, you will be banned by your I.P. and it will be turned into the Law Office.

If you happen to violate any of the rules posted above, the following punishments against you may be undertaken: Please report violations of the Forum Rules to any forum Moderator via Private Message. Do not call out rule breakers publicly!

1.. Edit or removal of post(s)
2.. Removal of privileges
3.. The locking or deletion of topics
4.. Temporary/Permanent ban at staff discretion
5.. Edit of signature or avatar if in violation of rules
6.. Increase of the Warning Level
7.. Removal of offender's posting rights
8.. Suspension of the offender's user account
9.. Deletion of the offender's user account
10. Restriction of an IP/IP range
11. Other punishments felt necessary by the Moderators or Administrators.

Most important rule: Be a proud member of the Original-inc and have fun!

Note: Remember, you are obligated to follow all our rules. There will be consequences for disrespecting our rules. Punishments will emerge from, permanent demotion up to a kick. While following the rules may get you promoted and grant some privileges.
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Moderator help guide.
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