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Magic Training Arena Molnly10

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 Magic Training Arena

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Magic Training Arena Empty
PostSubject: Magic Training Arena   Magic Training Arena EmptyWed Jun 13, 2012 2:28 am

Magic Training Arena

Memeber subscribe feature?

Magic Training (Minigame) map area.

Magic Training Arena Untit150

Progress hat. "Pizazz Hat"

TelekinetiA teleport to the Telekinetic Theatre.
AlchemistA teleport to the Alchemists Playground.
Enchantment A teleport to the Enchanting, Chamber.
GraveyardA teleport to the Creature Graveyard.

Reward Trader

Magic Training Arena Untit149

Shop Rewards

Beginner wand303030030
Apprentice wand606060060
Teacher Wand1502001500150
Master Wand2402402400240
Infinity top4004504000400
Infinity hat3504003000350
Infinity boots1201201200120
Infinity gloves1752551500175
Infinity bottoms
Mages book5005506000500
Bone to Peaches Spell2003002000200

Magic Training Arena Untit148
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Magic Training Arena
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