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PostSubject: Agility    Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:10 pm

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The guide is for training the Agility skill from level 1 to 99 in the shortest amount of time possible.


This is equipment may be used for all courses.
■ Boots of lightness - in Temple of Ikov dungeon, needs a light source and knife or slashing weapon (do not need to complete Temple of Ikov quest).
■ Spotted cape/Spottier cape - need at least 40 Hunter, 66 Hunter for Spottier.
■ Penance gloves - from the Barbarian Assault activity.
■ Penance horn / Penance master horn - from the Barbarian Assault activity. (Note: They both give same xp, just the master horn has an emote.)
■ Agile top - needs 90 Agility. (Or 85+ with a Summer Pie)
■ Agile legs - needs 85 Agility (Or 80+ with a Summer Pie)
■ Surefooted - Loyalty reward

Your total weight while using all available weight-reducing clothing (with spottier cape) is -38 kg which makes it really worth it to get all these items for your training. Note, however, that benefit from weight reduction ceases at 0 kg, meaning a weight of -10 kg will give exactly the same effect as a weight of 0 kg.

Bringing a Regen Bracelet and Enhanced Excalibur can be useful as the bracelet makes you heal at twice the normal rate and the excalibur's special heals 200 lifepoints (or 400 if you have completed the Seers' Village Tasks completely ), this can cut down on food significantly.

A charged penance horn will double xp on most courses.


This is a list of items that may be used for all courses though are not required
■ Super energy potion/Energy potion to restore energy. Due to the Rest update, these are optional.
■ Food on courses where the player can fail obstacles. (Baskets of Strawberries are good to use as they heal 7% per strawberry. Cakes are a cheaper alternative, healing 120 LP in 3 bites. Wine is an another solution since for 110 LP and -2 attack you make money if you sell the jug)
■ The Special Attack from Enhanced Excalibur allows players to regularly restock their health, often faster than they lose it, negating the necessity for food at certain courses, which can be very helpful.
■ The Surefooted Aura can prevent players from failing course obstacles for a period of time.

Level 1-25

Gnome Stronghold agility arena From level 1, your best option is the Gnome Stronghold Agility course, which totals 86.5 experience per round.

To get to level 25, you have to go around it 100 times taking about 1-1.5 hours depending on how quick you are.

It has no requirements, and players cannot take damage here - therefore, food is not required.

Tip: As you climb over the obstacle net (the one before squeezing through the pipe) click on the pipe to save time.

Alternative: Completing the Tourist Trap quest and placing all the experience rewards in Agility will give enough experience to bring you all the way from level 1-26 on its own. It really isn't that long of a quest either. However, it is put to better use with Smithing experience, saving both time AND money.

Alternative #2: Complete the full Gnome Stronghold Agility course about 115 times. This should put you to level 30. After this, it is a good idea to move on to the full Pyramid Agility course.

Level 25-40

The hut in the swamp From levels 25 to 40, it is recommended that players use the Werewolf Skullball course, as there is no chance of failure and players can effectively get 750 experience per run. This requires the completion of Creature of Fenkenstrain quest, because the player must have a Ring of Charos.

You can gain 750 or more Agility experience if you complete the course in under 4 minutes. For every 3 seconds over 4 minutes, you will lose about 7-8 experience.

You can easily earn 10,000 XP every hour, and with some practice you can bring your time down to 3 minutes per run which means 14,000 XP per hour.

Alternative: Completing The Grand Tree gives enough experience as a reward to raise the player from 25-31 Agility without doing any laps.

In addition, Troll Romance, Cold War, and Icthlarin's Little Helper will all give sizeable chunks of experience that together can easily rocket you to at least level 39 with no training necessary.

Alternative 2: At level 15 agility you will have the requirement to use the monkeybars in the Edgeville dungeon, doing so yields about 15,000 XP an hour on average or 12,000 if not focused.(Warning! Edgeville dungeon is full of monsters and is in the Wilderness, so food is a must for lower levels. Also watch out for other players, they can still attack you while you are on the monkey bars.)

Alternative 3: When you get to level 30, you can go to the full Pyramid Agility course. It yields 1014 XP per run, however failure is frequent at these levels so it is not recommended.

Level 40-52

Agility arena tickets Starting at level 40, one may go to the Brimhaven Agility Course. An inexperienced player can earn 10,000 XP per hour, and with practice can do even better. If you go on with 40 agility, be prepared for very disappointing process from level 40 - 60. It is recommended to have level 60. Even then, agility potion is strongly recommended.
■ Karamja gloves 2 and Karamja gloves 3 increase experience received by 10%, though one already needs 53 Agility to complete a task for Karamja Gloves 3.

Note: You may trade in tickets at a rate of 1, 10, 25, 100, or 1,000 at a time, so if, for example, you had 99 tickets, it would be wise to get one more for the experience bonus.

Many lower level players choose to collect 25 tickets at a time because failure is frequent and getting to two ticket dispensers in a row can be difficult. Many players levels 45+ choose to collect 100 tickets at a time over 1000 tickets, as this will allow for more frequent levelling (two or three levels per 100 tickets), while still giving a better bonus than trading 1, 10, or 25 tickets.

The Barbarian Outpost Agility Course is also a reasonable option for those who do not want to use the agility course in Brimhaven. You can get about 15k xp per hour. It is possible to fail on this course, so one training here should bring food. To use the agility course, your character will have to complete the Bar Crawl miniquest.

At level 49, it is a good idea to go to Wilderness Agility Course. At this level, all you need is a summer pie/agility potion to enter. Level 49 is the highest level actually required to complete the course itself. You can get from 49 to 52 agility in a few hours.**

Quote :
If you have the surefooted aura, at lvl 48+ you should start using the 20min there and not anywhere else. The 20min bonus results in ~14-18k exp, easily leveling from 48 to 50 and leveling each time until about lvl 61. Dedicated agility trainers should switch between ape atoll, when using surefooted, and wilderness, during 2hr cooldown.
Level 52-70

The location of the Wilderness agility course From levels 52 to 70, it is recommended that players use the Wilderness Agility Course for the fastest experience.*** Players should take caution when using this course and bring few items, as they may be attacked by other players.

■■■ If you have the surefooted aura, at lvl 48+ you should start using the 20min at ape atoll instead and not anywhere else. The 20min bonus results in ~14-18k exp, easily leveling each time until about lvl 61. Dedicated agility trainers should switch between ape atoll, when using surefooted, and wilderness, during 2hr cooldown. (This is the best but most complex method of training untill lvl 70, at which point one should stay at ape atoll permanently)

An easy way to access this course is to use the Ardougne teleport lever, which will teleport you a short distance away. Using this method, players with 5+ Thieving can also steal from bakers' stalls for cakes and other lightweight food. (Recommended for 110+ combat, due to mage arena right next to lever, you WILL be attacked.)

The Wilderness agility course requires level 52 agility to enter, but none of the obstacles inside do, so it is possible to enter with a Summer pie or Agility potion while having a base agility level under 52. The course is divided into two parts: the walkway leading to training area (often called "the edge") and the main course. Players who are entering the main course must balance along the walkway. If they fail, they fall into a pit full of aggressive wolves. Other players can attack you on this multicombat walkway; you may reach the other end of the walkway only to end up dead.

It is suggested that players use a very populated world (such as World 2) to reduce the risk of PKers. Due to this, many players prefer and recommend to train on World 2, using the following setup:
■ Two pieces of armour/clothing/item (spotted/spottier cape, Dragonhide Armour, boots of lightness, penance horn, etc.)
■ Full prayer points so you can turn on protection prayers and the Protect Item prayer.
■ DO NOT bother bringing combat equipment and healing equipment, unless if you are coming to the course to purposely kill people, just let them kill you. Set your respawn point to camelot if you do not want to teleport back to Ardougne for the teleport level. If you want to make a lasting impression on somebody trying to kill you, use a dragon dagger P++ and hope they do not have antipoison. This might annoy them, and they might stop attacking players here. Another thing to do is have runes for magic casts or ranged weapon ready, and kill PKers coming up the log to enter the course.

The experience gained for one complete circuit of the Wilderness agility course is 571.5. 499 of this is the experience bonus for a full lap; there is no experience bonus upon completing the course if the player forgets to retry an obstacle after failing it. However, if a player fails the log bridge, they do not need to retry the lava stepping stones but rather can run straight to the bridge again.

A full lap without failing takes about 45 seconds, allowing for 46k experience per hour. Of course, given the time used up when failing obstacles and switching worlds to escape player killers, this is realistically closer to 40k per hour.

Level 60-70

The werewolf agility course The Werewolf Agility Course requires level 60 Agility and is the best place to train up to level 70. Players can earn up to 540 agility experience points per lap on this course. With some work and practice, laps can be completed in around 47 seconds each (the time required to run to the stepping stones from the Agility Trainer included). Assuming that, intense training can give you 40,000 experience per hour. The course is located east of Canifis in the swamps of Morytania.

The only course event that can be failed is the Death Slide which can cause a maximum damage of 300 LP. The amount of damage you take for failing the deathslide seems to be partly governed by how soon you fell off it. The earlier the fall, the more damage. Falling off near the end only results in 10-150 life points. It is unknown whether your agility helps determine how long you hold on before falling, although it is speculated that lower levels tend to fall off sooner. Food is still needed.

The key to success at this course is low weight. Not only will it allow you to run for a longer period of time, but the lower your weight is, the less likely you are to fall off the Death Slide. If you can get Penance Gloves, Boots of Lightness, and a Spottier Cape, then this is the place where you want to use them. Some people say you should bring Spirit Terrorbirds, but given that it is not a great distance between obstacles, and your weight is already low, it is probably better to take Super Energy potions . You can make it through a good number of laps, starting from 100% energy, and then you can just wait until you run out and drink a full potion. Taking 10 potions will last a few hours of non-stop running. Also, taking a few Summer Pies would be ideal, as not only do they heal you for 110 per bite (2 bites), they boost your Agility level by +5, and recover 10% of your run energy (per bite). They also weigh nothing, whereas cakes can bring you up a couple kilograms. It is not much, but it could help you stay there longer.

It is necessary to have the Ring of Charos to be used to access the werewolf agility training arena. (Note: The unactivated version will grant this as well.) At about level 72 Agility, players will fail the deathslide so infrequently that food is no longer necessary.

Note: Keep an empty inventory space as you are required to carry a stick midway to receive the additional bonus. The trainer will not accept the stick if you have the ring of Charos off your hand.

Level 70-80 (or 85)

Part of the agility course at Ape Atoll The Ape Atoll Agility Course becomes impossible to fail at 75 Agility. Around level 70 it provides experience comparable to the Werewolf course, although it is reasonable to use either the Wilderness or Werewolf courses until 75 instead of switching to Ape Atoll at 70. The fastest possible lap at the Ape Atoll course is 38.2 seconds, so Ape Atoll maxes at about 54.9k XP per hour without the Penance master horn (therefore, it is possible to get up to 109.8K XP per hour with the horn, the time spent filling the horn not included). It is extremely difficult to complete perfect laps for a long period of time, however. Players' real average rates typically range from 40k to 45k XP per hour. But now with the new auras you can complete perfect laps for up to 20 minutes. To get to Ape Atoll easily, use Teleport to Ape Atoll or the fairy ring code C-L-R after completing Fairytale III up to the point of collecting a mango. A small ninja greegree will be required for this method, however, as a large one will not let you fit through the log.

If you don't have level 75 Agility upon entering Ape Atoll, make sure to take a knife as there is a pineapple right near the end of the course which you can pick and slice to eat if your LP happens to fall too much. In addition, bringing a Cornucopia can help to save inventory space by allowing you to put seven pineapple slices into it.

You could also bring an Enhanced Excalibur, but watch out for the monsters on Ape Atoll as they will become aggressive when you unequip your Greegree. It is advised the Enhanced Excalibur Special attack is used on top of the tree, just before the monkey bars, as there are no monsters there to attack you. You could also use it after climbing up the hollow log, but that requires Fairytale III.

While you are training, have your camera view looking south. By doing this, you can move from obstacle to obstacle more quickly by clicking on the minimap.

Remember that, even in monkey form, all your weight reducing items still work so do not forget to bring them along as they save run energy.

Warning: If you are changing to human form for any reason at all, you have to be careful where you do it as everything in Ape Atoll is aggressive and almost everything can hit over 100 and poison you. Bring an Antipoison potion. In addition, attempting to complete the course in human form will cause you to fall and end up in the jail.

Level 80-85

A player using the cable swing in the Dorgesh-Kaan agility course.The Dorgesh-Kaan agility course is the fastest agility xp between 80 - 85 agility (excluding completing the wilderness course with brawling gloves), although Ape Atoll can be nearly as fast without a Penance horn, with a Penance horn, it is recommended to do Ape Atoll to 85.

On 22 June 2009, Extended Agility courses were released. To avoid making Dorgesh-Kaan or the one or both of the new extended courses redundant, the Dorgesh-Kaan course was rebalanced to be more generous in regards to success/failing obstacles, but also give less experience per lap. This made the Dorgesh-Kaan course the fastest way to train only from 80 - 85 Agility, while it used to be fastest all the way to 99 and beyond.

Each lap gives 2375 xp and the fastest possible lap is about 2 minutes 30 seconds. Unlike Ape Atoll, Dorgesh-Kaan can always be failed, but the maximum xp per hour of Dorgesh-Kaan is 2k more than the maximum xp per hour of Ape Atoll. This is not very much, but it is also easier to get close to maximum speed at Dorgesh-Kaan than at Ape Atoll. Each failure is equivalent to losing to half a lap (1375 xp) on average, but it is rare to fail more than a couple times in one hour. Nevertheless, Ape Atoll would still be a great option for these levels for those who prefer it.

No food is needed at Dorgesh-Kaan despite the failures given the fact that the falls are so far apart that your LP has time to recover, and the course requires about the same number of super energy potions to gain a given amount of agility xp that Ape Atoll does. In fact, no energy potions are needed at all, thanks to the June 9, 2009 update. The Dorgesh-kaan course is also much longer than the Ape Atoll course and therefore fewer repeated actions are required to gain a given amount of agility xp.

To easily remember the item that Turgall assigns you to get, you can set your Assist option to On (power box), Friends (lever), or Off (cog). You could also type the letter that the assigned item begins with and say it on public chat(or clan chat for shy people),or use the spanner trick which consists of putting your spanner in your first(power box), second(lever), or third(cog) inventory space. Another method is to "view" public chat for powerbox, private for lever, and clan for cog. This may only work in RuneScape High detail mode. Also, after the May 27, 2009 update to the spam filter, if you set the "game" option to "filter," whatever Turgall most recently asked you to retrieve will remain in your chat box, although you won't be able to see this during the actual selection of the object.

Energy potions shouldn't be needed at all here. But if you are, then you have to bank and there are several options to do so.
■ The fastest way to bank is to teleport to Edgeville bank using an Amulet of glory, banking, then teleporting back to a location north of the course by breaking a Dorgesh-kaan sphere. Bandos throne room spheres may also be used, but are slightly slower than Dorgesh-Kaan spheres on average.
■ Alternatively and slightly slower, you could bank at Edgeville but get back to the course using the fairy ring code AJQ.
■ A third method is to use the fairy ring both ways and bank at Zanaris. Either of the methods that use the fairy ring require that you carry a Dramen staff or Lunar staff (unless fairytale III has been completed), which may make you slightly heavier, but this may not matter if you are still 0 kg or below carrying it.
■ A fourth method to bank in the city of Dorgesh-Kaan. Just exit the course and go north until you reach the bank in the northwest part of the city. Optionally, breaking a Dorgesh-kaan sphere teleports you to a random location within Dorgesh-Kaan, and being weightless and stackable they may be a considerable help for this method of banking.

Level 85-90

Part of the Extended Gnome agility course.At this point it is a good idea to switch to the Advanced Gnome Stronghold course as it can give up to around 60,000 agility experience per hour, making it the best place for this level. It is also a good idea to come here early at level 81 and eat summer pies every 1-2 laps (for the +5 Agility level boost).

For this course you will not need any energy potions, because by the time you complete one lap your run energy will have restored itself as the course itself is quite short. Unlike Ape Atoll Agility Course you do not need to have completed a quest to get here and you can perform the course as a human.

Like all courses it is a wise idea to bring equipment which will lower weight such as the spottier cape, boots of lightness and penance gloves. Although you can fail one obstacle, it will only hit a small amount of damage (20-70) depending on your Life Points left. Failing the obstacle does not cause you to have to repeat anything, and the lap XP is the full amount, but a few seconds are wasted failing the obstacle. You can use a Summer pie or Agility potion to climb to the upper level of the tree where this extension is. It is possible to complete at least one lap for every point of agility boost that drains back to a normal level. With level 89 Agility you will have 100% success with every obstacle. Also, with level 88 Agility, failure significantly decreases. Thus, it is wise to use summer pies from levels 85-88.

By doing this course 250 times without failing (not consecutive), you will be able to claim the Agile legs (lowers weight by 10 kg). Note that this many perfect laps is possible within one level even if you start the course at level 80 with summer pies.

Some techniques help to make each lap faster. As usual watch for the change from the animation of doing an obstacle to the moment when your character is almost standing straight up again. At this point, in general, clicking the next obstacle is best, but in some cases clicking a spot near the obstacle then clicking the obstacle can be very slightly faster. If you click the first branch obstacle while you are still doing the animation from climbing the net, you can climb the branch slightly faster.

Level 90-99

The catapult in the Extended Barbarian agility course.At this point you can either stay at the Advanced Gnome Stronghold agility course or begin training at the Advanced Barbarian Outpost agility course. There is much discussion over whether the barbarian course is a bit faster or slower than the gnome course. What is certain is that climbing the wall to the advanced part of the course requires level 90 agility, and the only obstacles that can be failed are the basic course log balance and the advanced course plank walk. The plank walk fail takes less time than failing at the Gnome course, but requires you to repeat that obstacle. However, at level 93+ all obstacles on the advanced course have a 100% success rate.

By doing this course 250 times without failing (not consecutive), you will be able to claim the Agile top (lowers weight by 12 kg). Note that this many perfect laps is possible within one level even if you start the course at level 85 with summer pies.

Some techniques help to make each lap faster. As usual watch for the change from the animation of doing an obstacle to the moment when your character is almost standing straight up again. At this point, in general, clicking the next obstacle is best, but in some cases clicking a spot near the obstacle then clicking the obstacle can be faster. This is particularly true when running to the catapult before being launched. After being launched from the catapult you can click the plank and then the hot spot to jump across the gap without delay. It may be that failure to execute these three maneuvers quickly is what makes some people believe this course is slower. The maximum possible experience rate is roughly 72k per hour if the fastest lap is done constantly. It is around 65k per hour if only clicking the obstacles.


Training Agility can become very boring during the higher levels. Ways to keep you entertained are:
■ Make a mental game with yourself to get the fastest exp possible and the least game ticks.
■ Listen to music while you train. Listening to fast music encourages you do a lap faster than listening to slow music.
■ Talk with some friends, or find an open clan/friends chat for you to talk in.
■ Try training with a group of people. Make it a target that you stay in front of a certain person.
■ When you train with a group of people or with friends, do some agility races to see who can lap the other person first. This method and listening to music is the best way so far to not get bored going in circles for a long time.
■ When you reach level 93, both the Extended Gnome and Barbarian course give similar amounts of experience. A good idea is to try switching between the courses each level for a bit of variety. This may help the more boredom-prone trainer, but for the users seeking maximum experience, the Extended Barbarian Course is a slightly faster method of training.
■ Listening to audiobooks might be a good replacement of watching movies in AFKable skills.
■ Although talking to other people and listening to music may slow you down, it helps to keep you relaxed and makes it feel easier to train. Try to take breaks occasionally as Agility training requires a lot of attention.
■ A good way to save time and effort is to try to keep your screen in one place. Continuously moving the camera around for each obstacle can slow down laps due to the reduced accuracy of clicks. Try experimenting each camera angle to suit your liking. In the long run, this simple method of planning can save a lot of time.
■ A good source of Agility experience is Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza, which is a Distraction and Diversion where depending on how well you do you can get around 10,000 exp. This can only be done once a week however and its location changes every week. In order to find it just go to almost any bank and talk to a "Circus Barker". You can also get Ranged and Magic experience.

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PostSubject: Re: Agility    Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:46 am

This guide states the best xp rates at each level, regardless of requirements.
All xp rates and time are average and can be higher or lower depending on failing and focus.

Level 1 - 15 Gnome Stronghold
Required XP: 4211
Lap XP: 86.5
Laps: 28
Time: 16 min
XP/hr: 9k

Level 15 - 25 Edgville Dungeon Monkeybars
Required XP: 5431
Lap XP: 20
Laps: 272
Time: 30 min
XP/hr: 12k

Level 25 - 40 Werewolf Skullball
Required XP: 29,382
Lap XP: 750
Laps: 40
Time: 100 min
XP/hr: 15-25k

Level 40 - 50 Agility Pyramid
Required XP: 64,109
Lap XP: 1014
Laps: 64
Time: 3.2 hrs
XP/hr: 18-26k

Level 50 - 60 Wilderness (Agility pot until 52)
Required XP: 172,409
Lap XP: 571.5
Laps: 302
Time: 4.3 hrs
XP/hr: 40k-45k

Level 60 - 70 Werewolf Course
Required XP: 463,885
Lap XP: 540
Laps: 860
Time: 10.8 hrs
XP/hr: 40-50k

Level 70 - 81 Ape Atoll
Required XP: 1,455,191
Lap XP: 580
Laps: 2509
Time: 28 hrs
XP/hr: 45-54k

Level 81-93 Gnome Stronghold Advanced (Summer pie/agility pot until 85)
Required XP: 5,002,811
Lap XP: 725
Laps: 6901
Time: 76.6 hrs
XP/hr: 60-69k

Level 93 - 99 Barbarian Outpost Advanced
Required XP: 5,838,802
Lap XP: 740.7
Laps: 7883
Time: 87.5 hrs
XP/hr: 64-72k

Total XP: 13,034,431
Total Time: 212.8 hrs

Quests that give Agility XP:
* 1,000 - Recruitment Drive
* 2,000 - Legacy of Seergaze
* 2,000 - Defender of Varrock
* 2,812 - The Fremennik Trials
* 3,000 - Underground Pass
* 3,000 - Land of the Goblins
* 4,000 - Icthlarin's Little Helper
* 5,000 - Cold War
* 5,000 - Kennith's Concerns
* 5,000 - Royal Trouble
* 6,000 - Grim Tales
* 7,000 - Cabin Fever
* 7,000 - Darkness of Hallowvale
* 7,900 - The Grand Tree
* 8,000 - Troll Romance
* 9,000 - The Curse of Arrav
* 10,000 - Myths of the White Lands (you must have at least 55 Agility to claim this optional reward)
* 10,000 - Recipe for Disaster
* 13,750 - Regicide
* 15,000 - Back to my Roots
* 20,000 - Mourning's Ends Part II
* 20,000 - The Chosen Commander
* 25,000 - Rocking Out
* 35,000 - Within the Light
* 60,000 - The Prisoner of Glouphrie

Spirit terrorbirds scroll Tireless Run will boost agility by 2
Abyssal lurkers scroll Abyssal Stealth will boost agility by 4
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