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 GWD - Need a Nex Team!

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PostSubject: GWD - Need a Nex Team!    Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:27 am

(level: 1001)

Currently the most powerful monster of Runescape.

Main boss prayer style phases: Magic , Range , Magic , Magic , final phase Magic/Melee
In every phase she melee's as well.

Spamming the thread with duplicate posts serves no useful purpose, is unfair on other players, and is likely to result in the removal of your posting privileges.

The needed Kill count: None / 40 without set.

Five phases and followers.
(Smoke magic) - Fumus (level: 285)
(Shadow range) - Umbra (level: 285)
(Blood magic) - Cruor (level: 285)
(Ice magic) - Glacies (level: 285)
(Magic & melee) - The final phase Nex gone berserker (4/5th of constitution left).

Best range team crossbows.
● Chaotic crossbow
● Armadyl crossbow
● Royal crossbow

Crossbow bolts Options.
● Diamond bolts (e)
● Ruby bolts (e)
● Royal bolts

Melee weapon Options.
● Armadyl Godsword
● Dragon claws

Nex thread guide: click here.
New click here on Godwars dungeon information.

There is a couple templates, below to use if you wish to use, and if you've change your mind here is a quick link list below for the other commanders:

Armadyl Team
Bandos Team
Zamorak Team

Looking for a Team Member:
Date and Time:
Location and World:
Preferred Combat Type:
Additional Requirements/Information:


Looking for a “Nex” Team:
Date and Time:
Location and World:
My range level is:
My combat level is:
Additional Requirements/Information:

Top drops:

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Language : English

PostSubject: Re: GWD - Need a Nex Team!    Wed Sep 26, 2012 4:10 am

Nex 5-6 Coinshare

FRIEND CHAT: Fivekills

Chaotic Crossbow
Yak + Uni
Ruby bolts (e) & Diamond bolts (e)
Dragon claws + Cape + helm
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GWD - Need a Nex Team!
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