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PostSubject: Construction   Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:11 pm

Construction is not done it's under board work at this time!

Take note construction can be Very Repetitive.

How to the starting construction skill:
Speak with a Estate agent in one of the following portal locations below:

There is six house portal locations

The estate agent will allow you to move house locations or redecorate with a coin price for both. Moving locations required cerain construction levels.

Moving house locations:
Rimmington, Taverley, Pollnivneach, Rellekka, Brimhaven, Yanille.

Can you move my house please?
- Rimmington (2,500)
- Taverley (2,500)
- Polinivneach (3,750)
- Rellella (5,000)
- Brimhaven (7,500)
- Yanille (12,500)

Can you redecorate my house please?
- Basic wood (2,500).
- Basic stone (2,500).
- Whitewashed stone (3,750).
- Fremennik-style wood (5,00).
- Tropical wood (7500).
- Fancy stone (12,500).
- Zenevivia's dark stone (Free).

The servants' guild in in Ardougne. You will have to pay wages when you hire.
"Chief Servant", Is head of Ardougne domestic service agency!

Warning message
You must have two bedroom in the house to hire a assistant to help you!

Servants you can hire:
- Royal Guard
- Rick
- Butler
- Cook
- Maid
- Demoned Butler

What can a Servant do?
Servant's can take items from bank from a pick list when you speak to them inside your house and each one has its own style of helping they all can bank any items you have on you by clicking use on the items and clicking on your servant if you have room inside your bank box. Servant's can also, greet gusts and serve food and drinks. (Servant's can be more helpful the your higher construction level is gain to unlock theme as they require a curtain level to be hired at the servants' guild in in Ardougne).

Couple fast house teleports ways:
Though the magic book and House tablets.

How to enter building mode:

One of the house portal images:

1. Click on house portal than "Go to your house (building mode)."
2. Inside house tabe: Options , House , Building Mode : On.

Starting building mode:
When building your house up, you will have a one portal to enter and exit house. Portal can not be removed until another is built.

Ghost room build:

[Photo here]

Room build list:

Building mode room types:

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Language : English

PostSubject: Re: Construction   Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:41 pm

* Other items
Crystal Saw - Obtained from the quest The Eyes of Glouphrie. +3
Spicy stew - Made by adding 1-3 doses of orange spice to stew. -6 to +6

Tea cups
Clay +1
Porcelain white +2
Porcelain white with gold trim +3

Oak is cheap and very good for construction experience
while leveling in this skill.

Oak Larders - 33-74 - Good when making construction levels
Oak doors - 74-99

INFORMATION on Construction
- Higher Construction level you get a little bounes life-points are added.
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