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How to make fires

A lit fire burning. To make a fire, players need any log and a Tinderbox. Or, they may use a bow (barbarian training required), a Pyrelord (requiring 46 Summoning), a Forge Regent (requiring 76 Summoning), or a dwarven army axe (members) which is a multipurpose tool.

Logs may be obtained by cutting trees, or bought from the Grand Exchange. All bows can be used except Ogre bow, Ogre comp bow, Dark bow, and Crystal bow after Barbarian Training. A tinderbox can be bought in the general store, such as those in Varrock, Falador and Lumbridge, for 1 coin. They can also be taken for free from one of these general stores.

There are four ways of lighting a log.

■Use a tinderbox with the log. When a player does this, they will automatically drop their log and light it with their tinderbox.
■Drop the log, then right click the log and select the 'light log' option.
■Drop the log, then use the tinderbox with the log. This way is almost never used, but it is still available.
■Using a bow on the log after the log will automatically drop and create a fire.

After a player lights a fire, they will automatically walk one step to the west if there is room there, otherwise they will take one step east. If both ways are blocked, the player will go south. If all three ways are blocked, the player will go north.

It is advised to have a clear path to the west so that players can go on burning logs without having disruptions. This would enable players to perform "power lighting" or "power firemaking". After players start one fire and have a clear path to the west for more fires, they can quickly light the next fire. When in the process of making one fire, players should get ready to start the next as soon they have finished lighting the first fire. The chat box will say "The fire catches and the logs begin to burn." instead of "You attempt to light the logs."

A fire cannot be lit just anywhere. Fires cannot be made on top of other fires, inside some buildings, or on top of certain ground features, such as on top of plants and ferns, right next to growing vines on the wall, inside banks and in doorways. Fires cannot be lit in front of a closed door (except in Draynor), but can be lit in front of an open door. Fires also can be lit as close as 2 squares next to the desk in the Grand Exchange.


Players need certain Firemaking levels to burn different types of logs, as shown in the table below. When a log is lit, it will stay on fire for a short while. How long a fire stays lit is always random, therefore Yew logs do not necessarily burn longer than a normal log, for example. A higher Firemaking level does not make fires last longer, either.

Firemaking 3311

Pyre logs

Members have an alternate method to increase their Firemaking level by burning pyre logs.

To make pyre logs, players need some sacred oil. Sacred oil is made during the Shades of Mort'ton quest. To create sacred oil, players need to purchase olive oil from Razmire Keelgan in Mort'ton and rebuild and restore the temple which was in the Shades of Mort'ton Quest. Olive oil can be bought once the temple is built and players can light the fire in the centre of the temple and use the olive oil on the fire. The olive oil will then become sacred oil.

Next, a log of any kind is needed. Once a player has a log and sacred oil, they can then use the sacred oil with the log, which will turn it into a pyre log. Players can then light the pyre logs on the funeral pyres to the eastside of Mort'ton. However, players also need to have Shade remains, the remains from dead shades. The funeral pyres are the only place where pyre logs can be ignited. Burning pyre logs will also help players obtain a key to a chest which contains fine cloth, used to create Splitbark armour.

After completing the Legacy of Seergaze quest, players will also be able to burn Vyrewatch remains in the Paterdomus Columbarium using pyre logs. Vyrewatch corpses can only be burnt using teak pyre logs or better.

Firemaking 3312

Firemaking Barbarian-firemaking

Barbarian Firemaking

A player making fires with a Bow.Barbarian Firemaking is part of the Barbarian training that starts by talking to Otto Godblessed close to Barbarian Outpost. A player must have a firemaking level of at least 35 in order to burn the oak log that is required for the firemaking portion of Barbarian training.

There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Firemaking: Lighting fires with a bow and lighting pyre ships.

Bow firemaking

Barbarian firemaking works by using any type of bow in the inventory on a log (except for Crystal, Ogre, and Dark Bows).

Sacred clay bows can be used to light a fire but do not get any extra experience.

Bow firemaking requires a higher firemaking than normal in order to light the same type of log as with a tinderbox yet gives no additional firemaking experience.

There are no inherent advantages to using a bow instead of a tinderbox other than perhaps convenience; no need to carry a tinderbox.

Interestingly, if a player has a bow wielded, and chooses to select the option "Light logs" from the inventory, the fire would not be made.

Pyre ships

Warning: This activity is dangerous; the player can die and lose items.

Items needed:
■Tinderbox or Bow
■Hatchet to carve the pyre ship
■Chewed bones (preferably) or mangled bones.
If using mangled bones bring armour, weapons, and food as a level 166 Barbarian Spirit will attack. The protect from melee prayer is also helpful.

This activity requires both firemaking and crafting levels of at least 11 to begin. Chewed and mangled bones are acquired in the Ancient Cavern which is a very high risk area. Use the required items on one of the burnt spaces (pyre site) just north of Otto's Grotto to make a pyreship. Burning a pyreship will grant the player a prayer bonus of up to 300%, depending on the logs used, the next time the player buries bones.

See Barbarian Pyreship making for more details.

Firemaking 3313
Torches, candles and lanterns

Members can light lanterns to see in dimly lit underground dungeons. No experience is received when lighting a lantern. Some lanterns require glass, which can be made by using the crafting skill. There is a shop in Dorgesh-Kaan which sell lanterns and other Firemaking equipment. There is also a Candle Shop in Catherby where you can buy candles.

Firemaking 3314

Main article: Balloon Transport System

Firemaking can also be of use in a method of transportation. By having completed the Enlightened Journey quest and having a certain amount of logs a player may travel to the following places:

Firemaking 3315

Haunted Woods Torches

A torch found in the Haunted Woods. Haunted Woods Torches were added in the Woodcutting Rebalance update of 23 September 2009. Torches are scattered around the Haunted Woods which can be lit when you have 47 Firemaking with a piece of bark in the player's inventory (from the hollow trees in the area) to restore a total of 10 Prayer Points. Jagex states that this is useful if you are being "swamped" by vampires. Lighting one gives 100 experience to Firemaking, and Flame gloves and the Ring of fire apply. While wearing both, the experience received is raised to 105 experience per torch. If one is planning to be in the Haunted Woods for a prolonged amount of time, and are planning to use prayer, these may be utilised by bringing along a hatchet to cut the bark, and a tinderbox to light the torch. This is useful for Vampire slayer tasks.


Many players believe that the Firemaking skill is most useful in activities, especially the Shades of Mort'ton activity, and barbarian training where players can burn pyre ships and have a chance of receiving the valuable dragon full helmet.

Barbarian Assault
Main article: Barbarian Assault

You may receive a Penance horn or Penance master horn which when you choose to get the experience reward instead of the normal honour points. As a result from wielding it while lighting a fire you will get 2x the normal XP (this also goes to Mining and Agility).

Blast Furnace

Main article: Blast Furnace

Distractions and Diversions

Main article: Distractions and Diversions

Evil Tree

Main article: Evil Tree

Phoenix Lair

Main article: Phoenix Lair

Trouble Brewing

Main article: Trouble Brewing

Shades of Mort'ton

Main article: Shades of Mort'ton (activity)

All Fired Up

Main article: All Fired Up (activity)
■ King Roald III will reward players according to the number of beacons simultaneously lit.

Firemaking 3316

Note: Level indicated is minimum Firemaking level required; additional requirements may be needed (see the main article or Beacon Network for details).

Quest Rewards

A number of quests grant firemaking experience as a reward when completed:
■500 - Fur 'n' Seek
■1,500 - The Giant Dwarf
■1,575 - Heroes Quest
■4,000 - Enlightened Journey
■5,500 - All Fired Up
■7,000 - Enakhra's Lament
■14,400 - In Pyre Need
■15,000 - As a First Resort...
■15,000 - Summer's End
■20,000 - The Void Stares Back
■30,000 - Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf

Total: 114,475 Experience.

Temporary boosts

■An orange spicy stew has a chance of boosting or lowering Firemaking by 1 to 6 (available as a result of the Evil Dave sub-quest for Recipe for Disaster.)
■A Pyrelord (Summoning level 46) can offer a +3 invisible Firemaking boost and also counts as a tinderbox with an additional 10 XP bonus to every log.
■A Forge Regent (Summoning level 76) counts as a tinderbox with an additional 10 XP bonus to every log, just like the aforementioned Pyrelord.
■A Lava titan (Summonning level 83) offers a +10 invisible Firemaking boost but does not give additional experience per log.

Firemaking 3317

Notes: The familiar's +10 XP bonus does not stack with the effect of the Penance horns; only the familiar's +10 XP bonus will be in effect. The effect of the Penance horns only stacks with the ring of fire and flame gloves. Also note that with Yew, Magic, or Cursed magic logs, the XP received when lighting a fire with the ring of fire and flame gloves together is greater than simply lighting a fire with the familiar's +10 XP bonus, as shown in bold in the above table.

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