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PostSubject: Runecrafting   Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:19 pm

Runecrafting is a skill that requires rune essences to craft an gain new unlocking crafting abilities, When doing the runecraft skill it does not add to combat levels at any point. Runecraft has been linked to Magic to gain experience and the skill itself that can cover rune cost with surtain magic staffs.  Without Runes for casting magic that yourself has crafted , Bought , Picked up off the ground. a player will not be able to cast above the normal free spells in magic that has been offered since EOC was released.

> RuneSpin
Note to myself talk about RuneSpin, when I have time and add more detail on next re-edit.

Free World Runes


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PostSubject: Re: Runecrafting   Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:06 am


level 01-14 Air
level 14-44 Fire
level 44-54 Nature
level 54-65 Law
Experience Per Hour : 22k
level 65-77 Death
Experience Per Hour : 24k
level 77-91 Blood
level 83-91 Astral Double
level 91-99 Nature Double

Zamorak Alter one of the fastest-ways to make experience in runecrafting.
Teleporting to Zamorak Alter (AKA) Ourania teleport level 71 lunar magic.

- Mud Staff
- Pure Essences
- Astral
- Laws

1. Run up to Prayer alter
2. Go Down ladder
3. Turn on Melee prayer an run up to runecrafting alter
4. Or if you dont mind the walk take safe route east path
5. Craft pure essence on alter than teleport to luner bank and do it all over.

Using dueling ring to teleport to castle-wars an using a Graahk to teleport and run to Nat Alter.

Spirit Graahk Runecrafting - Nature Runes:
Experience Per Hour is : 27k

(Quest Mourning End II Required)
Death Runes:
Experience Per Hour : 24k

Location - Abyss - Edgeville

* Small pouches can hold 3 extra rune essence
* Medium pouches can hold 6 extra rune essence
* Large pouches can hold 9 extra rune essence
* Giant pouches can hold 12 extra rune essence.


Tips & Information

Level 60 (Mining) and (Agility) make passing obstacles much faster.

Using 3 pouches is faster than using all 4 since you only need to bank twice to full up.
- Medium pouches
- Large pouches
- Giant pouches

- Mithril-pickaxe Wielding one can save time when you need to repair pouches.
- Wearing glory an dueling ring case you forgetting a teleport back to bank area.
- Level 89 summoning geyser titan can charge glory.
- If hero's Quest is done you can enter an re-charge your glory for free in fountain.
- Duel ring can help in case you don't have away to teleport back to bank fast.
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