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Flash Powder Factory Molnly10

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 Flash Powder Factory

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Flash Powder Factory Empty
PostSubject: Flash Powder Factory   Flash Powder Factory EmptyMon Aug 27, 2012 5:58 pm

Flash factory Introduction.

Word map location:
Flash Powder Factory Alien918

Mini-game start point:
Brian O'Richard.

You can stay in the factory for 15 minutes; until your catalyst runs out; or until you drop your equipment.

Flash Powder Factory Alien916

Bank Items if you have any on:
Emerald Benedict.

Flash Powder Factory Alien917

Map of mini-game area:

Flash Powder Factory Alien914

Inside Flash factory minigame

Flash Powder Factory Alien919

Player stolen crystals.

Flash Powder Factory Alien921

Call buttons
Only when the call button is blue not red like this photo below, this will allow you to open locked door areas.

Flash Powder Factory Alien920

Rewards shop screen:
You, may buy experience in agility or thieving with earned Flash factory points.

Flash Powder Factory Alien915

Helm - Improves your luck when searching rubble.
Body - Gives you tow minutes more in the factory per game.
Legs - Give you 50% more catalyst on starting a game.
Gloves - Enhanced your pickpocketing ability in the factory.
Boots - Improve you performance on obstacles in the factory.
Multitool - AH, nostaigia.
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Flash Powder Factory
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