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Big Chinchompa Molnly10

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 Big Chinchompa

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PostSubject: Big Chinchompa   Big Chinchompa EmptySun Nov 18, 2012 10:27 am

The Big Chinchompa

Big Chinchompa Cat_314

Requirements: You must be a member.

No level is required, but capturing better moths requires a range of increasing Hunter levels.
Some private hunting grounds are only available to those who have started the quest Regicide.

Big Chinchompa Alien938

Hunter just got huge - members of all levels can now hunt plutonial chinchompas in an all-new co-operative D&D, with rewards including access to private hunting spots, skilling ingredients and a wieldable cosmetic item.

Nyriki Tapio is a gnome on a mission to hunt the biggest of game - plutonial chinchompas! These rare beasts exist in isolated habitats, and have just one weakness: food!

Nyriki will show up periodically at hunting spots across Gielinor and ask for your help in capturing one of these ravenous rodents. Once you've met him, he'll take you to the chinchompa's lair. When inside, you'll need to capture soporith moths - the chinchompa's food of choice - and feed them to the chinchompa in its nest. Once its belly's full and its cheeks can hold no more, the beast will fall into a slumber, and victory will be yours!

You'll get XP for feeding moths to the chinchompa - which are found flying around the cave, in shaking branches covered in pupae, and attracted by brandishing one of the protea flowers native to the chinchompa's habitat - as well as an increase in your score. Higher-level moths yield greater rewards, so be sure to grab the best ones that you can.

The game ends after 20 minutes, or when the chinchompa falls asleep. When you leave, you'll be awarded competence points, which can be spent on rewards at Mieliki's store in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. If you leave before the game ends, however, you can still visit Mieliki's store to trade in your current point total.

Best among these rewards are tickets, each granting you a catch at the Tapios' private hunting grounds. Grenwalls, pawyas and polar kebbits (a high-level version, needing box traps) are all yours for the hunting. You can even invite your friends, using a communications device within the hunting grounds. Other rewards include snape grass, flax, swamp toads, and a cosmetic protea flower, wieldable outside the D&D.

Nyriki can't do it without you, so let the fur fly!

Start Location.
Big Chinchompa Untitl19

How to Start
Find Nyriki at hunting spots around the world, or speak to Mieliki in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
There is a total of 6 portals in the area that has a three portals a day limit with Nyriki's portal that is orange and a supplies crate, holds (4 driftwood , 5 rope , 5 small fishing nets , 5 box trap , 2 knife). Has a hunter icon on the top of the crate. The crate is in the area so you may enter Nyriki's teleport & hunt until D&D minigame starts.

Pawya , Nyriki's , Polar kebbit , Grenwall , Swamp lizard , Carnivorous chinchompa

Big Chinchompa Forum_12

Collection Jar
You, may gain one Jar out of the bag by clicking. Once you've entered the mingame area. Jar hold up to 15 moths.

Big Chinchompa 32x32-11

Minigame collection Screen

Big Chinchompa Alien939

Protea flower
You, may gain a protea inside the minigame area or you buy the protea for 1 point inside the rewards shop.

Big Chinchompa Treasu11

Closer look at protea

Big Chinchompa Alien935

Protea flower wearing, allows a player to catch more moths in the shaking branches when moving around the area.

Big Chinchompa 32x32-10

The Big Chinchompa take down

Big Chinchompa Cat_314

When the collection Screen bar on the side hits max is when the big chinchompa is put to sleep, once the big chinchompa is put to sleep you, will have to wait until the next game starts again every 40 minutes.

End Game Screen
Catching moths add points to your end score.

Big Chinchompa Alien940

Every time you've caught a creature in the private hunt grounds you use up a ticket.

Swamp lizard quota ticket level 29 hunter is required to catch this creature. 4 points
Carnivorous chinchopmpa quote ticket : level 63 hunter is required to catch this creature. 6 points
Pawya quota ticket : level 66 hunter is required to catch this creature 8 points.
Polar kebbit quota ticket : level 70 hunter is required to catch this creature. 15 points
Grenwall quota ticket : level 77 hunter is required to catch this creature. 10 points

Protea flower 1 point.
Swamp toad 24 points.
Flax 2 points.
Swamp tar 8 points.
Hunter XP 1 point.

Big Chinchompa Alien936

8/28/2012 by Fivekills.
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Big Chinchompa
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