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Cryptic Clue Fest III Molnly10

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 Cryptic Clue Fest III

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Cryptic Clue Fest III Empty
PostSubject: Cryptic Clue Fest III   Cryptic Clue Fest III EmptyWed Aug 29, 2012 10:17 pm

Cryptic Clue Fest III

Cryptic Clue Fest III Untitl23

The NPCs will take the items from you and you won't get them back.
Fully Activted Portal Photo.

Clue 1
The items need to be brought to Avalani in the western part of the Clan Camp.

The cabbages CAN be used from the cabbage field when you cabbage-port or just walk there, but not the cabbage at Draynor Manor.
All items are close to Avalani. Onions and cabbages are in the garden south of Clan Camp and the Cow hides can be picked up from the cow pen at the crafting guild just west of clan camp

Clue 2
As the vision shows, the items need to be brought to Murky Matt (runes), in the south-eastern part of the Grand Exchange.

The items needed to bring are: 2 pieces of Bread , 5 cooked Anchovies and 1 Garlic . The answers to the crossword puzzle are:

Clue 3
You need to speak with Wizard Mizgog on the top floor of the Wizards' Tower. Afterwards, visit Avalani again.

Bring EXACTLY 7 water runes, 4 fire runes, and 6 body runes.

Clue 4
Take the items to the Gem trader in Al Kharid and then speak to Avalani again.

Bring 3 ropes, 4 leather gloves, 4 logs, and 2 mind runes to the Gem trader in Al-Kharid.

Clue 5
Talk to Barnabus Hurma in the Varrock museum then go back to Avalani at Clan Camp.

14 Air Runes (from issue 1)
2 Iron Pickaxes (from issue 7)
3 Empty Beer Glasses (from issue 24)
7 Knives (from issue 18)

Clue 6
Bring the items to Sir Vyvin in Falador (east side of the White Knight castle on the second floor) and return to Avalani for your rewards.

1 Wooden Shield, 6 Bronze Swords, 2 Goblin Mails (BROWN ONLY, any dyed mails WILL NOT work.)

After finishing all clues and talking to Avalani, you will get
Cryptic Clue Fest III Untitl24

You can also claim the rewards from Cryptic Clue Fest I and II by talking to Roddeck You will get the Investigator's outfit from him.
You can also get a Magnifying glass from Diango after talking to Roddeck.

Cryptic Clue Fest III Untitl25

If you lose any of those items they can be re-obtained by speaking to Diango.
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Cryptic Clue Fest III
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