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 Beacon system

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PostSubject: Beacon system   Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:18 pm

Beacon system

Ring & gloves.

Items: Boots of Lightness, Spottier cape, Games Necklace ( 8 ), Combat Bracelet ( 4 ), Amulet of Glory ( 4 ), Goblin Village Spears (around 5), Runes for Varrok, Fallador, and Trollheim teles, Knife(slash threw web for mage bank), Terror Bird pouch and 20 scrolls, 100 Magic Logs, 180 Yew logs, Summer pie( if you don't have 64 agility, pie adds +5 to agility), Super Anti Potion, Prayer Potion, 2 Crafting Potions (for when you repair wind block on god wars beacon, always need 3 jute fibres and a needle), Good Food, and any other supplies like planks and bars you need for getting to all beacons.

1. Repair the ladders for the burthope beacons, and the 2 wildy beacons before you think about doing anything. Then repair the GWD Wind-blocker with 3 jute fibres and a needle. You will need crafting pots because your crafting skill will keep decreasing as you are in the area that decreases all of your skills, so make sure its above 60.

2. Time to fill the first 5 beacons with you magic logs. These Beacons are: Burthope, Trollheim, GWD, then the 2 wildy beacons you need to repair the ladders for.

3. After this fill the rest of the beacons with yew logs. For the Frozen Waste Plateau beacon, you can use mage bank as a shortcut to tele out of wilderness quicker. Also while in wilderness, if rev comes after you, you can use zammy alter to trap them, or hide in wilderness agility course.

4. Prepare yourself with food, your terrorbird and scrolls, summer pie(optional), anti pots, goblin village sphere, glory, games necklace, and cb bracelet. Bring a super restore pot for after GWD beacon if you think you will need and and also some energy pots increase you need them badly. Also a Knife.

Lighting beacons. Order:

A. Tele to Burthope with games necklace.
B. Light Burthope Beacon.
C. Tele to trollheim.
D. Light Trollheim beacon(might need summer pie)
E. run to GWD Beacon and Light.
F. Use Combat Bracelet to tele to Monastery.
G. Run to Western Edge of Wildy, then run north
lighting the 3 remainder wildy beacons.
(2 that you repaired ladder for and Frozen waste)
H. Run to mage bank using your knife to slash threw the
I. Use Goblin Village Sphere and light that beacon.
J. Use Combat bracelet again to tele to monestary and
light Black Nights Fortress Beacon.
K. Use Ammy of Glory to tele to edge ville and light
that beacon.
L. Run east until you cross river, then go across wildy
M. Run east while still in wildy lighting the 3 beacons
that are north of varrok.
N. Cross wildy ditch after lighting 3rd beacon north of
of Varrok.
O. Run to the 2 beacons east of varrok. (do not tele to
Varrock it will take longer.)

You know you did it right when after you light the last beacon, it tells you to go get your reward from the King.
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Beacon system
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