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PostSubject: Hunter    Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:22 pm


Quests with hunter experience:
✘ Eagle's Peak
✘ Perils of Ice Mountain

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter    Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:03 am

Welcome to hunter

Where to start:
To start making levels you will need to head over to (Yanille) in the pet-shop area. There are two guys in a shop and one will make cross-bows and bolts and other will sell hunter equipment. You will need to buy (10) bird snares. Now you can head over to the hunting spot.

Bird catching:

Once a snare trap is set up a little pin at top of snare you will need to be watched, Once a bird lands and fly's off the snare the pin will drop to the ground making the snare unusable until the pin is reset. It can be a little hard to see the pin when this happens. If you catch a bird it will be hanging upside down on the snare. A bird will give [Bird meat , feathers]. Now you, just need to keep catching until you can move on. PLEASE NOTE: If your not the hunting level required to catch a bird the bird will land on the snare and fly off each time making you reset your snare over and over again and you will never catch any birds by doing this. Now hopefully your ready to go off and do hunter. Now hopefully we can welcome you to the RuneScape hunter pack! Smile




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PostSubject: Re: Hunter    Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:43 am

Player Tips & Information

Gear tips:
1. Set Lunar magic on in case logging out or having gear lost.  
2. Using a fur set of that valleys animal, by doing this it can make hunting go a little smoother.

Hunting tips:
1. Bring range to shoot Chinchompas who run away. (They will spawn back quicker).
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter    Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:05 pm

1 Snare: Crimson swift
1 Tracking: Polar kebbit
1 Bird snare settings
1 Noose wand
1 Red soporith moth
3 Tracking: Common kebbit
4 Feldip weasel fur clothing
5 Snare: Golden warbler
7 Tracking: Feldip weasel
9 Snare: Copper longtail
10 Seeping elm trap in Daemonheim
10 Desert devil fur clothing
10 Submastyx hide in Daemonheim
11 Snare: Cerulean twitch
13 Tracking: Desert Devil
13 Orange soporith moth
15 Ruby harvest butterfly
15 butterfly netting
17 Baby impling
17 Barehanded catching: Baby impling
19 Snare: Tropical wagtail
20 Blood spindle trap in Daemonheim
20 Lay up to 2 traps at a time
20 Paramastyx hide in Daemonheim
22 Barehanded catching: Young impling
22 Young impling
23 Set a deadfall trap
24 Deadfall: Wild kebbit
24 Lucky rabbit's foot
25 Sapphire glacialis butterfly
26 Yellow soporith moth
27 set a box trap
27 Giant eagle - Quest requirement: Eagles' Peak
27 Box trap: Gecko - requires: 10 Summoning
27 White rabbit - Quest requirement: Eagles' Peak
27 Box trap: Ferret - Quest requirement: Eagles' Peak
27 Set a rabbit snare
27 Box trap: Raccoon - requires: 80 Summoning
27 Box trap: Monkey - requires: 90 Summoning
28 Larupia fur clothing
28 Gorment impling
28 Barehanded catching: Gourment impling
29 Set a net trap
29 Net trap: Squirrel - requires: 60 Summoning
29 Net trap: Swamp lizard
30 Utuku trap in Daemonheim
30 Archaemastyx hide in Daemonheim
31 Set a pitfall trap
31 Pitfall trap: Spined larupia
33 Deadfall: Barb-tailed kebbit
35 Snowy knight butterfly
36 Barehanded catching: Earth impling
36 Earth impling
37 Deadfall: Prickly kebbit
38 Graahk-hide clothing
39 Use smoke to mask the scent on a trap
40 Snare: Wimpy bird - Quest requirement: As a First Resort
40 Green soporith moth
40 Lay up to 3 traps at a time
40 Spinebeam trap in Daemonheim
40 Dromomastyx hide in Daemonheim
40 Spotted capes
41 Pitfall trap: Horned graahk
42 Essence impling
42 Barehanded catching: Essence impling
43 Falconry: Spotted kebbit
43 Hunt with a falcon
44 Deadfall: Diseeased kebbit - Quest requirement: As a First Resort
45 Black Warlock butterfly
45 Tracking: Penguins - Quest requirement: Hunt for Red Raktuber
47 Net trap: Orange salamander
48 Box trap: Platypus - Quest requirement: As a First Resort
49 Tracking: Razor-backed kebbit
50 Net trap: Penguin - Quest requirement: Hunt for Red Raktuber
50 Bovistrangler trap in Daemonheim
50 Eclectic impling
50 Sacred clay butterfly net
50 Barehanded catching: Eclectic impling
50 Spinomastyx hide in Daemonheim
50 Volatile butterfly net
51 Deadfall: Penguins - Quest requirement: Hunt for Red Raktuber
51 Deadfall: Sabre-toothed kebbit
52 Blue soporith moth
52 Kyatt fur
53 Clothing
53 Box trap: Chinchompa
54 Spirit impling
54 Gloves of silence
54 Barehanded catching: Spirit impling
55 Pitfall trap: Sabre-toothed kyat
56 Box trap: Penguin - Quest requirement: Hunt for Red Raktuber
57 Falconry: Dark kebbit
58 Nature impling
58 Barehanded catching: Nature impling
59 Net trap: Red salamander
60 Galimastyx hide Daemonheim
60 Thigat trap in Daemonheim
60 Lay up to 4 traps at a time
63 Box trap: Red chinchompa
65 Barehanded catching: Magpie impling
65 Purple soporith moth
65 Magpie impling
66 Box trap: Pawya
66 Spottier capes
67 Net trap: Black salamander
69 Falconry: Dashing kebbit
70 Stegomastyx hide in Daemonheim
70 Box trap: Polar kebbit
70 Box trap (marasamaw): Common jadinko
70 Corpsethorn trap in Daemonheim
70 Witchdoctor clothing
70 Marasamaw plants in the Herblore Habitat
71 Magical imp box
71 Tracking: Shadow jadinko
71 Imp
72 Charm sprites
74 Ninja implin
74 Box trap (marasamaw): Igneous jadinko
74 Barehanded catching: Ninja impling
75 Box trap (Marasamaw): Cannibal jadinko
76 Barehanded catching: pirate impling - Quest requirement: Rocking Out
76 Pirate impling - Quest requirement: Rocking Out
76 Box trap (marasamaw): Aquatic jadinko
77 Box trap (marasamaw): Amphibious jadinko
77 Box trap: Grenwall
78 Box trap (marasamaw): Carrion jadinko
78 Grey soporith moth
78 Tracking: Diseased jadinko
78 Tracking: Camouflaged jadinko
80 Barehanded catching: Ruby harvest -  Requires 75 Agility
80 Lay up to 5 traps at a time
80 Entgallow trap in Daemonheim
80 Box trap (marasamaw): Draconic jadinko
80 Megamastyx hide in Daemonheim
81 Box trap (marasamaw): God jadinkos
83 Barehanded catching: Dragon impling
83 Dragon impling
85 Barehanded catching: Sapphire glacialis - Requires: 80 Agility
87 Barehanded catching: Zombie impling
87 Zombie impling
90 Tyrannomastyx hide in Daemonheim
90 Barehanded catching: Snowy knight - Requires: 85 Agility
90 Grave creeper trap in Daemonheim
91 Starved ancient effigy
91 Black soporith moth
91 Barehanded catching: Kingly impling
91 Kingly impling
93 Nourished ancient effigy
95 Barehanded catching: Black warlock - Requires: 90 Agility
97 Gorged ancient effigy
99 Skill mastery

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter    

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