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Quests with summoning experience:
- Wolf Whistle, by completing you are rewarded 4 levels in summoning from level 1.

Wolf Whistle acts as an introduction to the skill, even though it is not required to start the skill. It teaches players to infuse the essence of a variety of creatures into Summoning pouches, then summon these creatures, called familiars. Each familiar has a unique ability that requires a Summoning scroll, made from a corresponding pouch, to use. Summoning familiars and creating scrolls gives very little experience, so players must create pouches in order to gain experience effectively, and, even then, it is a slow skill to train. Although Summoning is a slow skill to train, it is one of the most useful skills, not only to help you last longer at bosses, but also to help in training certain skills like Hunter or Runecrafting.

The Summoning skill has the same procedure as Prayer in the way that Summoning points are drained when a familiar is summoned; Much like if a prayer was activated. If a familiar has a special ability, points are also drained when that ability is used. Like prayer points, summoning points do not automatically recharge, so they must be recharged at a Summoning Obelisk, Small Obelisk and by drinking a Summoning potion or a Super restore.

Benefits of summoning creature:

It has been revealed by Pikkupstix, when you reach Level 99 Summoning, that the place where your Familiars hail from has never been part of Gielinor, yet is nevertheless part of our lives every day. Familiarisation allows you to access this realm, known, as the Spirit Plane, for limited amounts of time, where you and a Familiar can hunt for raw shards. Other races than the druids, ogres, and now the humans, appear to possess some knowledge of Summoning; for instance, the Elf Warrior drops charms, hinting that the art is known to the Elven race as well.

Where to start
You will need to start a quest named Wolf Whistle. This skill can make money if you do it right! If you wish to go fast summoning might leave you bankrupted or spending allot of your gold.

There are four items you will need.
Ingredients are Required as part of the creation process of certain Summoning
✘ Pouches
✘ Shards
✘ Charms
✘ Ingredients

Getting your own Ingredients to make pouches can save you allot of money and give Experience but not all are worth the time to get yourself.

Trading Pouches for Shards
Go to Yanille and speak with Bogrog. Bogrog will be at the obelisk by the guarded gate of Gu'Tanoth. You can trade in your pouches for a shard return of 70%. Not all pouches are worth swapping some are sell-able at the Grand-Exchange and worth more. You should first calculate how much each pouch is worth on the Grand Exchange. Than Divide this amount by 25. If the value is less than the amount what Bogrog the Ogre offers you than should swap your pouches for shards.


Summoning familiars
Familiars are creatures that players may summon to help them with various tasks. The familiars have many different abilities, from boosting skills to aiding you in combat. All familiars have a special move which can be activated with Summoning scrolls. Only one familiar can be summoned at a time, and must be dismissed before another can be summoned.

In order to summon a familiar, players must use the "Summon" option on a Summoning pouch. Summoning familiars costs summoning points (similar again to Prayer points). While a familiar is out, summoning points will be slowly drained until they reach 0, again similar to prayer. The familiar does not disappear when the points reach 0, but any right-click abilities will be unavailable until the summoning points are recharged. Summoning points must be recharged at a Summoning Obelisk or by using Summoning potions or Super restore potions.

Players can talk to their familiars if they have at least 10 or more summoning levels above the required level to summon that familiar, (e.g. a spirit wolf can be understood at level 11) with some exceptions, such as minotaurs. Because the level cap at 99 and various other reasons, some familiars cannot be understood. (all summoning familars requiring level 90+ summoning)

The Spirit Wolf is considered the signature familiar as it is the icon for the Summoning skill.  

Special abilities

Each familiar has a different special ability that they are able to use. Some are accessed by talking, using the familiar's special button, right clicking a familiar for another option, or simply summoning them.

FighterThese familiars will fight alongside a player, and have combat levels similar to regular creatures. Until a recent update, a player had to be actively fighting and taking damage for his or her familiar to fight; but now it is possible to safespot with Ranged or Magic, and still have your familiar fight.
Light enhancerSome familiars can see well in the dark and will make any light source a player carries brighter.
Skill BoosterThese familiars can either temporarily raise your level in a given skill, or provide an 'invisible' boost that is always active. If that stat has already been raised by a potion the skill boost will not work. Note that invisible skills boosts do not allow the player to perform an activity above their level; they simply help the player in increasing the efficiency of their activity at their current level.
Remote viewThese familiars can fly into the air and allow the player to see through their eyes, giving the player the ability to see things much further away.
Beast of BurdenA beast of burden or BoB can carry a varying number of items. Certain familiars can only carry specific items, and only abyssal familiars can carry rune essence and pure essence. Beasts of burden will not carry items that have an individual value over 50k, but they will carry untradeable potions and flasks.
HealerThese familiars can heal a player's life points at a given rate. For example, the Bunyip heals a player 146 Life Points every 15 seconds.
ForagerA forager will find certain items from time to time, and can carry up to 30 of a specific type of item. Players are only able to withdraw items from these familiars, not deposit items in them.
TeleporterThese enable the summoner to teleport to a specific place when talked to. Examples are Spirit Kyatt and Arctic Bear.

It is possible for a Summoning pure/skiller to use summoned creatures to attack others without the risk of raising Constitution experience. For example, if the player had a Desert Wyrm summoned, he could use the Electric Lash scroll to deal damage without having to worry about gaining experience in Constitution.

Forbidden areas for familiars
There are certain places where you cannot summon familiars or bring them into:

◾ Falador Party Room.
◾ The Runespan.
◾ Tears of Guthix (Distraction and Diversion)
◾ Familiars can't be summoned at a big Summoning Obelisk, if already summoned can be brought.
◾ Familiars can't be summoned at the Nature Grotto in Mort Myre Swamp, if already summoned can be brought.
◾ You cannot bring a familiar into a Player Owned House in building mode.
◾ Many quest related locations.
◾ Entrana - The monks will not allow a familiar or scrolls on Entrana.
◾ Keldagrim and Dorgesh-Kaan stations.
◾ The Elemental Workshop.


◾ The Barrows minigame area.
◾ The Mage Training Arena.
◾ Pest Control - Familiars cannot enter the Void Knight boats.
◾ Barbarian Assault - Whilst playing, familiars are not allowed.
◾ Stealing Creation - Can summon Clay beings inside the minigame although.
◾ The Tzhaar Fight Caves.
◾ The Pit
◾ The Sawmill Training Area - Cannot bring in a Beaver for the +2 Woodcutting boost.
◾ Under Daemonheim - You can summon special familiars from the Gorajo tribes.

◾For most transportation methods, familiars will automatically follow you. Familiars, however, cannot be taken on some types of transportation, including:

◾ The Broomstick teleporting you to the Sorceress's Garden.
◾ The Dorgesh-Kaan - Keldagrim Train System.

◾ The Ancient Cavern pier entrance. You cannot jump off the pier if a familiar is summoned. Familiars are allowed inside the cavern itself, and players can summon them there or bring them with them when using the fairy ring network or teleporting to Kuradal using a Ferocious ring.

◾ Golrie's Strongroom.
◾ The Brimhaven Agility Dungeon.

Some areas are not actually forbidden, but the familiar 'returns to the spirit plane' while the player is there. When the player leaves the area, the familiar returns. These areas include:

◾ The Grand Exchange.
◾ Every spa at Oo'glog.
◾ The Varrock Museum.


Summoning pouches are used to summon familiars. The creation of a pouch is relatively simple: the pouch is infused with the essence of a creature, or familiar, at a Summoning Obelisk which can then be summoned using the pouch. Infusing pouches yields experience in summoning. A pouch is used up when a familiar is summoned, and it is not restored when the familiar is dismissed.

Note that certain types of noted pouches (bloated leech, bronze minotaur, and other high shard pouches) can be sold to the ogre Bogrog to get up to 1 shard per 20 gold coins of pouch value.

Summoning scrolls
Summoning scrolls are required to perform a familiar's special move. The special moves the scrolls can perform vary widely and are tied to the familiar. You must have the familiar summoned that the scrolls are tied to in order to use them. Using a scroll does not use any summoning points. Instead, it uses special move energy. You must have enough energy on the special energy bar to perform the action.

Scrolls are created by converting familiar pouches into scrolls at a Summoning obelisk. One pouch can be converted into 10 scrolls that are tied to the familiar the pouch was fused with.

Pets are animals that follow you all around RuneScape and are purely for decorative/entertainment purposes - with the exception of the broav, which plays a part in While Guthix Sleeps, the Saradomin owl and the Zamorak hawk, which both provide protection from respective factions in the God Wars Dungeon, and the platypus, which can be used to obtain caskets. They are very similar to pet cats, which can be obtained from the Gertrude's Cat quest. The differences are that you have to continue feeding your summoning pets after 100% growth, and pet cats require stroking to keep them from running away, whereas summoning pets do not.


◾ These items can only store Summoning scrolls that are used to attack.
◾ Combat scrolls stored in headdresses will automatically be used at random intervals when you attack with no cost to Special move points with your familiar summoned and when you are wearing the headdress.
◾ The scrolls stored in the headdress must match the familiar you have currently summoned for them to be used.
◾ The number of stored scrolls may be checked, by clicking on the "Commune" function of the headdress.
◾ By clicking "Uncharge" the scrolls will be taken out.
◾ The non-specific Summoning items (e.g. adamant full helm) can be enchanted by Pikkupstix, for free, to store Summoning scrolls if you meet requirements to do so.

Level To Enchant

Adamant full helm

Slayer helmet

Full slayer helmet

Snakeskin bandana

Splitbark helm

Rune full helm

Warrior helm

Berserker helm

Archer helm

Farseer helm

Helm of neitiznot

Dragon helm

Lunar helm

Armadyl helm

To have the item disenchanted, speak to Pikkupstix and he will remove the enchantment for free.

◾ The specific Summoning items (e.g. antlers, lizard skull, and feather headdress) are the only items that require the Summoning level to wear.
◾ People may use the scroll-storing ability to limit the amount of bank space used for having scrolls.


Summoning shops
There are Summoning shops in Taverley, Gu'Tanoth, and the Nature Grotto wishing well.

Pet shops
Pet shops exist in Yanille and Taverley. Players can buy pets and pet food at these stores, but only certain pets (as you get a cat from Gertrude in Varrock after completing Gertrude's Cat).

Summoning obelisk
◾Summoning obelisks (as opposed to mini obelisks) are fully charged with summoning energy and can be used to recharge Summoning points. They can also be used to infuse pouches and scrolls.
◾Mini obelisks are partially-charged with summoning energy and may be used to recharge summoning points, but not to infuse pouches or scrolls. They have many locations, such as Edgeville or even, if the player has the required Construction level and materials, in a players POH.

Acquiring charms

There are 4 types of charms:
◾Gold charms (Requires 1 Summoning to use. This is the only charm available in free-to-play)
◾Green charms (Requires 18 Summoning to use)
◾Crimson charms (Requires 19 Summoning to use)
◾Blue charms (Requires 23 Summoning to use)

Note: Obsidian, abyssal, talon beast, and all void charms are not regular summoning charms as they are for specific summoning pouches and still require a charm plus the tertiary charm to make.

◾Dorgesh-Kaan Average Chest (requires level 52 Thieving)
◾Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chest (requires level 78 Thieving)

Soul Wars
◾Soul Wars rewards

General combat
See charm gathering for a list of monsters with high charm drop rates. Common monsters to kill for charms include glacors, rock lobsters, waterfiends, and cockroach soldiers. Additionally, most slayer assignments have favorable charm drops rates.

◾Spirit Impling (requires level 54 hunter)
◾Charm sprite (requires level 72 hunter)

◾When making a bonfire, a fire spirit may emerge and reward you for releasing it with charms, runes, ore, and other items.

Temporary boosts

Due to its nature, Summoning cannot be boosted in most of RuneScape. This is analogous to the Prayer skill. However, in a Clan Citadel battlefield, the Powerup (skill) tile can be configured to boost Summoning anywhere from -10 to +10, or -10% and +10%. This used to be the only way to obtain a visible boost for the Summoning skill. This is particularly useful for investigating Ancient effigies.

This boost is only a boost in Summoning points, and while it may be used for the purpose of investigating effigies, the player's base Summoning level is still used to determine what familiars a player may summon. This means that even with this boost, the player still cannot summon a familiar that requires a higher level than their base Summoning level.

As the number of Summoning points is determined by the player's temporary level, and Summoning points do not regenerate with time, this boost does not wear off. However, it is completely removed upon exiting the battlefield. Therefore, it cannot be used outside a battle.

Cape of Accomplishment

Once a player has mastered the skill and reached level 99, Pikkupstix (in Taverley) will sell them a Summoning cape. Because Summoning takes many other combat skills to raise, untrimmed capes are very rare. Before the Bonus Experience Weekend, very few players had obtained an untrimmed Summoning cape, however several players managed to obtain the untrimmed cape during the event.

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The login page when Summoning was released in January 2008

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