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Guides by Original Inc.

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PostSubject: Varrock    Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:53 pm


* Difficulty: Beginner

Commerce Break - Visit the Grand Exchange.

* Difficulty : Easy

Strike a pose - Have Thessalia show you what outfits you can wear.

Essential Facilitator - Have Aubury teleport you to the RuneEssence mine.

Doing the ironing - Mine some iron ore in the mining spot south-east of Varrock.

Plank You Very Much - Make a plank at the sawmill.

Making Learning Fun! = Enter the second level of the Stronghold of Security.

Jumping-off Point - Jump over the fence south of Varrock.

Lumbering Around - Chop down a dying tree in the Lumber Yard.

Read All About It - Buy a copy of the Varrock Herald.

Dog and Bone - Give a stray dog a bone.

Pot Stop - Make a bowl on a potter's wheel then fire it in the pottery oven, all in Barbarian village.

On the Ragged Edge - Enter Edgeville Dungeon using the entrance to the south of Edgeville.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation - Move your player-owned house portal by talking to the varrock estate agent.

It Belongs in a Museum - Speak to Haig Halen after obtaining at least 50 Kudos.

Journey to the centre of the Earth Alter, - Enter the Earth Altar using an earth tiara or talisman.

Jackanory - Have Elsie tell you a story.

Limey -Mine some limestone near Paterdomus, the temple to the east of varrock.

Sherpa's Delight - Catch a trout in the rier to the east of barbarin village.

King of the Castle - Find the highest point in varrock.

Stick the Knife in - Venture through the cobwebbed corridor in varrock's sewers.

Double-strength Weaksauce - Have the apothecary in Varrock make you a strength potion.

* Difficulty : Medium

* Difficulty: Hard

* Difficulty: Elite
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