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 Stolen Hearts

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PostSubject: Stolen Hearts   Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:33 am

Ozan's in Draynor Village, looking for an old friend who's fallen into bad company. You'll join Ozan as you infiltrate the Draynor underworld, meet an old flame, and become caught up in a kidnapping plot of princely proportions that leads back to Al Kharid - the home from which Ozan was banished years ago.

Traverse the rooftops of the gloriously reworked Al Kharid to steal the mother of all diamonds, and confront the kidnapping villains. You may find, though, that the intrigue runs deeper than you or Ozan ever suspected...

Rewards include Constitution XP and 2500 coins. At any time after the quest is completed (even if you were free-to-play at completion), members can claim one of four criminally cool titles, chosen depending the type of rogue you proved yourself to be during the quest (changeable if you're not happy with the result), as well as Agility, Prayer and Thieving XP lamps.

Quest information:
Very long winded quest.
Difficulty level:

Start point: Speak to Ozan in Draynor Village.
Requirements: None
Required items: Food and combat gear.
Combat: You will need to defeat three level-2 mercenaries.

Stolen Hearts
Full voice-activated quest. (Available to non-members)

Location: Speak to Ozan in Draynor village.
House right next to Ozan to the west.


Knock on the trapped door.

Message: "Wot d'ya want? Come on, I dun have all day."

1. Er, Can I come in, please?
2. Open up, in the name of the law!
3. Let me in or I'll poke your eyes out!

Message: "Yeah, you seem alright. Come on in."

1. [Nod your head.]
2. Crystal clear
3. *gulp*

Question one.

You see a wealthy resident leaving Draynor Market laden with goods. Whey stop and ask for your help carrying their goods home. Suppositionally, what do you do?

1. Take their bags...and keep them!
2. Carry their goods home and case the joint.
3. Make friends, get put into their will, then collect.

Question two.
A fellow gang member is wrongfully imprisoned. what method do you theoretically use to liberate them?

1. Incite a prison riot.
2. Dig a tunnel.
3. Fake their death.

Question three.
A stranger disrespects you in public. What do you do, hypothetically speaking?

1. Kick them in the hypotheticals...
2. Have my lackeys work them over...
3. Make nice, walk away... find out where they live...

Message: Okay, you gave'some good answers there. you've clearly got potential...

Later messages:
Message: Well done! welcome to the Skulls, recruit!

1. What's your role in the gang?
2. About the Skulls' reputation.
3. Do you know some guy called Ozan?
4. What job are in the works?

Later messages:
Message: Thing is, I'm not gonna tell you WHERE our HQ is. Consider this on final test - a practical to follow the theory, But if you can't find it, well, I guess maybe you aren't Skulls material after all...

Speak to Ozan than start a screen-sequence.
Message: Hey, so you made it back out alive. Are you in? What did you find out?

You tell Ozan about your infiltration on the Skulls.

1. Talk about the theory test.
2. Talk about Khnum.
3. Talk about the kidnap.
4. Talk about finding the HQ.

Messsage: This kidnap job he mentioned worries me - I want to ask him about it.

Ozan later messages: Are you ready to trail Khnum back to his HQ?

Are you ready to trail Khnum?
1. Yes.
2. Not right now.

A cut-screen will start now:

Okay, when Khnum comes out, we need to keep him in our sights. But don't get to close or else he'll spot you. Ozan, will stick with you, but will hang back so he doesn't see Ozan and you. If you're getting too close, or he's getting too far away, Ozan will let you know.

Ozan says: I think I hear him coming. Let do this.

The old jail house in Draynor Village (East of the bank).

Message: Okay, he went in there. Let's have a little chat with him...

A cut-screen will start now:

Khnum says: Well done, recruit. You found the HQ!

Inside the cut-screen, (???) (Leela) first enters the story line.

Message: Yes, speak up. If you have got something to say, you can share it with the whole class.

Later message: You can talk to her...

You, have to chat about all the options here.

1. I'll beat the truth out of him!
2. How about some sort of truth serum?
3. We'll find them easily enough ourselves.
4. I'll lock you up and throw away the key.

> What will you take pride in while locked up?

Keli's Plan
There's a staging area directly south of jail house on Draynor's coast. There's a boat docked. Once this lady Keli had the prince safely aboard, than Skulls are paid and cuts ties. (Now head south of the Jail house).


Lady Keli

Pick up the Ransom note

You most deliver the ransom note message to spymaster Osman in the Al Kharid in the palace.
Leela offers you a passphrase. One of the following, you will need to remember your own passphrase offered by Leela.

● Hamzanama.
● Kakolookiam.
● Scheherazade.
● Zomorrodnegar.

Will you travel with Ozan to Al Kharid?
1. Yes.
2. No.

You may use Home Teleport spell to travel to Al Kharid to save time.
You will go to the Palace a straight shot south of the lodestone there.

The palace is under lockdown by order of the emir. There's no way getting in the front door.

Head to the crafting store. It's in the north-east of the city.

Than once at crafting store head to the roof top.

Wood plank , Awning , Washing line (Though the building) , up leader , over 5 planks & look out for guards below..., up the leader , Jump from Scaffold , Climb down rug , Swing across Wodden frame , Jump from Scaffold to next building, Bounced on Awning on to bank roof top , Climb up Brickwork , Leave it to Ozan Flagpole Ozan (Cut-Screen).

Cross rope , Climb up Brickwork (Cut-screen). Break in Skylight.

Open Ornate chests in room and gain a scroll to balance out the scales.

The scale is balanced out.

Once, you've placed the heaviest wight on the scale to grab the heart diamond.

Leela's passphrase changes player to player.

1. Hamzanama.
2. Kakolookiam.
3. Scheherazade.
4. Zomorrodnegar.

1. [Pressure the emir.]
2. [Calm Ozan down.]

Ozan pased deeds are forgiven and free to return as a citizen of Al Kharid. As for you part in this, the city of Al Kharid rewards you.



3 Quest points, 2,500 coins, 250xp Agility lamp (members), 250xp combat lamp, 250 Constitution xp, 250xp Thieving lamp (members), choice of 4 thief titles (members) and 2 spins on the Squeal of fortune. (The members' rewards can be claimed any time after completing the quest).

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Stolen Hearts
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