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 Holy Grail

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PostSubject: Holy Grail   Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:15 pm

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Quest Points2
Start point:

To Start:
Speak to King Arthur inside Camelot Castle.

Skill/Other Requirements:
30 Attack
Must defeat a level 40 Black Knight Titan.

Quest Requirements:
- Merlin's Crystal

Quest Rewards:
Click to See:

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
- King's Ransom

Items Needed at Quest Start:

Items Needed to Complete Quest:

Items Recommended for Quest:
Food, Armor, a Weapon Prayer potions, and Amulet of glory(4).

Items Acquired During Quest:
Cup of tea, Holy table napkin, Magic whistle, Grail bell, Magic gold feather, and Holy grail.

King Arthur is sending out his knights on a quest for the famous holy grail. If you are a knight of the round table go to King Arthur for further orders.

Excalibur (sword from Merlin's Crystal quest. If you do not have the Excalibur sword any more, you can get one for a fee of 500 gp by talking to the Lady of the Lake located on the peninsula on the lake in Taverley).

Holy Grail

Start location: Talk to King Arthur at Camelot.

Merlin's location is up the staircases in king Aurthur castle.

Teleport to Draynor Village and bank everything if anything is on you! Head over to Entrana and speak with the high priest located in the church building. Once talking with the high priest you will also speak with crone.

1. What are the six heads?
2. What's a fisher King?
3. OK, I will go searching.
4. What do you mean by the whistle?

1. What's a fisher King?
2. OK, Will go searching
3. What do you mean by the whistle?
4. The point of realm crossing?

You will need one to get to and from the fisher king's realm. They reside in a haunted manor house in misthalin, though you may not perceive them unless you carry something from the realm of the fisher king...

1. What are the six heads?
2. OK, I will go searching
3. What do you mean by the whistle?

Good luck with that.

Welcome to my home. It's  rare for me to have guests! Would you like a cup of tea? I'll just put the kettle on. Brother Galahad hangs a kettle over the fire.

1. I'm looking for Sir Galahad.
2. I'm on a quest to find the holy Grail.
3. Do you get lonely here on your own?
4. I Seek an item from the realm of the fisher king.

Galahad reluctantly passes you a small cloth.

Head to Draynor

Make sure you take both Magic whistles on the table. You will not see anything on table until you open door and walk in room.

At this point you can gear up and remember to take a Excalibur sword with you. Now head over to the point of Brimhaven by the mining gold rocks. Use a Magic whistle under the tower here and be teleport.

You will be fighting a black knight titan a very low level and easy to kill. You will need to using your Excalibur for the final blow to take the titan down or the life will boost back to full and you will not be able to kill and have to start killing the black knight titan over again. (You, may use melee prayer protect if you wish).

Here is a idea where the fisher man will be at that you will need to speak with.

Speak with the fisher king

Speak about all the options on the list. Once done you will need to head to Camelot and speak with king author.

King Arthur
Talks about  golden boots of Arkaneeses and and hands you a magic golden feathers that are said to point the way to the boots... They certainly point somewhere.

King Arthur gives you a feather.

You will need to head over to goblin village and right click and open sack.

1. How did you end up in a sack?
2. Come with me, I shall make you a king.
3. Your father wishes to speak to you.

1. Come with me, I shall make you a king
2. Your father wishes to speak to you

You give Sir Percival a Magic whistle and he uses it. Now you will need to go back to where you killed the block knight titian.

Speak with the new king Percival.

Staircases and ladder.

Take the Holy grail off the table and make sure it's inside your inventory.

Teleport and talk to King Arthur at Camelot and Congratulations! Quest is done.
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Holy Grail
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