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Wolf Whistle Molnly10

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 Wolf Whistle

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PostSubject: Wolf Whistle   Wolf Whistle EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 9:33 pm

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Quest Points1
Start point:
House just north of the eastern Taverley entrance.

To Start:
Speak to Pikkupstix

Skill/Other Requirements:

Quest Requirements:

Quest Rewards:

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:

- Fairy Tale Part III, A - Battle at Orks Rift
- Rune Mechanics
- A Void Dance
- The Void Stares Back

Items Needed at Quest Start:

Items Needed to Complete Quest:

Items Recommended for Quest:

Items Acquired During Quest:
Embroidered pouch, White hare meat, Ancient wolf bone amulet, Rare summoning items, and a Giant wolpertinger pouch.

The venerable druid Pikkupstix is in a bind. He needs someone to help him with a little problem. Well, a large, angry, destructive problem, to be exact! Summon your courage and prepare to learn the deeper mysteries of nature, such as what druids keep in their basements, and how large a rabbit can get before it becomes a little too big...

Wolf Whistle


Location: Speak to Pikkupstix in eastern part of Taverly.

Pikkupstix asks you to help him find his assistants, names are Scalectrix and Bowloftrix. He sent them out in the morning to gather supplies and they haven’t returned. They were sent over by the old dry well in west Taverley, opposite from the watermill.

Wolf Whistle Castle36


Scalectrix is standing at the dry well. If you try to enter the well Scalectrix will stop you. She says that Bowloftrix has been captured by trolls and is being held down in the well.

In order to rescue him you need a way to distract the trolls. Than She asks you to pass the message to Pikkupstix. You can choose to climb down into the well and have a look for yourself, but after the cutscene you’ll still need to go talk with Pikkupstix now.


After speaking with Pikkupstix, he suggests summoning a giant Wolpertinger to scare away the trolls. He needs you to get him an ancient wolf bone amulet, white hare meat and an embroidered pouch. He will now give you a blessed spirit shard and a Grey charm when you talk to him over again.

Collect the Materials


The embroidered pouch has been misplaced. Go up the stairs in Pikkupstix's house and search in the cloths drawers.


Meat is available from the pet shop south of Pikkupstix. Talk to the pet shop owner on the ground floor. He will give you some free food.


Pikkupstix's assistant, Stikklebrix, has the amulet. Go to White Wolf Mountain and take the middle path. After a short distance a body lying on the ground – it’s Stikklebrix. Search his body for wolf bone amulet.


Go back to Pikkupstix and talk to him to get the rare summoning items (if you haven't already), and let him know you've gathered the other materials. You will need to click on the summoning obelisk east of Pikkupstix to create a giant wolpertinger pouch. Have Pikkupstix check your work, then head back to the well and chat with Scalectrix.


After chatting with Scalectrix, the two of you will enter the well and a cutscene will occur. Than a short chat after cut-screen Congratulations! Quest is done.



Access to the Summoning skill
Access to the Summoning interface
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Wolf Whistle
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