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The Crucible     Molnly10

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 The Crucible

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The Crucible     Empty
PostSubject: The Crucible    The Crucible     EmptySat Sep 29, 2012 4:42 pm

Warning: No spell teleports are allowed to exit the fight arena.
The Crucible is a members-only PvP minigame available to players with a combat level of 60 or greater.

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The Introduction

While you are anywhere in the Crucible's arena (Except at the banks), a player will be assigned a target based on the level and their combat skills. Upon defeating a target, you will be able to pick up their lost items. if you have been defeated, you will lose all. It is recommended to speak to Marv behind the door hatch for lessons on/about the Crucible before entering the arena, although it is not necessary to do this.

Enter location: Between the varrock underground pass and Edgeville bank.

The Crucible     Dfddf11

You, will enter a safe area that offers information. A waiting room when going into the Crucible entrance & can move on to the fighting area from that point.

Bounty Fee
The, bounty fee changes!

The above fee will be taken from your money pouch should you proceed into the arena. You can get a certain amount of this fee back (potentially all of it) depending on your actions by visiting one of the banks in the arena.

Target abandonment: When you have a bounty target, if you log out for more than 5 minutes or return to one of the bank areas, part of your bounty fee will go to your opponent: 52,553

Death: You are expected to risk a certain value of equipment relative to your combat levels. If your bounty target kills you, you will lose from your fee a value equal to the appropriate amount of risk for your combat levels minus the value of items you are risking. So, the more you risk, the smaller this fee will be. This is: 525,536

Your total fee is the amount for 'target abandonment' plus the fee on death:
578,089 = (525,536 + 52,553 )

Fighting in the Crucible.

The Crucible is a massive dome shaped arena situated underneath the wilderness. When you enter, you will start off in one of the four banks around the arena. These banks are safe areas, allowing you to prepare for the fights which will follow. You can exit the Crucible via the yellow exit fissure in any of the bank areas. To enter the arena, click on the other fissure and you will have to confirm the bounty fee.

The Crucible     Dfddf12

When you enter the arena, you will be assigned a target based on the level of your combat skills (this can happen when you are anywhere in the arena, except banks). You can only attack your target, nobody else. The only exception to this is supreme champions, more details are provided in the next section. While you have a target, you cannot drop any items. The name of your target is displayed in the interface at the top right of the screen next to the minimap (an example is shown below).

The Crucible     Crash-21

While in the arena, you will notice fissures in various places.. These can be used to move around the arena quickly, either to get close to your target or evade them. When you use a fissure, you will get a short period of immunity, the length of which is shown on the interface above. There are limitations if used in the last minute so they can't be used to constantly evade your attacker. A map of the crucible (below) is shown when using a fissure. Blue dots are other fissures and the green dot is the player.

The Crucible     Dfddf13

When you kill your target, they will drop everything they were carrying along with trophy bones. These bones will stack and they aren't dropped if you die in the arena. These trophy bones are used to purchase rewards from Marv which is outlined in a later section.

If you die in the arena, you will spawn in a bank and you will lose all of your items (keeping any trophy bones you have collected).

Various icons are shown above a player while in the arena, as the following table shows:

The Crucible     Dfddf10

The invulnerable icon is shown when a player has immunity in the arena. The bounty target icon is shown when you have a target, both above you and your potential victim. The supreme champion icon is shown above the supreme champions which are discussed in the next section.

Supreme Champion
Note: All items inside the crucible can not be used outside of the player killing area!
Items that can be picked when becoming supreme champion.

Each time you get a kill, your ranking points within the arena will increase. Roughly every 30 minutes, those with the highest points will become Supreme Champions. A message will appear in the chat box stating that 'Supreme Champions will be named in 1 minute!' before the supreme champions are named. During this minute, there will be a countdown at the top right of the screen counting down from 6 to 0. The following icons will also appear: Your ranking is only reduced after you've been the Supreme Champion. As a result, if you stay long enough you will become a supreme champion eventually.

The Crucible     Challe12

When the supreme champions are around, you won't lose any items and your target is cleared. For every few life points of damage you deal against the supreme champion, your ranking in within the arena will improve. After being named as a supreme champion, you can spend 60 trophy bones to buy a Supreme champion's helm. Those players who are named as supreme champions are given access to powerful weapons from each side of the combat triangle.

The Crucible     Crash-16Supreme champion's helm
The Crucible     Crash-17Annihilation
The Crucible     Crash-18Decimation
The Crucible     Crash-19Obliteration

Looting Corpses
Note: All items inside the crucible can not be used outside of the player killing area!

Throughout the crucible arena you will see corpses lying on the ground. Looting corpses can only be done when you do not have a target assigned to you. Players may only loot corpses only way to obtain these type of gloves. These gloves come in 5 different types, each offering better stats and bonuses, and costs 15 trophy bones to repair. (Gloves last a very short time). Using the protect from melee prayer or curse is not advised when fighting against a rogue's soul as it will cause them to drain your prayer points at a faster rate than normal. The damaged gloves cannot be worn, but once repaired they raise your maximum life points when worn!

When you loot a corpse, you will have to fight a soul. When its health is low, right-click on the corpse and select the 'Direct' option. The weakened soul will return to its body and you can then loot the corpse for a chance of getting the damaged gloves.

The Crucible     Crash-20

Corrupt rogue gloves
Nasty rogue gloves
Malicious rogue gloves
Loathsome rogue gloves
Atrocious rogue gloves


Death Taunts
Death taunts are different sounds which can be unlocked and then played to your victims when they are defeated.

No sound (default)Free- Activate -
Crazy Laughing12Buy
Chicken Bwak12Buy
Unlucky nubcake!36Buy
Funeral dirge36Buy
You FAIL!36Buy
Sad melody36Buy
Hysterical crowd36Buy
Game over, mortal!36Buy
Gothic tune36Buy

Death Titles
Death titles are titles which you can assign your victims, just to humiliate them even further. The titles are only temporary, reverting back to normal once the arena is left. The table below shows the different titles available.

No Title (default)Free- ACTIVE -
Cowardly [name]12Buy
[name] the Redundant12Buy
Everyone attack [name]30Buy
Smelly [name]30Buy
[name] the Idiot30Buy
Sir Lame [name]30Buy
[name] the Flamboyant30Buy
Weakling [name]30Buy
[name] was punished.30Buy
[name] lost30Buy
[name]... you fail 30Buy
No-mates [name]30Buy
[name] ate dirt30Buy
Delusional [name]30Buy
[name] the Respawner30Buy
Cutey-pie [name]30Buy
[name] the Fail Magnet30Buy
[name] was terminated30Buy
Lazy [name]30Buy
[name]? Who?30Buy

These extra rewards are yet another way to spend your trophy bones.
Note: You can only buy the Supreme Champion helm when you've been chosen as a Supreme Champion at least once.

Fissure energy boost (20%)24Buy
Fissure energy boost (50%)36Buy
Fissure energy boost (80%)48Buy
Supreme helm60Locked
Fix rogue gloves15Buy
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The Crucible
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