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 Rune Mysteries

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PostSubject: Rune Mysteries   Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:27 am

Rune Mysteries

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Quest Points1

Start point:
Wizards' Tower.

To Start:
Speak to Ariane in the lobby of the wizards' Tower.

Skill/Other Requirements:

Quest Requirements:

Quest Rewards:
Click to See:

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:

- One Small Favour
- Lost Tribe, The
- Lunar Diplomacy
- What Lies Below
- Rune Mechanics
- Rune Memories

Items Needed at Quest Start:

Items Acquired During Quest:
Tower mindspike (air), The Harmony of the Runes, The Runes of the Spells of Water, Wizards' Tower basement key, and First tower hat.

Ariane knows that the Wizards' Tower is under threat but no one wants to believe her. Aid Ariane in her efforts to protect the Wizards' Tower and discover just what's going on.

Background wizard order Information:
Blue = Saradomin. He's the most widely worshipped god in human lands. (help people & Invented non-combat enchantment spells)
Green = Guthix, god of balance of nature , created the world according to druids. Banished all gods so they could no longer intervene directly
Red = Most people today see zamorak as a god of evil but red wizards  he was a god of chaos, personal strength and creativity.
Grey = Armadyl , Manaphite pantheon, or were non-religious.

Rune Mysteries
Full voice-activated quest. (Available to non-members)



Location: Speak to Ariane in the lobby of the wizards' Tower, south of Draynor Village.


Ariane and Wizard Valina Chat Log:

Accept Quest
Ariane Chat Log:

Pick up Wizard Borann's mindspike off the tower floor.

You will than need to set your magic spell to Air Strike and than drag the red smoke over to the beam in the center of the room.


Meet Ariane outside by the wizard Tower bridge

Chat Log Ariane:

You will need to speak to all three of the wizards to move  ahead inside wizards' Tower on the third floor.
Wizard Ellaron Chat Log:

Wizard Tralborn Chat Log:

Archmage Sedridor Chat Log:


Return to Ariane outside by the wizard Tower bridge

Ariane Chat Log:

Speak to Wizard Ellaron again. located on second floor

Wizard Ellaron Chat Log:

The Harmony of the Runes (Book):
Runes of the Spells of Water (Book):

Quest Update: A man will talk to and you will have to agree to play the organ.

Do you really want to uncover the spoiler?:


Speak to Ariane, outside Wizards' Tower again and once your chat is over with Ariane she will ask you to meet her on the entrance is on the east side of the Wozards' tower island.

Ariane Chat Log:

Speak to the Rune guardian inside the old tower room.

Click on photo to in large.
Ariane and Rune guardian Chat Log:

Arianes Chat Log:

Once the circle fills up your ready to move on to the next part.

Arianes Chat Log:


Sedridor will be preparing to cast his Icyenic Purge.
You need to go back to the new tower and delay him until Ariana further restored the enchantment spell.

Archmage Sedridor:

Play organ to break silence to Archmage Sedridor.

Archmage Sedridor Chat Log:


Ariane is at the entrance is on the east side of the wizards' Tower island.

Ariane Chat Log and end of quest:



1 Quest point
Air talisman
70 Mind Runes
250 Magic XP
250 Runecrafting XP
2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune

Wizards' Tower mindspike  
First Tower hat
One of four titles
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Rune Mysteries
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