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 Halloween (2012)

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PostSubject: Halloween (2012)   Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:32 pm

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Quest Points0
Start point:
Falador park or Varrock squire.

To Start:
Speak to a monk in Falador park or Varrock squire.

- Red Team: Brother Heinous
- White Team: Brother Righteous

Event type:

Halloween Reward Shop
Click To See:

Quest Requirements:

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:

Items Needed at Quest Start:

Items Acquired During Quest:

This was the Halloween event of 2012. Where players had to go around playing hide and seek ghost busting to spot ghosts around the towns and there where 2 sides red team was Brother Heinous and the white team was Brother Righteous. There was also two Jagex moderator that agreed on spend one night in a hunted house in the England area only if there team side lost at the end of the week.

Incorrect or Miss information?


This, event takes place every one hour. There is a total of five ghosts you can catch in that time. Than a new ghost hunt will start over again.

A new Ghost Hunt has begun!
Speak to the monks in Falador or Varrock and join a hunt to begin!

If, you catch the first ghost when a new hunt begins in one of the 5 areas you will be put on the world name listing like so below:

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Halloween (2012)
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