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Castle Wars Molnly10

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 Castle Wars

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PostSubject: Castle Wars   Castle Wars EmptySat Nov 03, 2012 6:04 pm

Castle Wars
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Castle wars is a player Vs player minigame and all the role playing is done inside the castles wall, each team will need to score points by taken the flag to the top of the other sides castle without dying and lossing the flag to the other teams hands there is a total of 2 team sides. (Blue Saradomin and Red Zamorak). The green portal is guthix & its a balance portal for both team sides, meaning if one side is full and you enter the green portal it will auto place you on a side with the team that has a lower player count number. You wall notice viewing scoreboards on the walls this allows you to see the total wins this season! resets every 24 hours or at 00:00 on the RuneScape tool bar.

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Castle Wars Untitl24

Minigame portal limits:
No, Helms
No, Capes
No, Non-combat items


Entering a portal with a God item on:
Saradomin :
Zamorak :

Bank chest to for all your banking needs so you don't have to leave the area.
Castle Wars Untit180

How to start:

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Castle Wars
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