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 What's Mine is Yours

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PostSubject: What's Mine is Yours   Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:05 am

What's Mine is Yours

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Quest Points1

Start point:
Speak to Doric who is just outside the gates of Taverley.

To Start:

Required items:
Combat equipment is recommended and some food might be useful.

Quest Requirements:
Level 5 smithing

Quest Rewards:

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:

Items Needed at Quest Start:

Items Acquired During Quest:

Doric is a master smith and is having a hard time keeping the shop doors open.

What's Mine is Yours
Full voice-acted and features atmospheric music and effects


Location: Speak to Doric who is just outside the gates of Taverley.

When clicking on the "Ore bag an map" that Doric has given you. By clicking on the mining site map, you can toggle a hint arrow that will point you to the closest mine or lodestone. Use this to help find your way around Gielinor to get to destinations quicker.

Chat text:


The red marks on mining site map are incomplete mining areas that have you've not visited yet, to complete the area head over to the mining areas and get the high-quality ore to have it turn green once all dots have changed from the red to green head back over to Doric where you started the quest.


Dwarf minds above Falador.
Pick a copper ore from the rock and a Living rock brawler (level: 2) will fight you. Once living rock brawler has been killed pick up the high-quality ore from the ground. Than use the mining site map to try to find the rest of the ore spots.

Chat text:

Port Sarim at Rimmington Mine
Pick a copper ore from the rock and a Living rock brawler (level: 2) will fight you.

Haros guild Varrock area:
Mine a Sliver ore from a rock and a Living rock brawler (level: 2) will fight you. You find a broken amulet and pick it up alongside one high-quality ore which you place in the ore bag.

Varrock East Mine
Pick a copper ore from the rock and a Living rock brawler (level: 2) will fight you. You find a wizards diary and pick it up alongside some high-quality ore which you place in the ore bag.


Doric will look at the Diary and look over your damaged Amulet that is called. Gofannon amulet that he said. "I might be able to fix it up once we've finished sorting all this business out."

Chat text:

Withdraw the collacted ore out of your bag inside your inventory.
Use furnace with ore.

You should be left with two High-quality bronze bars.
Smith a bronze sword and a bronze dagger on Doric anvil. Talk with Doric once completed.

Chat text:


Talk to "Aksel"
Head over to Falador city and speak with Aksel thats inside the front of Artisan workshop located acrossed from the mining-guild.

Chat text:


Sten can be found inside artisan workshop down stairs by the mining carts.

Chat text:


If you've already lost, Aksel. Aksel can be found at ground level of artisan workshop at entrance.

Chat text:


Speak to squire Cerlyn in Falador Castle on the ground floor.

Chat text:

Doric and Boric are a family at war. Guide the converstation to encourage them to resolve the family conflict. Choose carefully, as you could make the situation worse.

Chat text - Chat questions changes order from Player to Player:


Speak to Doric:

Chat text:

Go down the stairs

Mine blocking rocks to the new shop area with a pickaxe.

Once the expanded shop area has opened, you can do all the tasks that Doric and his son Boric as asked of you as beening the new partner in the business. With the bars Boric has offered you to smith on the anvils in the company's new shop area.

1Ornamental Platebody1Ornamental Chainbody1Shop Sign

Chat log and end of quest:



1 Quest Point
1,000 Mining XP
400 Smithing XP
180 Coins
2 Treasure hunter keys

Gofannon amulet (Which gives limited double mining and smithing XP)
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What's Mine is Yours
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