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Player-Owned Ports Molnly10

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 Player-Owned Ports

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PostSubject: Player-Owned Ports   Player-Owned Ports EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 1:18 pm

Rescores and time D&D mini-game.
The East backons...
Player-Owned Ports Fffff23
(Membership account needed).

Introduction & Background:

Anyone can enter the player owned port, though to take command of the port from The partner you,' will need to meet at least one of the following requirements blow:

The eastern lands have been lost for years! You will be offered a partnership from the port owner as he has gotten to old to run the port yard. You will be fixing building and taken care of the shipyard and bring in new crew members. You' will need to unlock shipyard areas to gain the best of what it can offer. This being better rewards and crew members and etc.


The more skills you have at level 90 the better! You will need one at 90 to start a port in the following:

If you meet all six of these requirements, you will be able to access all the special voyages which reveal the lore of the Eastern Lands.

To make use of the trade goods obtained from the East, you will need to meet the following requirements, based on the items you wish to craft:

90CookingRocktail Soup
90SmithingTetsu Armour
90CraftingDeath Lotus Armour
90RunecraftingSea Singer Armour


Port Sarim you will go into a portal.

Player-Owned Ports Untitl30


The Captain's Log is given to you at start. This log will need valuable to you!
Now, If you lose the log you can easily get another from the port manager by talking to him.

Captain's log titles

Cabin Boy/Girl
First Mate
Increasing Port Score

Every 5k Distance traveled+1
Scroll pieces found+3
Upgrading Ship Part+5
Upgrading Port+10
Story missions done+20
Adventurers met+50

Game Play:

About buildings & Upgrades:


Modifying Ships & Upgrades:
Note: If ship is damaged and you don't like waiting than you can pay a fee for the black market man to fix it right away!

Player-Owned Ports Fffff10 You' may change the camera view to allow you to see a sky-view of the ship.

Players can have up to four ships by upgrading shipyard. You, will be able to buy new crew members and better ships with rewards bright back. The higher the Success of overall success chance the better your going to be on your travels and look over them closely.

Player-Owned Ports Fffff33Rams / FigureheadsCombat or Morale
Player-Owned Ports Fffff36HullsCombat, Morale, Seafaring, and Speed
Player-Owned Ports Fffff37RuddersSpeed
Player-Owned Ports Fffff34
Deck Items 1Combat, Morale, or Seafaring
Player-Owned Ports Fffff35Deck Items 2Combat, Morale, or Seafaring
Deck items 1 & 2:
Will be able to use both for storage, Example: food and ship fixing gears. You will also be able to setup a deck with battle type gear in hard sea so your, ship is not over run by pirates.

Ship Effect tools:

Player-Owned Ports Fffff24Bag of Winds+10% Speed
Player-Owned Ports Fffff25Ration Pack+10% Morale
Player-Owned Ports Fffff26Powder Keg+10% Battle
Player-Owned Ports Fffff27Seasinger's Bottled Cry+10% Seafaring
Player-Owned Ports Fffff28Lifeboat
Player-Owned Ports Fffff29Totus-Tint Spectacles+50% Crew XP
Player-Owned Ports Fffff30Fortune of the sea+10% Rewards or Penalties

Crewman Members:

Player-Owned Ports Fffff32Captain Cloths:
You' may costumes captions clothing that you've hired inside the tavern.

Player-Owned Ports Portsc10

Crew Mates:
You, may add up to 5 rolls on each ship! Crewman can lie to you' and not be as good.

Leveling up crewman:
Crewman can make XP and level up all crewman start out at level 0 and will make there way up in levels with successfully completed voyages.

Lost Crewman:
At times a crewman can be lost from not completing the mission.

Player-Owned Ports 54unti10

You may discover that a crewman has special traits and personal stat bonuses when you hire them. New crew members will show up every 24 hours.
Locked Crewman. Will need to unlock by taken apart on successful voyages mission that come up. You will need to hire & fire crew members, as they are not always able to be the best for long travels and fit your needs. You might be able to level up crew mates to take on harder missions.

Please Note: If you have a full listing of crew members you, will be unable to recruit more even if one has been earned while on a voyage.

This is NOT A FULL LIST OF crewman right now!

CaptainsBrimhaven Pirates.Cathby FishermanTravelling DrunkAdrougne StorekeeperEastern Bannerman
StowawayExploding GolemDwarven EngineerSiren WhaleriderEastern MusketeerVarrock ChefFiremaker Enthusiast

Voyages & Missions:

Standard Voyages:
This will allow you to pick your own voyage to take on gaining part of the reward from that a special voyage would offer.

Special Voyages:
This will give you a higher pay-out reward if your request to take on a special voyage and unlock the story lines.

Difficulty will bring up the price of crew members.

Player-Owned Ports Portsa10

A list of the names of the special voyages and type of reward:

Meet the Missionary
The Divine Claim
Go Among the Heathens
A Divine Lesson
Spreading the word
The MissionaryPrayer
Meet the Convict
A Bank Heist
A Place Called Respite
Brushing Up on Old Cons
Return Mail
The ConvictThieving
Meet the Biologist
A Fine Expedition
Documentary Evidence
Specimens In The Wild
Studying Science
The BiologistHerblor
Meet the Assassin
A Daring Raid
To Gain Through Death
A Jade Frog in the Throat
The Death Lotus
Honing her Craft
The AssassinSlayer
Meet the Whaler
The Misguide
The Evacuation
A Deep-Sea Discovery
The WhalerFishing
Meet the Occultist
The Brain
The Body
An Arcane Bounty
Arcane Knowledge
The OccultistRunecrafting
A Joint AcquisitionThe Biologist and The WhalerHerblore and Fishing
A Joint AcquisitionThe Assassin and The ConvictSlayer and Thieving
A Joint AcquisitionThe Missionary and The OccultistPrayer and Runecrafting

The list of special voyages is refreshed daily at 00:00 UTC


No traitNo bonuses
Albatross-Ship speed -1%
Awe-Inspiring+Improved Morale (+100 morale)
Cowardly-Reduced Combat (-40 combat)
Eager+Improved morale (+40 morale)
Eagle-Eyed+Improved seafaring (+40 seafaring)
Fast Learner++10% experience gain
Feeble+Improved combat and speed (+70 combat and +30 speed)
Good fortune+Increases the chance of gaining a random event on completing a voyage (does not stack)
Glutton-Reduced speed (-100 speed)
Landlubber-Reduced seafaring (-100 seafaring)
Leader+Ship morale +1%
Liability-Ship combat -1%
Lookout+Ship speed +1%
LoyalChance to prevent captain death
Merchant+Improve the goods retrieved from a mission by 10% or 20% (does not stack)
Misery guts-Reduced morale (-40 morale)
Multi-talented+All stats improved (+50 morale, +50 combat, +50 seafaring, +100 speed
Mutinous+Increased risk of Captain's death
OpportunistBetter returns from partial mission success
Pacifist-Reduced Combat
PilfererReduced chance of partial mission success
Plucky+Improved combat (+40 combat)
Quick-Footed+Improved speed (+80 speed)
Rallying Cry+All exp gains for this crew member's boat are increased by 10% (does not stack
Seafarer+Improved Seafaring (+100 Seafaring)
Seafriend+Ship seafaring +1%
Short Sighted-Reduced Seafaring (-40 seafaring)
Slayer+Improved combat
Slow-Reduced speed (-80 speed)
Solidarity+Gives +25 or +50 to all stats per unique crew member aboard (does not stack)
StaunchWill give its own life to save a crewman in distress
Storm Magnet-Ship seafaring -1%
Tactician+Ship combat +1%
Tough as NailsChance to avoid death
Vapid-Reduced morale (-100 morale)
Workhorse+Improved speed (+150 Speed)

Map & Regions:

You will have information on each island and you will need to setup your crew for the best turn outs and when entering new zones you will unlock more of the map area as, parts of the map is not viewable if you've not entered that zone yet. The Next Zone will unlock a new island you can gain new resources from once you've hit 100%.

Player-Owned Ports Fffff10

1. The Arc
2. The Skull
3. The Hook
4. The Scythe
5. The Bowl
6. The Pincers


The Black Market:

Felix The Black Market stack changes day to day and takes up to 24 hours once bought out & he will also fix ships for a fee if you don't like waiting.

Resources & Trade Goods:

Resources : Normal resource's are for buying new crewman and upgrading your port to ultimately gain trade goods.

Trade Goods :

ResourcesTrade Goods
Player-Owned Ports Fffff11ChimesPlayer-Owned Ports Fffff18Ancient Bones
Player-Owned Ports Fffff13GunpowderPlayer-Owned Ports Fffff22Spices
Player-Owned Ports Fffff14CherrywoodPlayer-Owned Ports Fffff20Chi
Player-Owned Ports Fffff16Stainless SteelPlayer-Owned Ports Fffff19Plate
Player-Owned Ports Fffff12BambooPlayer-Owned Ports Fffff21Lacquer
Player-Owned Ports Fffff15Slate
Player-Owned Ports Fffff17Jade

Weekly port event:

Player-Owned Ports Untitl11

Even if you don't have the level requirements to take over the ownership of the port, you can still talk to Meg. Every Wednesday, a bumbling adventurer named Meg will show up in the port. She's read all about your adventurers, and wants to follow in your footsteps now - to say that she's a fan of yours would be an understatement.

Speak to Meg in port to offer her advice for her adventures. She will ask you three questions, and you will have to choose the most appropriate response to help her. You can gauge how appropriate your response is based on her facial reaction to your answer. Once you've answered all of her questions, she'll head back into the adventuring world to continue her journey.

After you've sent Meg off for the week, she'll be back on the next Wednesday to share her takings with you. This comes in the form of a treasure chest that contains some coins and an XP lamp, and the size of the lamp and coin rewards is based on how well you had previously answered her questions.

A Barmaid's Tip Gossip
Every Thursday, you can talk to the Barmaid to hear any gossip she's picked up over the week. Your inquiries will be rewarded, and she will tell you about a more rewarding voyage you can embark on. You will have the option of replacing the third voyage on your Standard Voyage list with this voyage, if you wish to take it.

The Barmaid's voyages are usually of a higher difficulty than your other standard voyages, though if you succeed, the rewards you reap will be much greater than those from a regular voyage.

Mini-game evens that come to shipyard time to time:



Bar Barmaid

You,' will be the black market person though this event. Your', job is to catch people around the port by clues the assassins give. This being color of hat , top , legs. There is five assassins in the area that are hidden in barrels and you may only take on one assassin at a time until all five are completed. It is fine to pick the wrong people as you will just be told that is the wrong guy. Once the right guy is picked the assassin will take him-out.

Bar Barmaid:
Players will be changed into the Barmaid for this event when it starts once you've speaken and agreed to take on this event! You will be running around the port areas than giving 1 baar to NPC's. Now once you've giveing one beer to everyone than your grented a reward screen for complacting before the a 10 minute event timer runs out. This event should only take up to three to four minutes tops

Random event rewards:

Player-Owned Ports Fffff24Bag of Winds
Player-Owned Ports Fffff25Ration Pack
Player-Owned Ports Fffff26Powder KegTR
Player-Owned Ports Fffff27Seasinger's Bottled Cry
Player-Owned Ports Fffff28Lifeboat
Player-Owned Ports Fffff29Lotus-Tint Spectacles
Player-Owned Ports Fffff30Fortune of the Sea


- Scrishaw: New items that can be carried in a new picket slot. (bonus on all skills)
- 90+ cooking food.

Other Rewards:

Among the range of rewards available from player-owned ports are degradable level 85 armours:
All skills will be in enter linking with each other.



Melee90+Smithing + Melee
Magic90+Runecrafing + Magic
Range90+Crafting + Range

Book of Experience
When a player receives a special voyage with the reward of experience listed, the player will receive experience in the skill associated with whichever adventurer is connected to that voyage.
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Player-Owned Ports
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