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 Kalphite King

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Kalphite King            Empty
PostSubject: Kalphite King    Kalphite King            EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 11:12 pm

Getting there
The Exiled Kalphite Hive is located south of the Jaldraocht Pyramid in the Kharidian Desert. The easiest way of getting there is via the Bandit Camp Lodestone and run south. Alternatively, players can use the magic carpet to travel to Menaphos, and simply run north from there. A third option is to use a Pharaoh's Sceptre to teleport to the pyramid and run a short distance south.

Upon first entering the Hive, there will be a blocked tunnel that can be cleared to create a shortcut. This tunnel only needs to be cleared once. When entering the Kalphite King tunnel, five messages will appear that the player can choose from. The first will ask if the player wants to start a new battle or join an existing fight. The second one will ask the player what the maximum number of people can join, ranging from 1 to 20. The third will ask what a minimum combat level must be to join this specific battle. The fourth requires the player to enter an entry key between 1 and 999,999. This is needed for other players to join the player's fight. If entered "0" there will be no entry key. The last one allows the player to choose the spawn rate of the Kalphite King.

After choosing all the options, the player will appear in the lair. After a while, the Kalphite King will appear in the melee form.

Melee Attacks

This phase is signified by the Kalphite King's wings being orange. It is weak to fire spells in this phase. The King will use both charge and instant kill attacks in this phase.

Standard Attack: This attack has a bleeding attack similar to Slaughter, dealing 3x damage when moving. This is possibly one of the most dangerous attacks as even with Protection prayers, players will find themselves being hit for 2000+ damage. This attack can be countered by the Freedom ability, which will cause the bleeding to stop.

Charge: The King charges for a few seconds and then rushes forward, pushing everyone in the way into the wall. This attack, though melee, occurs in all phases. Whilst the King charges you may use the immortality ultimate ability to prevent death, but the attack tends to hit under 2,000 health. The King does this on his magic and melee phases. Players should take notice of this as many players mistake it for its instant kill attack and use Provoke at the wrong time. Both are very similar, however the player that is being targeted will become stunned.

Stomp: The king stomps and produces a shock wave. Players within the melee range will be hit and pushed back. In addition, their defence level will be reduced by a small amount.

Ranged Attacks

This phase is signified by the Kalphite King's wings being colored green. It is weak to stab attacks at this time. It will still be able to use the Instant kill attack on this phase. Attacks may not attack everyone, and some attacks only target random players.

Standard Attack: The king will fire an attack that looks like the Kalphite Queen's ranged attack. This attack will cause a damage over time effect similar to the Fragmentation Shot ability, including taking 3x damage when moving. This attack is usually used together with the Stun Darts (see below).

Stun Darts: The king will fire stun darts at a group of players, which will have a chance to stun them.

Incendiary Shot: The king fires an incendiary shot to a few players in range. The players are usually stunned and then explode, dealing random
but very high damage onto the players.

Magic Attacks

Note: This phase is signified by the Kalphite King's wings being colored blue. It is commonly known as the blue phase or ball phase. It is weak to Arrows at this time. Successful attacks during this phase, plus on any other phase, will shorten the duration of the phase.

During this phase, the Kalphite King will not use his instant kill attack, but he can still use his charge attack. The King tends to stun everyone in the room before he launches an attack. The amount of balls in this phase is determined by the amount of players in battle. If you are in a small 4 or 5 man team it is easier to dodge these balls but still attack within melee distance because you can just move 3 or 4 squares away from the ball and attack again. In a mass there are too many balls to do this so you will have to run away and wait for them to blow up.

As the Kalphite King is weak to range in this phase, making use of a Steel titan here can prove effective.

Blue Energy Balls Attack: The king will shoot numerous blue energy balls to everyone in range for up to 3000 damage and possibly a stun. The balls will home in on the player. If it hits, you will be stunned.

Green Energy Balls Attack: The king will launch some greenish-yellow balls at the players' squares that slowly levitate and explode. The balls will hit multiple players in range which can also stun them. You will take damage if you are within 3 squares of one of them. They take about 3-4 seconds to explode so players who are alert can get away. The maximum damage of these balls are about 4000, but it will usually hit for 2000. This attack could be very deadly if the player is hit by multiple balls. It is suggested using the abilities Escape or Freedom (if stunned) to evade. It is usually random where the King will launch it, however it will not spread throughout the whole room unless it is in the middle of the room. If it is stuck on one of the corners, it's magic attacks will only cover about 1/4th of the boss room. In order to survive this attack, avoid clusters orbs as if you run to them then you will very likely die from a result of 5 orbs exploding at once. Players may also be stunned in this attack. Contrary to rumour, this attack is not more likely to appear after the use of multi-target abilities.

Other Attacks and Abilities
These attacks/abilities can be used on any phase, apart from the Instant kill which is only used on ranged and melee phases and charge which is used for melee and magic phases.

Instant kill: This is the most deadly ability the king uses. The targeted player will turn green and be stunned. If another player does not use Provoke in time, the targeted player will be instantly killed when the King uses what appears to be the standard melee attack. In order to shake this attack off a targeted player, another player must use Provoke and then either Resonance, Immortality or Barricade or the King will instantly kill the player that used Provoke on him.

Spawning Monsters: The king will stun everyone in the room and spawn a group of Exiled kalphite marauders (Level 140). If standing on top of the marauders when they spawn, you will take approximately 1000 melee damage. The King does not cannibalize its own minions to heal, see below for section on healing.

Digging: The king will dig into the sand and re-appear under the player it is targeting. Any player that is under the King when it reappears will take around 2000-4000 damage and be knocked back. Digging is used in all phases. A way to avoid getting hit by this if you are being targeted is to run across the room until he spawns. You can try to stand in one place and look for his head to pop up, then run, but there is a small window of time to run away fast enough.

Phase changing: The king will change its phases randomly throughout the fight. The colors of its wings correspond to its main attacking style. If the wing is Yellow, it uses Melee attack and is weak to Fire Spells. If the wing is Green, it uses Range attack and is weak to Stab Weapons. If the wing is Blue, it uses Magic attack and is weak to Arrows.

Healing (Red Aura): The king will sometimes summon a red aura around itself. The aura heals it the amount of damage it would have dealt to players in the given time period (not counting protection prayer and spirit shield effect). If it attacks a player with its instant kill attack, it will heal 24,060 LP.

Healing (Green Aura): The king will sometimes summon a green aura around itself. The aura heals the king for any damage the player would have done to him, similar to Nex's siphon. It is best to not use any abilities or familiar special attacks to avoid healing the king for large amounts of life points. This lasts about 5 seconds. Using the ability kick will remove the green aura effect if you see the stun animation apon using the ability.  

Barricade: The king will use the barricade ability making him invincible for a short period of time, this is caused by players using the Frenzy ability on him.

Immortality: The king also has the ability to use Immortality to prevent his death. The conditions necessary for the king to use Immortality are unknown, however it is possible that having the king in a corner of the room before killing it will trigger this ability.
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Kalphite King
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