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 MS - Windows center

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PostSubject: MS - Windows center   Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:56 am

Microsoft Website

Lost product keys?
Belarc Advisor

When there is updates to windows normally Microsoft puts them out on Tuesday.

Note: A windows operating system(s) is normally only supported 12 years.
Once 12 years has gone by than Microsoft will end support and not patch the operating system anymore!

Client versions
The basic Microsoft Windows support list:

Desktop operating systemsLatest service packEnd of mainstream supportEnd of extended support

Windows XP

Service pack 3

April 14,2009

April 8,2014

Windows Vista

Service pack 2

April 10,2012

April 11,2017

Windows 7

Service pack 1

January 13,2015

January 14,2020

Windows 8

Not et available

January 9,2018

January 10,2023

Windows 8.1 will be launched at 4am PDT (12 noon GMT) on the 17 October and will be available through the Windows Store as a free only for the windows 8 users!

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MS - Windows center
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