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 Buyers and Cellars - From Tiny Acorns!

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PostSubject: Buyers and Cellars - From Tiny Acorns!    Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:23 pm

After obtaining the caper from Darren, get to Varrock square. Talk to Urist Loric, who is standing by the crafting stall and then the nearby Market guard and ask him every possible question. The guard will tell you about the dwarf being obsessed with his talisman. Now pickpocket the dwarf. It is possible to fail, and if you do you will be hit for 30 damage and will be momentarily stunned.

Stand north of the dwarf, and left-click the talisman to put it on the ground a small distance away (you will automatically walk to do this). Speak to the dwarf, inform him that, "He must have dropped his talisman on the ground." He'll say something along the lines of, "I wondered how that got there!". Click continue and quickly run to the guard, when the dwarf walks to the talisman, right-click and distract the guard (you will tell him about Gypsy Aris' sign giving him the evil eye). When both the guard and dwarf are distracted, quickly steal from the stall. Now talk to the dwarf, to get the Banker's note and return it to Darren. Congratulations, miniquest complete!

After completing the caper, Urist Loric sells crafting equipment. It is also possible to steal his craftsman's monocle by telling him that his talisman on the ground.
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Buyers and Cellars - From Tiny Acorns!
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