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 Barbarian Training

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PostSubject: Barbarian Training    Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:39 pm

Detailed Information

Starting Point:
Otto Godblessed, at the western side of Baxtorian Falls.

Skill Levels Required:
15 Agility, 35 Firemaking, 55 Fishing, and 35 Strength.

Quests Required:
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio.

Items Needed:
Fishing bait, Hatchet, Strung Bow, Hammer, any Metal bar, Log (Normal to Magic), Attack potion (2), Knife, and a Tinderbox.

Items Recommended:
Good armor, an Anti-dragon shield or a Dragonfire shield and an Antifire, or an Super antifire potion, a strong weapon, and food.

Harpoon fish without a harpoon, light a fire with a bow, obtain new fishes which allow you to make new potions, make potions mixes that raise your hp a slight amount while still keeping the normal effects, making your own spears/hasta's, sacrificing Barbarian bones on a pyre to give you a 300% bonus on the next five bones that you bury, and keep access to the cavern under the lake.

Incorrect or Miss information?

Barbarian Training
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Barbarian Training
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