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 The Hunt for Surok

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PostSubject: The Hunt for Surok    Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:43 pm

Starting Point:
East Varrock.

Skill Levels Required:
42 Mining
A decent Combat level would be helpful.

Quests Required:
What Lies Below

Items Needed:
Prayer renewal potion, Prayer flask, Good armor (Dragon or better), Good weapons (Abyssal whip and Enhanced excalibur or better), Varrock teleport, Bunyip pouch, Monkfish, Overload or Extreme attack and Extreme strength potions or Super attack and Super strength potions

Coins and Slayer experience (Varies on your level), 7 Crimson charms, 5 Blue charms, 2 Green charms.

Incorrect or Miss information?

The Hunt for Surok


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The Hunt for Surok
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