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 The Temple at Senntisten

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PostSubject: The Temple at Senntisten   Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:54 am

The Temple at Senntisten  Short Quest.

1. Talk to Ali the Wise in Nardah.
2. Talk to Nabanik at Dig-site Exam Center.
3. Talk to the Head Archaeologist at the Exam Center.
4. Talk to Nabanik again.
5. Go to altar.
6. Talk to Nabanik again (Now called Azzanadra).
7. Kill five normal Barrows brothers.
8. Enter underground tunnels via a grave of a Barrows brother).
9. Kill final brother in the center of the tunnel system.
10. Search chest to get Barrows icon.
11. Talk to Azzanadra again.
12. Go to Ice Plateau in the Wilderness.
13. Use fire orb with pedestal.
14. Go into the castle after squeezing past ice.
15. Go up stairs, go east, climb down wall.
16. Climb up wall, go north, go west, go down stairs, go down trap door.
17. Melt ice and Telegrab orb.
18. Use orb with broken pedestal and push it down hole.
19. Use an orb with pipe. Use hammer with the pipe.
20. Pick up orb, go up ladder, go west.
21. Kill Ice Demon (level 177).
22. Go back to Azzanadra.
23. Go up winch and meet Assassin
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The Temple at Senntisten
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