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 Lumbridge Rebuildathon - (2013)

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PostSubject: Lumbridge Rebuildathon - (2013)   Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:06 pm

Lumbridge Rebuildathon
October holiday event - free players and members

The Battle of Lumbridge was a conflict of earth-shattering proportions, shifting the balance of power among the gods. For the ordinary people of Lumbridge, though, little was left but shattered lives and a heck of a hole in the ground.

Foreman George is the chief steak-holder (well...probably) in the Lumbridge Rebuildathon: a non-profit venture to repair the ruined town. He's cooking up a plan to restore Explorer Jack's home, Hank's Fishing Shop and the Lumbridge General Store, using salvaged materials from the war camps and the town itself. To achieve this, he needs volunteers to clear rubble and gather resources, rebuilding Lumbridge's levelled homes from the ground up.

Each day, you'll be able to visit Foreman George for details of what he needs done next, so you can collect the items he needs from around the area and deposit them where he asks. Your contribution will be measured in points, of which you can earn 1500 per day, and these points can be exchanged at George's Rebuildathon Rewards Store for XP lamps. Of these, the small Rebuildathon lamp is available to free players only, at a cost of 750 points. The medium Rebuildathon lamp is available to free players (for 1500 points) and members (750). There's also a large Rebuildathon lamp that's members-only, for 1500 points - note that this won't appear at all on free-to-play worlds. So, get your hands dirty and show the gods how it's done - rebuilding a Lumbridge that'll weather any storm.

How to start the Lumbridge Rebuildathon:
Speak to Foreman George. He's just north of Lumbridge Castle, by the Combat Academy.

None, although there are extra rewards for members.

There are some neat cosmetic rewards on offer too. First up, everyone who contributes gets a builder's apron. Then, as the three buildings are completed, those who have contributed to the Rebuildathon - however much - can claim the following rewards:
• Explorer Jack's house complete: a replica of Explorer Jack's helmet.
• Hank's Fishing Shop complete: an emote - The Architect.
• General Store complete: a title - the Builder (members only).

Explorer Jack:
Since the battle between Saradomin and Zamorak started, my house has been a complete wreck! But Foreman George and his team are on the case now. I can't wait to see what they do to it. One thing's for sure: It can't be any worse than the ruin the battle left me with! So, how can I help you?

Foreman Ceorge:

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Lumbridge Rebuildathon - (2013)
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