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Stealing Creation  Molnly10

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 Stealing Creation

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PostSubject: Stealing Creation    Stealing Creation  EmptyWed Aug 24, 2011 11:58 pm

Stealing Creation

Stealing Creation is only accessible to RuneScape Members. Please subscribe to get this feature.

Please note this is a 'Safe' minigame. On the other hand, as all equipment you can carry is made during the game, you will drop all items when you die, and no gravestone will protect them. You can use the Protect Item prayer to retain one item as normal.


Stealing Creation  Sc_int10

At war in the Primordial Realm One of these bizarre features in the Gamers' Grotto is a portal to a plane composed solely of 'sacred clay', the stuff of creation itself. It is likely that, in the earliest times of the universe, the gods themselves fashioned their followers from this clay, not to mention all manner of beasts, rocks and plants. Living and unliving, all things were first formed from this strange substance.

A group of mystics have found this portal and stabilised it enough to secure a way through to that Primordial Realm, but they need bold adventurers to go forth and battle for it so that it can be properly imbued for their dubious purposes...


Stealing Creation  Gamers10

Entrance to the Gamers' Grotto The portal to Stealing Creation is located in the north of the Gamers' Grotto, which can be found just outside of Falador's north wall. The fastest way to get there is to use a games necklace to teleport directly to the Gamers' Grotto, but you can quickly walk there from Falador or Edgeville. There is a bank deposit box near the Stealing Creation mystics in which to empty your inventory before heading through the portal to the Primordial Realm.

There are no specific requirements to play Stealing Creation - regardless of your levels, you can help your team be victorious! Of course, because this is a skill- and combat-based minigame, having higher levels across a number of skills will be advantageous.

Note that you will not earn any experience for anything you do in a game of Stealing Creation.

Recommended Items
You cannot take any items into Stealing Creation, so there is no need to prepare any equipment.

Using Sacred Clay
The quickest and easiest way to begin playing Stealing Creation is to talk to the Head Mystic, who will explain how it works, following which you can simply jump into one of the fenced-off waiting areas to begin playing in a free-for-all match. While you are waiting, you'll see a small interface indicating how many combat and skill levels each team has.

If you are in a clan and wish to challenge another clan, you can do so using the larger waiting area. Whichever member of the clan enters this area first will be designated the clan leader and can issue challenges or offer alliances to other clan leaders in the area. If you are a clan leader, right-clicking on another leader will allow you to choose 'Challenge' or 'Ally'. To accept an alliance, right-click the person who has offered it and select 'Ally'. Up to three clans can be allied on each side.

After a short wait and assuming there are enough people to play, you will be transported to the Primordial Realm to begin the struggle.

Stealing Creation  Clay_g10

Graph showing the types of clay available When you arrive, you'll notice a number of tables and a couple of portals, as well as your team mates and a mystic. The tables are used to store sacred clay - which is the object of the game, after all - and you can take any items your team has dropped off from these if you're keen to get out there and start helping. If you're interested to know what sort of resources are available in your local area of the Primordial Realm, you can chat to your team's mystic, who will provide you with a graph showing how much of each type of clay is available.

When you're ready, you can click on one of the portals to get out there and cause some havoc (or gather clay, or make equipment, or steal your opponents' stuff, or...).

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Stealing Creation
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