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Festive Cryptic Clue Fest Molnly10

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 Festive Cryptic Clue Fest

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Festive Cryptic Clue Fest Empty
PostSubject: Festive Cryptic Clue Fest   Festive Cryptic Clue Fest EmptyTue Dec 17, 2013 10:54 pm

Festive Cryptic Clue Fest

The holidays are coming and with them we've a very special gift for you, in the form of a brand new tradable rare the Black Santa Hat! These lovely items could be yours if you are lucky enough to find one in the Festive crackers which will be dropping around RuneScape this season.

Of course, with more crackers comes more chances to get a lucky drop, so obviously you'd like a few opportunities to get your hands on them. That's why we're resurrecting an old community favourite for you!

From the 20th to 24th of December we are running a special Festive Cryptic Clue Fest. We'll post daily puzzles for you to solve on our forums or social pages. These puzzles will help you discover what items you will need in your inventory and it what quantities. Simply talk to the specified NPC with these items (And these items alone) in your inventory and you will unlock some new dialogue to get your hands on your cracker.

You can take part in as many daily clue fest challenges as you like throughout the event, though you will only be rewarded once for each puzzle.

So, keep an eye on this thread for details of where you can find the next puzzle and hopefully you'll have a shiny rare item drop in your future!

Please note that the crackers are members only. Whilst it is possible for a free user to take part in some of these clues, you will not be able to use the reward until you become a member. All crackers will be removed from the game shortly after Christmas.
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Festive Cryptic Clue Fest
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