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Wizard's Diary Molnly10

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 Wizard's Diary

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PostSubject: Wizard's Diary   Wizard's Diary EmptyFri Aug 22, 2014 8:33 pm

A dwarf approached me today. Apparently he had heard of my work and wished for me to use my abilities against a smith named Doric.

I cared little for this details, yet he seemed set on telling me all about his situation. Feigning interest, I smiled, nodded and laughed, at least until he was happy to hand over the money I asked for.

His proposition allows me a chance to experiment with a new spell. There is a cavern within the Dwarven mine, home to creatures of rock. I have spent months studying these brutes and believe I can use their life essence to animate similar creatures outside of the cavern.

My spell will allow them to lay in wait until someone disturbs them then they will attack! I shall see them how powerful my magic is.

That's all the ore! I should head back to Doric now so he can check them. He said using the Falador lodestone would be a quicker way of getting back.
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Wizard's Diary
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