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 Game list 11 - (Paymants)

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PostSubject: Game list 11 - (Paymants)   Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:55 am

-------------- Game Log on & Bond Payments.

Log in bond menu using:
Let us redeem bonds in lobby screen, this way if our bond has run out, when we are in a member area, we will not be sent over to free land until we log back on game. As at times people are setup for fighting and don't get to log back on the day a bond has run out or paying members that might have a credit card and not working but have a bond just in case of problems.

Member End Timer
A permanent game timer of 30 minutes that is click through and non moving at top of screen will come on when you have 30 minutes of membership left. This is a notice to players that a payment is coming up, and if they are not set on auto pay they will be removed from the members servers when the time ends. This can be set on each time using a payment, credit or bond or other types. This also push's players more into buy membership in a friendly way. other than saying. I'm a non member now anyways.
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Game list 11 - (Paymants)
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