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 Game list 12 - (Artist)

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PostSubject: Game list 12 - (Artist)   Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:07 am

Catherby bank:
Remove one of the mail boxes on the bank or replace it with a welcome sign.

Bank Booth:
Put paper on it with a bank pin like they make checks out to people. (Yes, they used to do that in old days too)

Rock Hammer:
Update the Rock hammer.

Guess clan chat:
I would like the T-shirts to have a G on one side and C or CC on the other placed on them.

Dungoneering Entrance.
I would like a statue(s) stand on top of the pillars. Even broken will do, at front entrance. As It has a feeling of missing element for a long time now.


Remove the pillars and replace them with warriors that have been falling apart over the decades, and even maybe missing noes or hair and ear is broken off, and helms with feathers are part of the way crumbling, with sword that has been broken from rain water with hilt. Just have fun with it and should be great.

Dungoneering tutor should have a backpack placed right by him like this is were he keeps his notes and dungoneering ring stored at.

I would also like the Head removed from one of the Statues and the Dungeoneering tutor sitting on the head of the statue*

Dungoneering tutor should not look so little, as he Is a tutor and not a scared little boy, and maybe even give him notepaper that he holds up to his face time to time, like he is looking at all his students he has been tutoring in dungoneering training.

Fremennike banker should have a hat on.

Don't forget to add little SNOW covering parts of the statue(s).

I do feel this would improve game experience for all.
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Game list 12 - (Artist)
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