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Dungeerning new Boss + magic spell. Molnly10

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 Dungeerning new Boss + magic spell.

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Dungeerning new Boss + magic spell. Empty
PostSubject: Dungeerning new Boss + magic spell.   Dungeerning new Boss + magic spell. EmptyWed Sep 03, 2014 3:18 pm

Dungeering Chaotic Balance MAGIC SPELL + New BOSS:
I would like a new Dungoneering boss that's gone crazy that shout out non-sense. The player will have to use a new dungoneering magic spell to set a warriors mind free, as the Dungoneering monster is hiding in the wall of the Dungeon. This BOSS will be unstable and able to control this warrior, as he can come in and out of this by fighting the monsters mind control. This monster is hidden in the wall and will not fully come out and fight the team until you've set the Fremennik warriors mind free. This leaving the warrior too weak, and unable to help fight the main boss after a couple stages pass. This boss can also effect team members, if too close, taking 2/4s damage of hit. Player will need to be 1 step away from each member of the party. The Boss will look like a slug with tentacles coming off it, that is very wavy, when your using any prayer this boss be more stronger and powerful when a spell is used. As this boss feeds OFF PLAYERS. This new spell is in the bag of the warrior inside the room, Once you've read this warriors story at least once, than unlocks forever. You will learn this warrior was at the top of the class, but this warrior has gotten carried away, and was trying to become the next to master the skill to take the place of current skill master to make him step down, than on a couple pages, you learn a secret only Dungoneering master learned "Chaotic Balance" to set the mind and spirit free to enlightenment.

If you do not use the spell he will be very deviant and be harder to weaken before the end boss fight, as the defance will rise other than reset for the next stage. This boss is a mix between already existing bosses in dungoneering. I would like to see it a DUO Brother unit type boss with a activity hook. This warrior could also in each stage make a magic pad to damage boss to come out.

I'm sure you can improve on it.
Thanks for reading.
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Dungeerning new Boss + magic spell.
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