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Buying A Computer Processor? Helpful Info Molnly10

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 Buying A Computer Processor? Helpful Info

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PostSubject: Buying A Computer Processor? Helpful Info   Buying A Computer Processor? Helpful Info EmptySat Jun 20, 2015 4:39 am

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All Intel(s) processors from their official website page Link 1. The Information on the link page is the best to understand the processor size measurement and if it will work in your computer generation.
Page Link 1 : Intel Processor Family
Page Link 2 : All Types Of Processors

This can help you choose the right processor for your motherboard.
Page Link 1 :
Page Link 2 :

Compare processors to see which is faster.
Page Link 1 :

Computer shopping site'(s)
Page Link 1 :

Rules when upgrading

( NOTE 1: )
Not every computers CPU can be upgraded, without imposing a high risk. As the processor can be soldered Into place on a motherboard and if done wrong you might not have a working computer anymore...

( NOTE 2: )  When looking up processors make sure the motherboard is compatible with the new CPU being installed and you might have to properly configure the processor once upgraded). [This can be just as sample as reinstalling Windows or other OS]. Getting a more powerful processor does not mean you will be automatically supported for that motherboard as it can fry it if wrong type or not allow the computer to start-up. So look into what your motherboard pin slots support before checking you're processor order-out. As tech change moving forward.

( NOTE 3: ) When buying a computer or a new CPU, you will need to remember that just because the CPU looks and feels faster it might not be the one you really wanted it for, if your a multitasker and your buying non multitask CPU it will not preform at its top ability level as features are disabled to speed up the GHz of the PC and if you don't have a graphics card like most budget Laptop(s) can make a real problem as the graphic power has been dropped down have it feel speeder.

( CPU Information : )

Missing features from the "I" family  [Type] : Pentium / Celeron
Added features. [Type] : i3/i5/i7

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Buying A Computer Processor? Helpful Info
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