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Tormented Demons (Level 450) Molnly10

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 Tormented Demons (Level 450)

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Tormented Demons (Level 450) Empty
PostSubject: Tormented Demons (Level 450)   Tormented Demons (Level 450) EmptySat Jun 02, 2012 1:14 am

Tormented Demons
Also known as "TDS"

Tormented Demons (Level 450) Cat_313

Please note Tormented Demons have a extremely high risk of dieing while fighting.

Four Items you must bring.
1. Sapphire lantern
2. Dark-light
3. Crossbow & Bolts
4. Attack Weapon to kill Tormented Demon
- Whip or Dungeoneering item

Special attack Items only:
1. GodSword
2. Dragon Claws
3. Dragon Halberd

1. Dragon Defender
2. Dragonfire Shield
3. Specctral Spirit
4. Divine Spirit
5. Elysian Spirit

Dark Light Sword (Buy Instructions)
First head to varrock if you don't own a dark-light or lost Dark-light sword you can buy a new sword for 1,000gp what does Dark-light sword do you may ask

There is a fire-shield that go's around a tormented Demon making it very hard to damage.
The dark light sword is a weaken sword that droops the shield for limited amount of time allowing you to kill your tormented demon faster an easier the special attack on the dark-light sword is not needed to take the down shield on the tormented demon it just needs to hit once for the shield to go down for that limited amount of time.


Sapphire lantern by adding a Sapphire gem with lantern will allow you to trivial down to tormented demons using light creature.

Dragon Claw Drop Rate: 1 - 250 kills, approximately.


Much easier and faster killing Tormented Demons by using quick keys listed below.

Keys: F1 Inventory
Keys: F3 Prayer List


-------- MORE Coming Soon --------
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Tormented Demons (Level 450)
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